Scary Deep Down Screenshots Introduce a New Spider-Like Boss Monster

Sony Computer Entertainment released a new screenshot of Deep Down, showcasing another of the monsters that will be included in the game.

While the name of the monster and its combat patterns aren’t yet known, it appeared seen from a different angle in the latest issue of the Japanese Magazine Weekly Famitsu, and you can check that picture at the bottom of the post.

From what we can learn from the article on Famitsu, the monster is one of the bosses we’ll have to fight during our travels in Deep Down’s dungeons, but nothing else has been shared for the moment. If you suffer from Arachnophobia you’re not going to like this one, that’s for sure.


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  • PrinceHeir

    love that sword 😀

    these game is really getting closer to becoming like Demon’s Souls in terms of aesthetics and art direction ^^

    • asadachi

      When hasn’t it?

    • Alied1333

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    • blaackstarr

      The sword looks like the Soul Reaver. I miss you Legacy of Kain.

  • tubers


    Wish the dungeons weren’t randomly generated and claustrophobic.

    • Geoffrey Davey

      I feel ya.

      Although, don’t dungeons and claustrophobic usually go hand in hand?


    Man……and this game is still so far off! I just hold back my anticipation much longer!!

  • PachterStation

    From what I’ve seen of this game, can’t say I’ve been too impressed.

  • Ty

    So thats where Kain’s Soul Reaver went to…