ShockCast Ep. 156 – “PlayStation Wow”

As you will hear me mention on the show, I had a whole itinerary ready and then Sony decided it was time to drop some major bombs on us at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. That’s right, we’ll be talking about the newly-announced PlayStation Now service and what it means for not just Sony, but the entire industry and its future. We also talked a bit about the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the sad state of video games on film. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of our opinions this week. Enjoy the show!

This week I was joined by Jorge Jimenez (Staff Writer), Ryan Meitzler (Staff Writer), Tony Polanco (Staff Writer), and Joel Taveras (Deputy Editor). Many thanks to El Blanco Niño for our custom intro and outro.

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Download the MP3 HERE.

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  • Knal78 .

    Where’s the rest of the podcast…. this one was really good. Damn it!!!!

    • Tony Polanco

      Did it get cut off or something? Let me check…

      It’s fine on my end playboy. Show was 1 hour 8 mins.

      • Knal78 .

        ohh yeah, I guess you are right, was listening at work and must have gotten up from my desk. I was getting into the batman discussion though. Guess I wanted more lol.

        • Jorge Jimenez

          My thoughts on every Batman discussion. Moar Batmeng!

  • dont even need to photoshop the eyepatch