Why Gamers Shouldn’t Be Worried About Titanfall’s Launch

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is being trumpeted as the Xbox One’s big killer app. Microsoft has spent a lot of money securing this title and they are marketing it pretty aggressively. This is a game made by the former heads of the Call of Duty franchise so it has a lot to live up to and could potentially be one of the titans (pun intended) of this current generation.

While Titanfall has the possibility to be huge, some gamers are worried about the title’s launch. This game is being published by EA, a company that has had two of its biggest titles of 2013 hampered by unstable servers. The games in question being Sim City and of course, the recently launched Battlefield 4.

Titanfall is an online-only game so it is wholly dependent on stable servers for it to function correctly. If this game were to have a launch like Battlefield 4 did, it wouldn’t look good for its creators. Considering the fact that this game is launching on three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), the potential for a muddled launch is even greater.

While EA’s recent problems are a valid cause for concern, I think things may not be as bad as some fear.

We have to take Respawn’s history with online games into consideration. You can say what you will about the Call of Duty franchise but those games, specifically the ones made by the original team, all ran well. This team knows what they are doing when it comes to multiplayer gaming and we have to believe that they are bringing that expertise to Titanfall. I highly doubt that this team will release a product that isn’t functional or that is severely broken.

While EA may have a recent spotty record with some of their online games, they have mostly been successful at providing smooth online experiences. The non-stop media coverage of Sim City and Battlefield 4‘s problems overshadow the fact that, for the most part, EA has a good overall track record when it comes to online games. We shouldn’t take their recent issues to be ones they will continue to have in the future.

There is a lot riding on the success of Titanfall. This will be one of the biggest games of 2014 and I believe that Microsoft, EA and Respawn have the power to make the launch of this title a successful one. There will be some snags of course, as there are with all online games, but I highly doubt we’ll see a repeat of Battlefield 4. We should give Titanfall and the team behind it the benefit of the doubt when it comes to how stable it will play online.

Titanfall will be released on March 11 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • Bankai

    Microsoft is marketing this aggressively? I haven’t seen anything related to this game anywhere. Though this game is pretty forgettable, so that’s probably why I don’t remember it.

    • Tony Polanco

      You need to watch more TV. Every single Xbox One commercial features the giant mech from this game. Also, don’t forget how in most interviews about Xbox One how quick the PR are to point out how big Titanfall will be for the XBO.

      • Averix

        The problem is those mech commercials are forgettable. First, it’s just one small sliver of all the stuff shown. Second, there is no gameplay to associate it with. It’s just a big generic looking robot. There’s nothing there to make you say “Oh that’s Titanfall and it looks fantastic!”

      • Dameon Percival

        Tony, it is truly pathetic how PS fans are trashing this game all of a sudden when there was talk of it coming to the PS4 they all wanted it, it reminds me of the fox and the grapes story you hear as a kid, you dont see xbots trashing infumous second son.

        • Tony Polanco

          It’s bullshit. Personally I’m not interested because this isn’t my style of game. Even if it was on PS4 I’d skip it. Some Sony fans are insane.

  • Francis Jairam

    People are so biased. The game hasn’t been released yet.

  • Solid Snake

    I bet EA regret making the exclusivity deal with Microsoft. They probably thought Xbone was gonna out sell PS4 by a large margin.

    • CarlosR

      I wouldn’t see why they regret this before the game even comes out.
      Microsoft dumped a whole lot of cash so it wont go to PS4. So theyre already making boat loads of cash without even releasing the game.

      • Solid Snake

        yeah but they probably wont make as much money as they expected from the Xbox One version, because of the small user base.

        • Steph

          Hah gotta love ps fans, never let a pro Microsoft article go by without trying to put it down.

          • Tony Polanco

            This is the first time in history that one of my articles was deemed “pro Microsoft”. I don’t know what to make of this…

          • Chillbrah

            xbone is dying. the December NPD was a tie (or maybe even the PS4 won, who knows?) and the point were the console will be at a saturation point where retailers will stop ordering stock is coming very soon. Not even Titanflop will be able to push all those consoles from the stockrooms. No one is putting anything down, we’re just stating the facts.

        • Texazzpete

          1. it’s also being released on the 360 and PC. Xbox One will have sold nearly 5 million units by the time Titanfall launches anyway.

          2. Do you think Ready At Dawn are regretting launching Order: 1886 exclusively on the PS4 because of it’s small userbase too?

          • Solid Snake

            Ready At Dawn are a Sony second party studio, so they didn’t really have a choice…..

            …Sure titanfall will sell well, but it definitely world have sold better on PS4 than Xbox One.

          • Kam Williams

            Damn could you please let go of the butthurt dude…lol…its not coming to PS4–period. All of these PS4 fans claiming they’ll get it on P.C. could barely scrap together the cash to buy the wobble station and I know they don’t own gaming P.C.s anyway. Just let it go and move on to the next the game. Are you really going to spend the next three months of your life being bitter and butthurt because a damn video game is not coming to your favorite piece of plastic?You are a sad sad sack of shit…get you life together bro…

          • Solid Snake

            lol if titanfall lives up to the hype (which i doubt) i’ll just get it on my old xbox 360, so no big deal.

            not gonna rush out and buy it though, will wait till it get cheaper.

          • blue pulsing light

            Wobble station, that cracked me up. It would be a bad idea to release an online centric game like titanfall on ps4 because psn is always down, which would anger the low income player base.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I’d rather have a wobble station to to give your butt buddies at MS the time of day again.

          • Kam Williams

            I’d rather have an electronics product that was not produced with slave labor…but hey that’s just me…enjoy your Resogun…

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I just replied to you a huge post which was deleted.. But you sir are a lost cause for supporting a criminal empire and a product that is 3 steps back from it’s predesessor. You Microsoft supporters lack integrity, morals, and common sense.

            Enjoy that DRM when it makes it’s return, Enjoy the next Xbl price hike that will bring the price of live to $70 USD and most of all, enjoy more of MS’s lies and broken promises.

            Xbox One.. A jack of all trades and a master at NONE.

          • Steph


          • Guest

            No woman… THE TRUTH..

          • Not A PC Gamer

            No… The TRUTH

        • Minymina

          Not to mention that they’re also missing out on PS3 owners (85m).

  • Remnant

    Considering is only coming for Xbox and PC. I doubt there should be much concern about server overloading. I would of got it for PS4 just to have it, now is just wait and see if its worth getting on PC.

  • brianc6234

    I don’t get the hype over this game. It seems boring to me.

    • Texazzpete

      I strongly suspect you’d ‘get the hype’ over this game if it had released on PS4.

      • Not A PC Gamer

        Actually NO I WOULDN’T. Buying any game that is online only is a BAD INVESTMENT as the game will be a brick one day. You see, I’m a collector who enjoys not only owning but keeping his products and even playing old consoles and games some 20 years later.

        So No, I wouldn’t even buy this game On PS4 but sure as hell will not be supporting X1 EVER. You see I left MS back in May.. WHEN EVERYONE else with half a brain should have..

        • Averix

          The success of this game is also dependant on people continuing to play it. Look how quickly the online player base for Halo 4 degraded. If the same happens with Titanfall, it will be a bust. I am not a fan of this trend towards online only play either. Killer Instinct is a great example. Where’s the storyline? I have a feeling Titanfall is going to be reduced to just a game with a bunch of big robots shooting and punching each other rather than something with an involved story/history that people would become invested in.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Agreed, and you bring up a very valid point. Once the online community dries out, so will this game. Although I think even to this day there might be a handful of people still playing Cod 2 from way back in 2005, it’s just not a “go to” game like a newer installment of Cod would be.

            The thing that sucks is I absolutely love the way Titanfall looks and runs. I was a big fan of Mech Assault on the OG Xbox and just have loved Mechs since I was a little kid watching Robotech/Macross in the mid 80’s. Had they given this game a single player campaign I would have been interested.

            My feelings towards MS and the Xbox Brand aside, the game still looks like fun, it’s just a shame there was no single player.

        • Steph

          Keep lying, u look cool by saying u don’t want titanfall. Real cool sir 🙂

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Actually WOMAN.. I don’t want Titanfall or any game that doesn’t have a single player campaign. I also don’t want anything to do with Microsoft’s consoles and services ever again. I have since bought a MAC Air book and will never buy a Windows PC again.

            Yeah, I guess you can say my hatred for Microsoft and their fans runs deep.

          • SuperJamaican

            Xbot reply….shameful!

  • EcHo84

    It’ll use Microsoft servers, that’s why the launch and online will be good. If it were to use EAs servers ya it would blow just like every EA shooter has…

  • Nicholas

    All of you who spew hatred, sling dirt, and make any assumption about a person’s character or economic status based on the console they prefer are sad. I am an hourly worker not making good money, but I chose PS4 for Sony’s exclusives, and because multuplats will tend to have the upper hand there. At the end of this month I’m getting an Xbox One as I hate Origin, and there is no way Titanfall will not blow people’s minds. Not many seem to remember that CoD died shortly after the confounders were ejected, nor do many seem to remember how mind-blowing the campaigns of CoD and CoD 2 were, nor how CoD4’s mp changed the course of online shooters TO THIS DAY.

    Not to mention that I have wanted an Xbox One since the day I played KI for the first time. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I can run Linux only on my PC and not deal with Windows, but to say the Xbox is an inherently bad platform for gaming due to power restrictions is laughable. Tell that to my Wii U that came with the best local multiplayer games in the last 5 years (Nintendo Land, SM3DW)

    More so than the stupid specwars and bashing of a game you haven’t played that will be the best twitch shooter available on ANY platform is the idea that the PS4 sucks because it’s less expensive. I am glad you prefer the PS4 or the Xbox One or the Wii U. Brand loyalty is good! But the Xbox One isn’t better because it’s more expensive, the PS4 isn’t better because it’s cheaper, and the Wii U isn’t better because it says Nintendo on it. Stop acting like you’re either a child or a bigot. Think about things once in a while!

    • jb223

      I agree, this is the first time I’ve seen people equate wanting a ps4 with being “poor or low income”…..if the people making these comments aren’t children, then they should be ashamed of themselves, if they are children, then they need better parents. I would also venture to say that the only kinds of grown adults that deride others for their station in life or for being “low income”, beyond being immature wastes of space, are obviously silver spoon brats that have never worked an honest day in their life. People who actually earn their money instead of having it handed to them by mommy & daddy understand and sympathize with the plight of others, and being smart w/ your money and weighing benefits of a purchase is just common sense, whether you’re jed clampett pre oil strike or sam walton post general store fotune. I don’t care what console you prefer, when you are petty enough to attack someone on a personal level or throw low blows about their struggles, you are a poor excuse for a human being and you need to reevaluate your lot in life.

      • Not A PC Gamer

        This is were the “Sony Pauper” comments are coming from right?

  • Chillbrah

    I’m not worried, the PS4 will rise to the top even though this garbage will arrive to the xbone. This title will forever be plagued by “It should have released on the PS4”