Sony “Shares” Deep Down Screenshots Directly from a PS4: Leaves One, Deletes all the Others

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia held a series of events in Japan named “Try! PlayStation 4. During the demo gatherings Japanese gamers got to try out multiple PS4 games, including a demo of the upcoming RPG from Capcom Deep Down, as you can see from the picture below.

The picture was tweeted directly by the @TryPS4 account together with a myriad of screenshots “shared” from the consoles, mostly from Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.


What about Deep Down? apparently a few pictures of Capcom’s online RPG were indeed shared and tweeted, but whoever was at the helm of the Twitter account deleted them all but one, that you can see below. 


Everything else has been unceremoniously canceled, including the one below, that wasn’t deleted fast enough and our reader Zeromus managed to grab a quick screencap of it from his twitter feed.


According to what Zeromus reported via e-mail, at least three more screenshots were shared and then deleted. Unfortunately the screencap above is small, but we can still distinguish one of the lovely and realistic armors included in the game, and the silhouette of a monster on the background. You can see a manually enlarged version by clicking on the picture, even if a lot of the detail went lost.

Why were they all deleted? Probably Capcom ruled that the game’s screenshots still weren’t ready for public consumption, especially considering that PlayStation 4’s share function downsizes screenies and compresses them a lot, resulting in a steep loss of definition and color quality.

Why was only one screenshot left there? The most probable case is that it was simply overlooked, since the twitter account shared several hundreds of pics and one may have slipped through the watchful eye of Sony’s employees.

Unfortunately we have no way to know, but thanks to our brave reader, at least we got to see all the tracks that were left.

[Thanks for the tip: Zeromus]

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  • twinspectre

    amazing RPG>FPS

    • Daniel Sousa

      repetitive game, the same scenaries ever time, only two diferente mellee moves -_-

      • DMPrince

        Same ol shiiit then

      • Bankai

        There’s no way you can know whether or not its repetitive, the scenarios(?) change pretty frequently and you can fight with different weapons that change your melee.

      • Anders

        The TGS dragon fight looked pretty awesome

        • Russell Gorall

          That does look good.

      • Anders

        The TGS dragon fight looked pretty awesome.

    • Russell Gorall

      You should play an amazing RPG instead of Deep Down.

      • Bankai

        Deep Down is an amazing RPG.

        • Guest

          what a clown you are

        • Jessie Bristol

          There is no way to know how Deep Down will turn out. All they have shown is the same hallways every time, because that is pretty much all it is. Randomly generated dungeons. Does not sound good to me, or Capcom’s previous track record lately.

          • Anthony Firicano

            i love how you guys are flipping out on him for saying the game is good without knowing but then you guys are doing the same thing only the opposite.

        • Russell Gorall

          Is your review up?

    • Juana David

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      ✔✔✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔�✔✔ ✔✔✔✔ ✔�✔✔✔Probably Capcom ruled that the game’s screenshots still weren’t ready for public consumption,

    • Bankai

      Only if RPG’s are what you prefer.

  • NeoTechni

    Even wii u can do 1080p screenshots, come on sony…

    • DaveyF’nJones

      wii u???? what’s that???

      • matt

        A better console than the ps4 hype train wait for the 1st half of this year then ps4 will get exposed for being an over hyped console with a 8 core cpu that is found in laptops or netbooks ???? WELL POWERFUL….

        • Zohak Diaz

          Don’t be a mad. It’s just a me mario. I’m a coming to a PS4 soon a.

          • matt

            Grow up…

          • Zohak Diaz

            You a the reason I’m a leaving the wii u. See a you at a E3.

        • Angel Conde

          ummm the wii u is a huge flop.just a upgraded wii with very similar hardware which is why it was easily hacked and big game companies DO NOT want to support a console that cant push their games…lol!

    • matt

      Well said WiiU X will destroy this where is the draw distance a dreamcast could do this ????

  • luvthesnapper

    you don’t know anything about the game. relax.

  • matt

    Looks bland and thats the reason sony took them down deep down get it…haha

  • Michael Cardwell

    Game looks bad…

  • PrinceHeir