Spiffy Driveclub Live Action “Commercial” Created by Italian Film Company

Italian film company Freim Produzioni recently published a live action commercial clip for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub.

The video, that you can see below, showcases a pretty nice mix between live action and footage from Evolution Studios’ upcoming racing title.

Considering that no Sony logo appears anywhere in the video, it’s most probable that it was produced independently, either as a pitch to Sony itself or to showcase the studio’s technical capabilities.

We reached out to Freim Produzioni for a clarification on the affiliation of the video, and we’ll update the post if we receive any relevant info, but even if it’s most probably not official, it’s still a quite nice representation of the game’s spirit.

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  • Bankai

    It could have been better, but I enjoyed it.

  • TZuck

    That was terrible. And it must be a european contest thing cause I’ve seen a bunch of these low budget acting mixed with previously released footage of Driveclub videos on Vimeo lately.

  • TZuck

    Here’s the info you want. it was for a contest through mofilm, they had one for infamous also.