Star Citizen Reaches Mind Boggling Crowd Funding Record of $36,000,000; Gets New Stretch Goal

Nothing is stopping Star Citizen apparently. The upcoming game by Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games just reached $36,000,000 in crowd funding, and is currently sitting on $36,036,489.

Due to reaching the 36 million dollars mark a new system will be created, bringing a black hole to the game’s galaxy:

  • Tamsa System – Located near the fringe of Banu space, Tamsa System features a massive central star that has collapsed into a black hole. Only two planets remain in the system, a chthonian world and a gas giant located far from the black hole’s event horizon.

A new stretch goal for 38 million dollars has also been unveiled, including a waterworld. I wonder if Kevin Costner will be included in the bundle?

  • Cano System is home to a G-Type Main Sequence Star that’s almost identical to Earth’s. Of the four planets in the system, only one is inhabited: Carteyna. Located on the edge of habitable zone, Carteyna is a classic waterworld. Fortunately, its planetary axis constantly keeps the northern hemisphere away from the sun, which allowed for the water to freeze into the landmasses used as the initial landing zones in 2587. Multiple attempts have been made to try to convert the thick atmosphere into something breathable, but the process never seemed to stick. In fact, over the years, every time there’s a new technological development in geo-engineering, they test it out here on Carteyna only to yield the same result. Almost fifty years ago, scientists discovered microscopic organisms in the very early phases of life in the depths of the oceans. This caused a massive uproar throughout the UEE at the prospect that they had been attempting to terraform a developing world. Carteyna was immediately placed under the Fair Chance Act. Unfortunately, Humans had been living here for almost over three hundred years and the families that had been here for generations felt that they had earned rights as residents. After years of debate in the political and scientific community, the population was allowed to stay, but only under certain conditions: future terraforming attempts have been outlawed and the Human population has been consolidated to a single arcology to minimize their impact on their environment and the development of whatever species is growing in the deep.

There’s little more that can be said that we didn’t already say: nothing is stopping this train it seems. At this rate, it’ll be over $40,000,000 in a matter of weeks.

Star Citizen started ambitious but small, and now its budget has reached AAA size in little more than a year, showing that the demand for this kind of game has definitely been underestimated.

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  • blaackstarr

    This is a game I will upgrade my computer for. But deep down inside a little part of me wants to see it crash and burn just to see the havoc it would create.

    But congrats to them. Not lets get a crowd funded Shenmue 3.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Haha no please, it really needs to be successful. I’d be crushed if it bombed 😀

    • TheFanboySlayer

      haha agreed lol still gonna support it tho!

  • At $36,000,000, is asking for 2 million more (in terms of a stretch goal) really necessary? How about you just put it in anyway?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Stretch goals aren’t normally a way to “ask” for more money at this stage, but just to reward fans for their support. Also, while the budget is big, it’s not infinite. Further budget lets them add more content. It’s a pretty proportional equation 😀

    • Nojan

      there’s already a $37,000,000 goal ,and as you can read all over their site and in letters of the chairman ALL of these goals are already planned for the game and by reaching the stretch goals they know which one’s to start work on first, also as the they said these stretch goals are a small part of things they can do with the money , not all of the 1 million is spent on making one star system!:D

  • Nojan

    can’t wait for the freelancer variants reveal!!