Pachter Believes Sony Manufactures 1.4 Million PS4 A Month: “Fully Intends to Kick Microsoft’s B*tt”

During the latest episode of the Bonus Round videocast on GameTrailers Wedbush Securities Senior Analyst Michael Pachter presented some quite interesting calculations on Sony’s and Microsoft’s production capability.

Sony’s 4.2 million through December 31st, they didn’t start manufacturing til September 1st. You know that. I mean we would have seen picture of the assembly. They manufactured 1.4 million a month? And you cannot commit manufacturing capacity for less than a year, so their manufacturing plan is 16 or 17 million PS4. That’s Shocking.

Microsoft is making a million a month, by the same logic, and their manufacturing plan is twelve (million). So the Microsoft guys actually didn’t believe Sony’s numbers. They didn’t know they were making that many and that’s part of your lack of supply constraint.

I’m amazed by how ambitious Sony is being with this launch, and impressed that they’re executing it. So Sony fully intends to kick Microsoft’s b*tt next year. But the good news is, add those two numbers together… 28 million consoles next year? Is that even possible? That’s Shocking! I mean these guys sold 22 million in a peak year in the past, so these guys are thinking big, big, big, that will attract more software, really good for consumers.

I think this is the best time to be a gamer ever, except for maybe this week, ’cause there’s not very many games, but in another two months we’re gonna get some pretty good games.

It may seem  a little strange to hear that Sony may have a higher production capability than Microsoft, considering that there definitely appear to be more shortages of the PS4 than of the Xbox One. Yet, we have to consider that at the moment Sony’s new consoles is distributed in 53 countries, while its rival has been officially launched only in thirteen. This means that the PS4’s supply is a lot more diluted.

One thing is for sure: with 28 million new generation consoles dropping on the market this year (assuming that Pachter’s numbers are accurate), and more and more games being announced to support them, it’s definitely a good time to be a gamer.

And they said consoles were dead…

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  • Matt Berial

    Anything is possible. We’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

  • Michael Clanton

    common sense, more capacity is needed for …what 53 markets? what is Microsoft
    in right now… maybe 13 or something.

    • extermin8or2

      tbf also they seem to be selling more in the 13 markets they are in although fair few of the 53 are really quite small so their effect on stock numbers will be negligible.

    • twinspectre

      and you think EUROPE or JAPAN cares about the Xbone ?
      Wake up EU and JAPAN are not XBONE territory

      • Bocefus Lamar Kouame

        Nope, they’re the territories that either got their ass rescued by America, or got their ass kicked by America. You’re welcome. America is #1. Fuk your little yellow-man powered rice machine.


      Common sense says that the XBOne is still on shelves in less countries…..!

      Common sense………

  • tubers

    Gonna be jinxed by the Pach 😛

  • kevin


  • Steph


  • You are flat out wrong

    Hope so.

  • peterpansyndrome94

    PS4 wins, will win, will always win, and will be the winning winner full of win FTW.

    • Guest

      Only for paupers like you.

      • Dragoon

        Your still around???? Playstation won bro…give it a rest.

      • twinspectre

        it’s funny how you call us pauper when PS3 was 599 100bucks more than your XBONE

        • Bocefus Lamar Kouame

          Can I call you a cockholster instead?

      • Not A PC Gamer

        You’re an idiot son.. Keep taking Microsoft’s agenda down your throat and out your ass moron.

        I also know you’re the same “Guest” chump over at Major Nelson’s blog. Find a home and pick a side idiot. Pauper? Punk I can own an X1 and a gaming PC if I wanted to but neither interests me..

  • FungWake

    Except September 1st to December 31st is 4 months.

    • theodor70941

      How is september relevant to anything? PS4/xbone wasn’t even out (released) in september!

      • FungWake

        Maybe you would know if you had actually read the damn article. Just maybe…

    • Anders

      They are not selling them in China or Japan so it takes some time to deliver the consoles to the retailers. 4.2/1.4=3 so he is probably counting on 1 month from factory to retailer.

  • Mikesims Sims

    PS4 has more global supply and demand, by end of 2014 it will be 2:1 globally

    • Bocefus Lamar Kouame

      And you’ll still be stuck playing Knack and KZ!

  • Anders

    Remember how some people said they wouldn’t get a PS4 before inFamous and Watch Dogs came out? I think some of them are starting to worry if the can even get the PS4 before those games relases.
    I live in Denmark and some places you can oder it now and get it in March and April

  • Ana Helušić


  • Jecht_Sin

    1 million per month? I think MS has been waaay over optimistic!! ^_^

  • I didn’t believe it but I don’t see them anywhere so I guess they are sold out and had one co-worker keep telling me he can’t find out. I hope this is all true. It just means that the demand fuels a healthy video game market.

  • Bocefus Lamar Kouame

    The bad news here is, Pachter has never been right about a damned thing in his life…

    More of his wonderful predictions:

    Feb 2010: “Project Natal” (Kinect) will cost $50. “Very surprised if it’s more than $79,” “hard to envision” at $150.
    Wrong: it was $150.

    Oct. 2008: Pachter rates EA a “strong buy,” but does say management is doing a poor job.
    Wrong: In December of 2008 EA Stock dropped 25% in two days.

    November 2008: Assassin’s Creed 2 will be set in the 17th Century.
    Wrong by 200 years; it was in the 15th Century

    March 2009: This is the “last generation of consoles.” There will be no new consoles ever (or at least for a very long time) from Microsoft and Sony, though Nintendo may put out a Wii HD with more storage.
    Very wrong: Nintendo skipped the Wii HD and went straight to a new, more powerful console with a new control system, known as the Wii U, and even though Pachter denies it’s a next-gen console, it’s certainly not just a Wii HD. Within a year of its release, Microsoft and Sony had announced their own next-gen systems to launch in 2013.

    Sept. 2010: Predicts Microsoft will soon introduce a $100 “platinum” Xbox live membership
    Wrong: We’re still waiting on that.

    March 2009: Next Grand Theft Auto game will come out in 2010, outsell GTA:IV.
    Jul 2009: Next GTA game to come out by 2011.
    Dec 2010: Next GTA game to come out by 2012.
    Wrong: In late November, 2011 Rockstar announced GTA:V was in “full development,” but as of the fall of 2012 they still haven’t announced a release date.

    Yeah, keep drinking the golden spray from this douche.