Japanese Retailer Puts Wii U Bundle On Sale due to “End of Production by the Manufacturer” (UPDATED)

Update: the sign most probably indicates the end of production of the “Family Premium Set,” which is indeed the bundle shown on the cart. The sign actually pinpoints the “Premium Set,” but the discrepancy may simply be due to the store not being very familiar with the difference.

So feel at ease, the Wii U itself isn’t going anywhere.

Original article follows:

Before you read the rest of this article, hold your horses, there’s probably an explanation for this all.

A sign appeared at a shop of the major Japanese electronics retailer Edion marking a Wii U bundle on sale due to “End of production by the Manufacturer.” You can see a couple pictures of the sign at the bottom of the post, shared by Twitter user Guppy.

The sign says: “Limited time sale due to end of production by the manufacturer. Limited stock available!!”

As I said before, there’s most probably an explanation for this, as the official Nintendo website shows no notice of any end of the production of the Wii U.

A very solid possibility is that Nintendo might be looking into discontinuing the current offer to sell a different bundle or simply the console without the bundle. Of course the shop could also be trying to get rid of its stock before Nintendo applies a price cut, or we could be witnessing the knee-jerk reaction of a store manager after the recent news on the axing of Nintendo’s sales forecast for this fiscal year. Finally, it could simply be a mistake.

At the moment we really don’t know for sure what this is about, but it’s definitely very strange, as Edion is a very large and respected retailer. That said we encourage you to take this with a large pinch of salt and consider it mostly a funny Sunday freak for now. Most probably it’s not what it looks like.

We’ll keep you posted if anything new surfaces on the issue, but I wouldn’t expect to see the Wii U as a console really going the way of the dodo any time soon.

WiiUEndProduction (2)

WiiUEndProduction (1)

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  • bowserslovechild

    Get your umbrellas up people, there’s a sh!t storm on the way.

    • TheExile285

      and it’ll be completely unnecessary :/

      • bowserslovechild

        Whoever down voted this, you do realise that it WOULD be completely unnecessary don’t you?

      • DaveyF’nJones

        You’re completely unnecessary 🙂

        • TheExile285

          What? You don’t like what I said (???) so you insult me? That’s mature.

          And FYI, I said it was unnecessary because Ninty is most likely getting ready for a revision.

    • Juana David

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      ✔✔✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔�✔✔ ✔✔✔✔ ✔�✔✔✔The sign says: “Limited time sale due to end of production by the manufacturer. Limited stock available!!”

  • Abort Mission

    Wii U $200 SKU with more GB storage is probably coming.

    Now if they can drop the pointless gamepad and lower the price to $170 then thatwillbegreat.jpg

    • Luis Hernández

      Why do people insist of “Dropping the Gamepad”? The Gamepad is the point of having the Wii U.
      And if they drop it, some games will be unplayable, and that will get fans enraged.

      • Jeremy Filth

        True at this point, they can’t just discontinue the game pad.

      • islan

        Too bad the gamepad is uncomfortable to hold and doesn’t really offer anything significant to make up for that discomfort. Though it is nifty that you can play console games without a TV.

      • Abort Mission

        The designers of the Wii U don’t even know how to use their gamepad.

        Also, what IS the point of having that silly Gamepad? Playstation has PS Now and Remote Play and neither of them are forced. MS at the very least has Smartglass. Why should I be forced to pay for a Gamepad I have no interest in just to play Nintendo games?

        • Luis Hernández

          Because Nintendo games are meant to be played with their tech. Unique ways of playing. Not just a plain controller. If you don’t like it, then ok, I am fine with that, but insisting in “Removing” the Gamepad. Really!?

    • Triforcelightning

      More like $250.

  • Ryuenjin_93

    First, I’ll keep an open mind and definitely take this with a pinch of salt, instead of going crazy. Second, I predict newer models of the Wii U coming. Not sure when, but it’s my best bet for why this happened. Again, taking this with a pinch of salt.

  • dapaintrain

    They wont cut production nor discontinue it for at least 3 years they will grin and bear while they do research and design on the Wii u successor which will take a while and then when the wii u is 4 years old at least they will release a successor hopefully with more power then the ps4 and xb1 this time.

    They may fill the market with a few 1st party titles in the mean time but im not expecting leaps and bounds i really think they have all hands on deck to help produce a new console but it will take a few years regardless.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    The Wii was just discontinued in Japan. Not the WiiU

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That was months ago.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


  • dapaintrain

    Hopefully the console drops to a $99 price point in the next year and i believe it will be a real competitor at that point i mean the wii achieved great sales when the console dropped to $99 after all even though it was up against the ps3 and 360.

    Sure they might make a loss but it gets the name out there and gets people excited for the next console.

    • Josh Melton

      Nintendo, already is making a loss on Wii U

      • dapaintrain

        Yeah sorry i meant more of a loss.

        • bowserslovechild

          They have already talked about dropping prices, but it’s the software that they are considering, a lot of places already sell the U well below RRP. $99 is a ways off for U yet, even with the current situation.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    nintendo is dead

    • bowserslovechild

      Lol no, sorry.

      • bowserslovechild

        3 denial-ridden haters so far eh?

    • Jeremy Filth

      no, but they’re in a shitty situation

      • Josh Melton

        Which is their own fault everybody knew they misread the market. but their manage to confuse their customers as well. I can see Nintendo cutting their losses on Wii U, depending on how much they invested in it..

        They should released a new game console in 2 years..

  • Solid Snake

    Nintendo is going down the SEGA path….

    • Triforcelightning

      Your brain is on permanent vacay with that reasoning.

    • Josh Melton


    • Erik Jacobs

      For that they’ll first have to add an expension port to the WII U to make the console faster ( just a few months before they plan to introduce a new console ) and add a Blue ray expension for the WII U 😉

      • Solid Snake

        I doubt that would save them. I’m saying no one wants a Nintendo console anymore. They’ll become publishers soon just like SEGA.

        • Erik Jacobs

          “I doubt that would save them. ” I was referring to the segacd and 32x failures of Sega……

  • Ritsujun

    Poor Nintenducks. Wii Me will be announced soon.

    • Falalala Trolololol

      This model was discontinued months ago. Herp derp just as badly misinformed as the author of this click bait article.

  • Major Beauner

    Its the Basic Bundle – it has been discontinued by Nintendo – this is old news.

    Click bait article strikes again.

  • Edgar Calderon

    The Wii U Basic Bundle… WOW…. it’s more unnecessary drama after all

    • bowserslovechild

      Exactly. I thought Dualshockers might have a few more open minds here but no, just as many people falling for the bait as anywhere else, ready to dance on the grave of a legend it would seem.

    • Major Beauner

      Too many Non Nintendo idiots here to know the difference.

  • About7fish


    • Josh Melton

      I agreed, not sure another price cut can save Wii U. Nintendo is already losing money on each console sold”.

      • Holyfire

        Sony is probably losing some dollars on each PS4 sold. Sony lost billions on PS3. Losing money also on Vita. XBOX has been a financial pit hole for Microsoft since day number 1. EA has probably lost out big time on the BF4 fiasco. NShield I’m gathering was a complete bust for NVidia, Oyua I don’t see achieving anything
        Nintendo by comparison has still been probably the most financially successful out of all these companies in the gaming field

        • bowserslovechild

          I can’t believe people are saying they are dead lol! Business as usual I guess.

  • stealth20k

    This article should be taken down.

  • PatcherStation

    There’s no way Nintendo can afford to keep going with the Wii U. There probably isn’t much profit, so a price drop would probably put them on a minus, not forgetting retailers. 2 console colours, but there’s just too many packs. UK prices are far from ideal. But I can’t see Nintendo doing a SEGA by pulling the plug. In 2 years, the Dreamcast notched up 10 million units. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the Wii U to hit 10 million units, but it might never happen.

  • Losyak

    Nintendo CANNOT catch a break!

  • F!lthyweeb

    Is every gaming news medium doing click bait articles??