Driveclub: Ferrari, Lamborghini and “Italy” Track Possibly Revealed by Developer’s Showreel (UPDATED)

The presence of an Italian circuit and of Ferrari and Lamborghini cars in Driveclub has been kept under wraps by Evolution Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment, at least until Evolution’s Graphic Designer Richard Weaver posted a showreel on Vimeo that included some very interesting details, as you can see in the screencaps below.

The showreel (that you can check out as well under the screencaps), as discovered by NeoGaf users viveks86 and SolidSnakex, showcases a blurry picture of a Ferrari 599XX, the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador, and a track labeled “Italy”. The picture that shows the track also seems to confirm the presence of a replay feature in the game.

At the bottom of the post you can also see a very interesting screencap displaying another glimpse on the social networking features that should come with the game (that part of the video is defined “UI Concept Work” so it might not be final).

Of course we have to wait for an official announcement from the developer or from Sony Computer Entertainment itself before considering this official.

Update: DriveClub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky commented with the following:

Just wanted to jump in and say that the UI Concept was created before DRIVECLUB went into production, and is therefore not representative of the final product. Nor are the cars or locations used guaranteed to be in the game either as they were just used for demonstration purposes.

It’s a cool concept though.

While he mentions that the cars and locations aren’t “guaranteed” to be part of the game, he doesn’t deny their presence either, so there’s still a sizable chance that they made the jump from concept to development. We’ll have to wait and see what the next few weeks will reveal, considering that the game is still scheduled for a February 22nd release at least in Japan.

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  • PhantomVash808

    Damn those graphics looking good.

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    fuarkk!! look at the graphics!! wow!!

  • Sobekflakmonkey

    whoever made this concept is spot on, I think they should use this, I like that menu and everything it would be awesome for lets say a phone or something to go through all you’re stuff, including you’re friends screen caps and gifs and videos…I think they should actually use this.

  • PachterStation

    I’ll be surprised if this is more than an average game. Graphics, it’s all about the gameplay, the cars and the track count. Hope it’s not like Forza 5 on the One. 12 tracks and looking like Forza 4 on the 360 for £55.

    • Guy Brohski

      Forza 5 looks phenomenal, stop being a hater.

  • Trim Dose

    what is this ? Pacific Rift remake ?

  • Guest

    Typical $0N¥ overhype that won’t deliver.