The Last of Us Obliterates All Competition on Amazon Video Games 2013 Fan Favorites Poll

Amazon published the results of its video games fan favorite poll for the year past, and they’re definitely interesting, including some pretty unexpected but lovely titles.

Here are all the games that made the cut to the top ten, as you can also see in the pie chart at the bottom of this post:

  1. The last of Us
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. Super Mario 3D World
  5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  6. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  7. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  8. Tomb Raider
  9. Fire Emblem: Awakening
  10. Battlefield 4

The chart shows that The Last of Us almost literally overwhelmed all competition, grabbing almost half of the votes, with Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite getting a similar amount of preferences but basically left in the dust by Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed title.

Winners aside, it’s definitely a great list, and it’s lovely to see games like Ni No Kuni and Fire Emblem: Awakening in it. They definitely deserve the spotlight.


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  • Mitchell Jenkins

    If I’m reading the pie chart correctly… it looks like….
    The Last of US is in the lead.

  • shark975

    The internet is filled with vast hordes of rabid, ultra aggressive Sony fanboys. News at 11.

    • Guest

      LOL! Why do you think that is? Everyone on the net saw Microsoft’s piss poor performance at E3. Everyone outside is just going on with their daily lives.

      • AlexH

        Xbox1 has the better games, you Sony nerds got what? Knack??
        or how about that garbage known as killzone

        • peterpansyndrome94

          butt hurt much?

          • AlexH

            Whats with all the “butt hurt” comments? I guess its cuz most
            of the PS4 fans are faggots! Lol
            No wonder you hide from society, cuz you guys are FREAKS!

          • datdude

            Keep in mind AlexH is one of those clueless types eagerly anticipating a 720p 6playerversus6player TitanFall multiplayer only fragfest. Keep in mind that is this clowns definition of “next gen greatness”. The mindless drones have been getting less for more for so long from Microsoft they have come to accept it and actually anticipate it. Imagine, 500 bucks for 720p and tv and cloudzzz that have absolutely no apparent function. Meanwhile Sony is offering TV streaming from Dish thus far and actually not gimping the system to provide it. And Playstation now will offer a real cloud streaming service with actual benefit to gamers. Microsoft? Get ready for that hot, sweaty, 6v6 action. Less is more indeed.

          • peterpansyndrome94

            butt hurt much?

        • You are flat out wrong

          Must be really chapping your ass that the PS4 is crushing the Shitbox to have to come out of hiding for three months and post that.

          “Bu bu but muh servers!!!!”

          Nah, son.

        • AGuy

          Both systems suck in terms of games, currently, so quit trying to slap people in the face with your Microdick. Not saying that won’t change though.

    • Bankai

      No, the internet is filled with vast hordes of people with more than half a brain. Unfortunately, you don’t fall into that category.

      • AlexH

        Shut up hermit

        • Guest

          ☜☆Ayane ChaN☆☞

  • Javinator

    This is a list generated by the nerds of the internet, everyone else is playing games with friends. Get a life you pack of nerds!

    Sony Nerds Squad continues to prowl the net for any chance it gets to worship Sony.

    • Gariya


    • Abort Mission

      Yes, that’s why you’re shitposting like a butthurt nerd on a video game site.

      Epic fail

      • AlexH

        Get a life Sony-Hermit/
        enjoy your DualCock4″ controller as it vibrates in your pimple-filled mouth

        • Abort Mission

          Was that suppose to be even remotely funny?

        • datdude

          When Alex H was born, his mother turned to the doctor and said…”I should have stopped at giving head”. #Truthhurts.

          • Abort Mission


    • Bankai

      Your butthurt is matched only by your delusions. This list was generated by gamers who know a masterpiece when they play one, it’s not their fault you’re a few IQ points short of seeing that.

      Maybe you should stop bashing Sony and try getting a life.

      • AlexH

        Get a life Sony-Hermit.
        enjoy your DualCock4″ controller as it vibrates in your pimple-filled mouth

        • Jack

          Why don’t you Xbot loser

  • LiquidSword

    Playstation domination is upon us.

    • AlexH

      Only a reality in the Sony Nerd Kingdom

      • datdude

        This just in…the entire planet qualifies as Sony Nerd Kingdom. As sales and awards attest to. You lose.

  • Langkasuka

    Great game for a great 7th-gen hero. Naughty Dog catches another 2013 achievement, well done! 🙂