More Fantastic Driveclub 1080p Footage Emerges; Shows Beautiful Visuals And Lots of Racing

We still don’t have a firm release date for the PS4 Exclusive Driveclub, but more footage of the game is emerging, showcasing its beautiful visuals in lovely 1080p resolution.

According to our tipster @T_Zuck this footage comes from the assets provided by Sony for the same film contest that included yesterday’s impressive brand guidelines video, and while parts of it have been used by Sony in a couple trailers, most of the scenes haven’t been seen before.

You can check out the video below, and bask in the lovely graphics. Hopefully the game (or at least its replays) will look this good once it’ll be released.

[Thanks forthe tip: @T_Zuck]

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  • Escopablobar

    Not a big fan of racers but this is a beautiful looking game. I can’t wait to try it out on PS+ when it releases.

    • Ritsujun

      PS+ pwns.

  • ivan

    No miracle. Graphics is normal, but already don’t amaze. But for hardware for 400$ it pretty good.

    • Bankai

      The graphics are far from normal.

  • Boerewors

    Rumor has it Driveclub won’t release till June this year! Italian rumors btw, Giuseppe, fill us in!

  • Jordan

    Damn the graphics look really sick.

  • Guy Brohski

    This looks pretty good for PS3. Looks better than GT6 even.

    • Gregory Cabral

      Its a ps4 game.

      • Guy Brohski

        Oh crap, nevermind then!

  • Thwip

    Many parts of that video were absolutely stunning. Some of the video seemed like real footage to me.