Kaz Hirai: “Considerable Demand” For the PS4 in Japan; Boasts Success in the West

Sony Corporation President Kazuo Hirai has been the face of PlayStation for a while before moving on to take the helm of the whole corporation, and he seems to be definitely satisfied by the demand for the PS4 in Japan, as much as by the western launch of the console, as he explained today in an interview on the business website SankeiBiz.

As for the sales situation in the West, it’s the fastest of PlayStation History. We were able to send units before the launch to ensure stock was good. In Japan we’ll launch in February this year and we’re already accepting preorders. There’s considerable demand.

Hirai-san will speak at a keynote at CES on Tuesday. We can possibly expect an update on the situation there, but things definitely seem to be looking up on the PlayStation front. Will the successful momentum hold?

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  • Guest

    It’s gonna flop

    • BigBernard

      Is that what your boyfriend says in bed?

      • David Rodriguez

        That’s not helpful, sir.

        • Guest


        • Clate

          and that comment was helpful?

        • Benschachar

          Well. If I understand trends then PS4 will not be quite the system seller you would think as Japan’s gamers have moved to prefer handhelds over conventional consoles, See how even despite the lack of competition from MS the PS3 has had relatively abysmal performance compared to the PS1 and PS2.

          • PhantomVash808

            PS3 was a hell of a lot more expensive compared to the PS1 and PS2 too.

      • Guest
      • You are flat out wrong
  • stealth20k

    He can say it but that doesnt mean much when the systems they have on the market in Japan really arent performing

    • Axe99

      The PS3 is doing alright in Japan – indeed it’s almost done as well as the Wii, which was pretty strong – I guess that kind of performance doesn’t count if it’s a Sony console? ;). Even the PSV isn’t doing terribly. Sure, it’s no 3DS, but it’s muddling along.

      • stealth20k

        The PS3 is doing awful in Japan and has been for the last 3 years……..

        • Axe99

          It’s nowhere near as strong as the PSOne, PS2, NES or SNES, but it’s done better than the N64 and Gamecube combined, so it’s hardly a flop either ;).

  • TristanPR77

    The PS4 is going to be a hit in Japan. The xbone on the other hand is going to be a complete fail just like the 360.

    • Lebult

      The PS4 doesn’t have a strong library, unless there’s some Japan-only gems I haven’t heard about.
      The whole point of a staggered launch was so Japan would have a strong launch library, but I don’t see it.
      I’m loving my PS4, but I say the same thing to everyone who asks about getting one ; “Wait until there’s more games, or it gets cheaper”

    • Bjoernsen

      It’s a bit early to say. Except that with 80 million sold and some of the most selling exclusive software, it’s hard to call the 360 a “complete fail”.

      • Anders

        He is talking about Japan where 6x more PS3 consoles were sold then 360 consoles.

        • BjΓΈrn Bjoernsen

          True that. Although, I think it’s early to say for Xbox One, because like the 360, it has its aim elsewhere. It doesn’t need to perform well in Japan to be a success. It’s not a fail if you don’t try. 360 tried at some point, though, so yeah, I should have phrased that differently.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait either way ^^

  • Guest


    Meanwhile Xbone is…?

    • still in stock.

    • Benschachar

      I understand Sony but Nintendo? MS has already sold what, half the units that Wiiu has sold in it’s entire life in the space of a few months. MS has been steadily keeping up with Sony despite the huge 100 dollar discrepancy and the less powerful hardware. We are looking at a repeat of the PS2,Xbox, Gamecube gen.

      1. Sony
      2. Microsoft
      3. Nintendo
      Seriously, the only thing that will keep Nintendo afloat will be the 3DS. Of course, Nintendo could also drop killer app and seriously alter those numbers but its unlikely since MS seems to already have a killer app in the making: Titanfall.

      Note: I have 0 interest in Titanfall because I’m not a multiplayer guy but you can’t deny the obvious, palpable anticipation from certain gamers.

      • Lebult

        MS’ WORLDWIDE launch has kept up with Sony’s limited Euro/NA launch, yes.

        • PhantomVash808

          Actually the PS4 has launched in more territories than the XB1 but Microsoft did launch in its strongest markets therefore the markets they haven’t launched in yet is because they know Sony will be stronger there anyway.

  • Anders

    It is still selling out when it’s available. So yes, they will hold momentum until march. It should be easier to get a PS4 at that time(if they don’t send every PS4 they have at that time to Japan).

  • Rob

    Kinda sad because still in the west lots of problems with stocks. If you ask in your local video games store when they will stock ps4 not as pre-orders only, they say that the earliest is march-april.. that”s like half year system is not in stock normally

    • Lebult

      That’s pretty typical of a new console launch though, and compared to the PS3, they’ve done a much better job of getting a steady supply of systems out.
      Most places will let you put your name on a list, or you can buy on Amazon and they have them listed as [January Edition], [February Edition], etc

  • RealityCheck2013

    I miss Kaz πŸ™ Can’t wait for CES next week(i LOVE SONY Stuff) πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›