PS4 Version of Metal Gear Solid V Running on PS Vita Shown by Kojima: “Amazingly Beautiful!”

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima just tweeted four pictures of the PS4 version of the game running on PS Vita via remote play.

While the first tweet simply said “GZ on PS Vita Today” Kojima’s own comment in the second tweet in Japanese translates to “Amazingly Beautiful!”

He also repeated said second tweet in English with a different comment: “So great graphics!”

Apparently Kojima-san really likes how his new creation looks on the PS Vita’s OLED screen. It’s also interesting to see that he’s still using the old PCH-1000 model and not the new PCH-2000 model that comes with a LCD screen instead. Yesterday he showcased two  more pictures of the PS4 version showing the console’s dashboard just before launching the game and the following splash screen.

Update: a third and a fourth  follow-up tweets added two more pictures, and included a further comment:

This is remote play, not “Transfarring.” I can play the game everywhere, even outside or at home by making use of the PS4 as a family cloud. That age has finally come (laughs)

Transfarring” is the term used by Konami to name a feature of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, that allowes those that purchased the game to transfer it between different systems of the PlayStation family.

As for the final part of the comment, Kojima-san is quite obviously reminding us about his prediction made years ago: he used to say that games would break beyond the limits of home consoles and be playable both at home or on the go.

I remember that at the time his opinion was welcomed with a large degree of skepticism.  Apparently, time proved him right.




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  • tubers

    Yeah.. The 2K screen isn’t flattering on pictures.

  • Bankai

    I can’t get over how sexy the Vita is. I can’t wait until I get my income taxes, I’m buying a PS4 and a Vita.

  • Dollow Rlance

    That is really cool.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    by family cloud he means a hub so that he can play the game anywhere with PS Vita correct?

  • bowserslovechild

    I’d like to see how ‘accurate’ this is compared to the GoW clips I saw a few weeks back streaming on Now. That was some detrimental lag right there.

  • RealityCheck2013

    The OLED PSVita makes all games look AMAZING 😛 It’s just a shame they dropped the OLED screen now for the Newer PSVita’s 🙁

  • Gamer First

    We had one person in our house playing Ni No Kuni on PS3 and I was playing Resogun on PS4 thru Vita sitting next to them. It was really cool.

  • Jan Compaf

    too bad this MGS will suck

  • Dwight Power

    Too bad this looks like it’s streaming from a PS3 and not PS4. Sucks because MGS used to be a title that was a leader in graphics.

    • NeoMahi

      Well yeah. The game was designed to meet the demands of the Xbox 360 being the least powerful of the consoles the game will be released on. Kojima’s had a hard on for Microsoft ever since he stuck Sony in the back and showed up with Mattrick on stage for Microsoft betting on Microsoft. Well, Revengence did better on PS3 than 360, and the Xbone has completely failed so, the horse Kojima had bet on wasn’t the best choice so now, he not only looks like a traitor (or a defector) of his fanbase and his home away from home, but like you said, the Western Devs are taking it back and the Japanese are trying to figure out what Western Developers have been doing, Kojima went and hung out with the best of the best. The king of devs that every dev now aspires to be. Naughty Dog and came out confused trying to explain and understand lasers. This game was designed to still function on Xbox 360 and thus the PS3, Xbone, and especially the PS4 are all suffering as a result of it.

      • Dwight Power

        I think you’re a little too salty and talking from a fanboy perspective. Even if it wouldn’t have released for the 360 and just the PS3, there wouldn’t be much of a difference. Also the Xbone hasn’t completely failed, not at all. If anything, it’s a big success. It’s the best start MS has ever had with any of their consoles. Also don’t forget that the bros will eat up Titanfall and that’s most likely gonna become the next billion dollar franchise and at least for the first game, it wont appear on the Sony consoles.