Titanfall’s Gameplay Will Make You Forget About Its Resolution and Player Count

As exciting as it was counting down until the launch of the next gen consoles, it was also at times equally unpleasant. For me, much of the negativity stemmed from everyone’s focus on the lack of visual parity between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Some of it was funny, especially early on with all the ridiculous GIFs hitting forums like NeoGAF.  But when you peeled away that layer of the conversation, what you were left was merely a handful of titles with slightly sharper visuals on one platform over the other; a bulk of those being cross-generational leftovers from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

It was around that time that Giuseppe, a fellow DualShockers editor, said exactly what I was thinking: “it’s a good thing that I play video games and not resolutions.”

With that mindset in place, I’ve been looking at games under an even more critical lens . Now that we’re finished talking about cores, whatever-P, and teraflops, we can start discussing why many of us (myself included) play video games to begin with: the experience.

One title– that has received scrutiny for both its resolution and online player count — is the online multiplayer first person shooter Titanfall. During the fall, the more critical (and vocal) gamers took to social media and message boards to slam the game for its sub 1080p resolution, and more recently it’s 6 vs 6 online player count.

However, when it comes to Titanfall, seeing is believing.

The game combines quick twitch gunplay, mechs that drop out of the sky, as well as jetbacks and parkour for added verticality rarely seen in shooter like it. Respawn Entertainment’s Call of Duty foundation is clearly present, but after you see the title in motion and start noticing all of the other elements that come into play it becomes more and more apparent as to why so many folks in the games industry are as excited as they are about this title. Resolution be damned.

“But it’s only 6 vs 6.”

OK. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why that may seem like a low number, but as someone who has poured countless hours into Battlefield 4, a game known for it’s over-the-top 32 vs 32 action, I can say with confidence that the moment to moment gameplay found in that title is much more exciting and fulfilling when playing the smaller, more intimate, squad based matches. More players doesn’t always necessarily translate to a better online shooter.

If you’ve ever played MAG (which allowed for up 256 players) on the PlayStation 3 you know exactly what I’m talking about. With 6 vs 6 in Titanfall, and each of those players having access to their own mech, it means that there’s always the possibility of 12 mechs raising hell on one map. Need I really say more?

The Titanfall alpha has officially begun, and really good glimpses of gameplay have been emerging online from it. And before you say it, the answer is yes. As in yes: we’ve all seen shooters with twitch gunplay mechanics, we’ve all seen mech shooters, and we’ve all seen games with jet packs and even parkour elements. But what we haven’t seen is all those elements come together in one cohesive package, which is exactly what is about to happen on March 11th when Titanfall releases.

Take a moment to forget about the “power of the cloud” PR nonsense, the resolution, and the 6 vs 6 online player count. Instead take the time to take it all in and appreciate the gameplay for what it looks like so far: a unique and epic online shooter experience.

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  • AmazingSuperHick

    Slam the resolution? No one even knows the resolution of the game. As for player count, including AI there are around 50 “players” in each game. And for those that feel the need to slam the graphics of the game, the current test is operating at 25% graphics capabilities. And it still looks fantastic.

    • WhiteManFromTown

      They said the resolution a while ago, 720p for final game.

      • Texazzpete

        Nope. they never said that. Provide a link from an official source if you can.

      • AmazingSuperHick

        If they did then how come not one single news outlet has reported it? The ONLY news about resolution has been half assed rumors with zero sources. No one but Respawn knows the resolution. And they havent shared it yet

        • WhiteManFromTown

          It won’t let me provide a link, just google it, it’s old news bro.

          • AmazingSuperHick

            Went through 7 pages of “Titanfall Resolution” search on Google and have yet to see a valid source saying its sub 1080p. Nothing but rumors. Also…they have not posted it on their Twitter. Just an FYI…when an article says “Rumor” that means its not 100% true. Respawn have not said what the resolution is. And thats 100% fact. Nice try though

          • WhiteManFromTown

            Oh my god really, if you can’t find it that’s a tell tell situation right there, who cares majority of games on the xb1 are sub HD right now, what make you think things are gonna change. You went through 7 pages, I found it in my first page. DEAL WITH IT, 720p it is!! P.S Call of Duty was doing the same thing, it was rumor for a while, and guess what… you know the rest!!

          • luckylalo
        • WhiteManFromTown

          Are you shocked, you sound as though you don’t want to believe it, lol. They shared it on twitter

      • Bocefus Lamar Kouame

        Are you dumb? Yes, I guess you are. That’s where the game was at months ago, that’s where it’s at in the alpha. They already have an updated version in house with the Jan9th driver/sdk updates reflected. They’re optimizing the resolution now. Minimum will be 1920×720 (which is not 720P; 720p is 1368×720) or 900p and there’s still a possibility it will get to 1080p. Optimization is always the last step before launch. They may reduce light sources or find a way to optimize shader passes or reduce the required number of passed on a specific render target.

  • Zohak Diaz

    This game is awesome i cant wait to play with my new controller.

    By the way, everything is wrong with the new ign poll.

    Ps4 controller: 8 hour life, gummy sticks that decay after one month of use, a touch pad that still has no real use. A light that bothers and u can’t turn off, its heavier than the ds3. If life battery dies, buy new controller extra $60 right there. A speaker that is no,necessary. Damn. Too. many cons. It should probably be 68% Wrong!

    I really prefer the xb1 controller.

    • Steph

      Xb1 controller is sweet. My ps4 controller has thumb stick probs already :/

      • Zohak Diaz

        Tell me about it, yo. My Xbone is so sweet I love playin wit it. Peace.

      • Imhotep Osiris

        Funny…my DS4 is perfect.

    • Opt1kon

      just curious, but where the hell did this come from about the controller? its not even in the article

      any who back on topic this game does look amazing can’t wait for it to come out

    • You are flat out wrong

      You sound butthurt that the PS4 and superior Dualshock 4 crushed the Xbone, Zohan.

      • Zohak Diaz

        Lol, u alive? What do you know? You cant even afford either console.

        • Zohak Diaz

          Bro, I am so awesome yo. Hangin with my sexbox one, chillin. You just be hatin, yo. Peace.

          • Steph


    • Imhotep Osiris

      Dude, you need to stop while you’re…well not ahead, but just stop. You sound jealous. I know you were following the whole development of this line of consoles so you knew Sony was going to thrash your heroes ahead of time based on how things were going. Just accept that it’s happening, IT’S REAL, and its not going to stop. It’s just a matter of whether you’re going to be a xboner for life or not.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Yes, we all hate the unknown resolution……

  • Solid Snake

    12 real players in a map, while 50 AI’s? so you’ll be shooting ai’s for 90% of a multiplayer match. whats the fun in that?

    • Steph

      Try harder

    • rileycarey

      Titanfall seems to have a lot of similarities with a MOBA, 6v6 (Most mobas are 5v5), lots of additional AI for support, but also as cannon fodder, and abilities that can be upgraded in game based on kills/points, the human players are far more powerful than AI, etc…

  • Steph

    It’s awesome, to those on my Vimeo list, check out my 4 new titanfall vids plz.

  • ace-meza

    i will play the sh!t out of this on my pc with ps4 controller

  • Been playing this all weekend, and I can honestly say it’s quite a lot better than I was expecting. Walked into it expecting something quite a lot like COD, and while I wasn’t wrong, it’s just different enough to be completely refreshing and enthralling! Loved it! 😀

  • Redinferno124

    I’ll admit, as a PS4 man I have to admit that from what I’ve seen from early gameplay, the game does look impressive. If you take away the mechs and do some editing, the game could easily pass as the next CoD, but maybe that’s the idea. EA gets the CoD people on board with Titanfall by showing what they love to see that they will forget about CoD 2014-2015. Hate on EA all you want, but it’s a brilliant marketing move. Having the guys responsible for creating activision’s money press at the helm is a bonus. Wall running is definitely different for a FPS. Really fast too. Either way, march will be an excellent time for owners of both systems. 🙂

    • I’m loving my PS4 right now, but glad that I’m setup to enjoy Titanfall when it releases. Any self respecting shooter fan cannot say they aren’t impressed with what been shown so far.

    • Imhotep Osiris

      I’ll be playing it on my PC until the multi-platform sequel shows up for PS4.

  • Mildra

    tbh, my love or hate of titanfall is going to come down entirely to how they do the mecha.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Derivative COD clone with disposable dumb bots so idiot casuals can feel good about themselves. Next gen is here!

  • Dennis Crosby

    The trolling here is strong.of course titanfalls seem like cod they use the same engine and its being made by 3/4 of the original devs of cod

  • matt

    Looks good but not nextgen like many ps4 and xbox1 games,for me give me X wiiu and Mariokart8 done….where is the draw distance,nextgen textures,particle shadows ???

  • datdude

    That’s right xbots. Keep making excuses. 720p is acceptable for my 360 and PS3. 720p is not “next gen”. Sorry. 6v6? The developer claims that 6v6 is the perfect balance, yet populates the game world with bots. Sorry, that “perfect balance” doesn’t float when you have more uncontrolled characters in a match than human players. No destruction in the environment? This is 2014, right? Sorry again. All this in a game that is multiplayer only. Not nearly good enough folks. Is this the bizarro world where garbage turns to gold? The people making excuses for this sorry performance from this game on the xbone are the kind willing to pay 500 bucks for the technically inferior system with a bundled camera that gimps the gpu limiting what is available to developers, while offer a glorified pass through cable box enabler that does tv and apps not nearly as well as my smartTV and A/V receiver already do. I’m really waiting to see the difference between the xbone version and the 360 version, because at this point, the xbone version looks like a slightly shinier 360 game. Those who say they weren’t expecting more are lying only to themselves. You’re not fooling the rest of us.

    • Alex King

      Cool story bro. TITANFALL will not be coming to PS4 btw.

      • Imhotep Osiris

        TitanFall 2 will. Can’t wait! Also, don’t rule out TitanFall on Playstation via Playstation now either…technically it will still be a the PC version just streamed.

        • Alex King

          Oh I never mentioned TF2. Just Titanfall.

      • Steven Solidarios

        Yeah and go look to see the developers reaction to that decision made by the retards over at EA.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Resolution will be fine…

    On the PC, where I have it pre-ordered.

  • AnonymUce

    I want just a Pilot vs Pilot game mode only. Please make it happen RE

  • Sean Sharpe

    I’d maybe forget about the player count, if it wasn’t using so many damn bots yet somehow not allowing a single-player campaign despite that.

  • Nelson B

    “take a moment to forget about the “power of the cloud” PR nonsense, the resolution, and the 6 vs 6 online player count. Instead take the time to take it all in and appreciate the gameplay for what it looks like so far: a unique and epic online shooter experience. ”

    this last sentence just made me think this article was an advertising from Respawn Entertainment, plus i don’t follow their ideology we had 48 players if we wanted on cod 4 not to mention dev servers ect and they destroyed all that with MW2 , now i see it wasn’t activition desition to cut the players count but the guys behind Respawn Entertainment!! I KNOW BETTER NOW