Driveclub Video Explains the Secrets of the PS4 Exclusive’s Spectacular Visual Effects and More

Driveclub is often described as one of the most visually impressive upcoming next generation games, and that’s also due to the wise use of quite a few visual effects often exploited in cinematography and sport filming to add a touch of realism.

The video you can watch at the bottom of the post (courtesy of our tipster @T_Zuck) was distributed to the entrants of a film contest centered on the game, and not only it includes the guidelines to handle the Driveclub brand, but also something a lot more interesting: a brief but lovely explanation of some of the visual effects used to make the game look more real.

You’ll read about depth of field, pulled focus, Go-Pro camera simulation, de-saturation, film grain, imperfect framing of subjects and deliberate imperfections. It’s also extremely interesting to see how all of those effects aim to make the visuals look less perfect, but as a result they contribute to the enhance beauty of the game.

The video is just below for you to enjoy, together with a  gallery showcasing the descriptions of the effects mentioned above.


[Thanks for the tip: @T_Zuck]

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