PS4 Exclusive “Souls” Series’ Spin-off Teased by Insider

Demon’s Souls has been blessed with a level of popularity that not many expected when it first was released, and a quite trustworthy industry insider well known on NeoGaf as DemonNite mentioned something that seems to tease the coming of a new game of the series.

In a thread on the popular message boards he wrote:

Sony haven’t won anything and they won’t think they won either. It’s going to be another generation of hard work and great games.

Another user known as MrChocolate responded “Should I bet my soul on it?”

At that DemonNite dropped a hint that could easily be interpreted as teasing something very interesting:

If by souls you mean another PS4 exclusive Souls spinoff then maybe ?  ; )

The wording used is actually intriguing, as he calls it “another spinoff,”  adding a bit more mystery to the whole issue.

Of course, as usual with this kind of things, we should take it with a heavy grain of salt and consider it an unconfirmed rumor until an official announcement surfaces, but it’s definitely enough to dream…

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  • Gariya

    Spin-off huh?

    What if it’s in the style of E.X Troopers, the spin-off for Lost Planet? Would like to see the reactions for Souls game with anime aesthetics.

  • bowserslovechild

    I don’t care what it is, ANY form of Demon’s Souls spin-off is most welcome here. I’d actually love to see a 2.5D-esque sequel, something similar to Golden Axe meets Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts perhaps.

    • Daniel Dorestant

      I like 2.5D but dang, it might as well not be a Souls game at that point

      • bowserslovechild

        I hear you, just thought it would be better than a card game or something lol!

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Devil’s Souls

  • Christian Dixon

    Don’t change the perspective, or the basic controls. Those two things are integral to the Souls’ games. Change up the setting and do whatever else you feel you have to, but keep those two things the same.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    he actually hinted that months ago, so im just patiently waiting for that game announcement

  • bowserslovechild

    Also just remembered that Miyazaki isn’t working on DS2……

  • ragingmerifes

    I don’t know what to think of it. Both Dark and Demon’s are too much alike to branch out in a diverse way. If a Demon’s Souls II exist, it will be a lot like Dark Souls II, but in another world. Unless they decide to be even more daring, considering Dark Souls is more self aware about the whole “hardcore trial and error gameplay” thing, while Demon’s is more like an old RPG that happens to be hard.
    And I would really like if they kept a hub like the Nexus, or made a town, and added more RPG elements, although Dark Souls II itself seems to already include a town…

    • bigevilworldwide

      Who would have thought the SEQUEL to Demon’s soul DARK SOUL would similar…They aren’t 2 different games, It’s the damn sequel

      • ragingmerifes

        They are two different games.

    • Wes Clarke

      The combat in demons and dark souls are pretty much the same but they do have different system for online play and also the world and character tendency events.

  • rendermonk

    How come no one is thinking Deep Down? That was being compared very heavily to the Demon’s Souls, it’s exclusive, and would be considered a spinoff. Don’t get your hopes up for much else here guys.

    • bowserslovechild

      Because unless Capcom have been handed the Demon’s Souls IP, it’s a completely different entity and not a spin-off. I’m personally hoping that this is the in-house RPG they have been hinting at, and Miyazaki (along with a couple of From bods) is at the helm. I would quite like Deep Down (regardless of perceived similarities) to stay as the F2P, multiplayer dungeon crawler it seems to be.

  • Matt Berial

    I can’t wait! I do hope it’s for PS4 and not for PS3. They could do so much more with the PS4 for the game.

  • FungalPsychosis

    Damned Souls

  • Russell Gorall

    The insider is a poster on a message board?

    • bowserslovechild

      A message board riddled with genuine insiders, where you can be banned for not being legit (or a spammer, or a troll – you know, the way it should be EVERYWHERE). Many of have aforementioned insiders have correctly predicted things in the past including this insider who, by all accounts, is trusted.

  • Garrison Shields

    Well, I’d preorder the hell out of that!
    Collector’s Edition please! With like a real mace or something.