Dead Rising 3 Ships a Million; More DLC Coming as “Popularity of Xbox One is Expected to Increase”

Capcom just announced with a press release that the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 shipped over one million copies worldwide making it the publisher’s 62nd million-selling title. The announcement also promised more downloadable content for the future as Capcom sees the increasing popularity of Microsoft’s new console as a business opportunity:

With the popularity of the Xbox One expected to continue to increase, Capcom is aiming to sustain sales of “Dead Rising 3” by launching additional downloadable content with the goal of generating more excitement in the gaming community that can support a long-lasting business associated with this title.

According to the publisher, gamers around the world spent a grand total of 14 million hours playing the game. As of December 31st cumulative shipments of the Dead Rising series reached and surpassed a total of seven million, which is definitely a nice goal for the zombie-slaughtering franchise that first debuted in August 2006.

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  • bigshynepo

    “Dead Rising 3 shipped over one million copies worldwide making it the publisher’s 62nd million-selling title”

    So the publisher has sold 1 million copies to retailers, how many are sitting in piles in Bestbuy and EB stockrooms? VGChartz puts global sales at 780,000 which is probably an accurate amount of units actually in gamers hands.

    • Flyte_79

      Shipped vs sold, get used to it, Microsoft just will never be honest about the failings of the xbox one…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      For the publisher the “shipped vs sold” difference simply isn’t a difference, which is why they announce “shipped.” Once a publisher has sold X copies to retailers, for what that publisher is concerned, those are sold. Money’s in the bank. Whether those copies find a home or stay in the shelves, it concerns retailers (and fanboys wanting to downplay this or that game or platform), not publishers.

      • Grieving

        It should concern them because that will affect how much they’ll be able to ‘ship’ on their next title.

  • Robert Cram

    Dead Rising 3 is a cool game regardless of sales and the comments below shouldn’t detract from that.

  • Tony McQueen

    3 plus million Xbox Ones sold. But some here seem to think that the Xbox One is a failure. I sure hope y’all don’t have a business degree.
    Anyways, back on some common sense sh!t. It’s smart of Capcom to push DR3. Considering the drought of games after the launch period, it is wise to capitalize on this franchise while competing titles are still in the development phase. DR3 was, and is going to be a great game with the continued support.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Crapcom needs all the success it can get considering the crap it pulled last gen.

      • Tony McQueen

        Oh noooo!!! And what might that be?!?

        • You are flat out wrong

          On-disc DLC, running much-loved franchises into the dirt, gripping into mobile crap with both hands.

          • Tony McQueen

            There’s a saying that describes the gaming community real well. “We as gamers want more of the same, just different.” No doubt Capcom used to make some of the best games. A lot of their franchises started to become repetitive . Capcom took liberty in trying to “refreshen” some of their franchises and I would agree that the results weren’t great. They tried but failed. I wouldn’t count then out though. Dead Rising 3 is a great example of trying to rectify a wrong. Let’s hope that Capcom stays on this path of turning around these franchises and get back to producing wonderful gaming experiences.

  • bowserslovechild

    Nobody in their right mind truly believes XBone will not sell well or is a total flop. It’s just more and more people are getting wise to the situation, and don’t 100% trust MSoft not to swerve turn and drop always online/DRM on their asses. He’ll, Sony could still do it, Nintendo at a stretch, but MSoft were out here with it and BUTT HURT at the initial backlash. When PS4 drops in Japan, you will likely see a wider margin between the two in terms of sales, but honestly, f*** all that. I miss it being all about games, sales seems to be where it’s at now and it blows. HARD.

    Congrats to Capcom though, hopefully it’s the start of a great 2014 for my once number 2 favourite developer. I can’t wait to see the ‘surprises’ ye have in store for us.