Sony Announces EverQuest Next for PS4 and New IP; PlanetSide 2 Coming in the First Half of 2014

During an AMAA-style (Ask me Almost Anything) Q&A on Reddit Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley dropped a few bombs that PS4 and MMORPG fans in general will love.

First of all he confirmed that the upcoming MMORPG EverQuest Next will be heading to PS4. He teased the possibility before, but this is the first time he announces it clearly and officially:

Yes. We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the Playstation 4!

Then he also gave a tentative timeframe for PlanetSide 2‘s release on Sony’s new console:

First half of this year is what we’re shooting for. It’s taking time to do this right but coming along great.

Smedley also announced that there are “lots of plans” for the implementation of new continents on PlanetSide 2.

Lots of future plans for new continents. can’t say Cyssor for sure. check on the PS2 reddit.

Finally, as the icing on top of the proverbial cake, he delivered a true blue tease on a new, unannounced MMORPG SOE is working on, that apparently comes packed with a completely new IP:

SWG. I would do everything differently.
SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now.

Completely new IP. The data is on the interwebs.. someone just has to find it.

A hint about the new game could be in the “oh yeah” reply given to the following question from a fan, meaning that it could be quite different from the style of the games currently offered by SOE.

Anything in the pipeline for the player who loved EQ/SWG/VG style game and isn’t particularly interested in the direction your other games have gone/seem to be going?

If you’re wondering about the mysterious “data” hidden somewhere “on the interwebs,” I am as well. Might want to start searching, because at the moment my mind is completely blank, and I don’t have the slightest idea on what Smedley might be talking about. If you have any, please drop a comment below.

In the meanwhile, if you have a PS4, Sony Online Entertainment is going to deliver a quite awesome game (PlanetSide 2) pretty soon, while EverQuest Next still doesn’t have a real release window even on PC, so there’s some waiting involved there.

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  • Nintendosonyfan

    2 lame SOE games that nobody will play past the first month, give us some real games for our ps4s for f’s sake. I bought a ps4 for next gen games, not this crap.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Let’s see. PlanetSide 2 is very popular nowadays, and so was PlanetSide.

      Everquest is one of the most relevant MMORPG franchises of all times and EQ Next seems to be shaping up really nicely, with a lot of innovative concepts.

      Putting 1 and 1 together, my friend, I think you’re drunk 😀

      • Jan Compaf

        he a nintendo fanboy , he just mad wiiu is dead

        • Nintendosonyfan

          The wiiU sucks and was DOA, I’m not mad about at haha, read my comments on other sites with disquss. Everquest WAS good, no longer is, eq2 was a joke, the first plansetside bombed, the second is doing poorly, and EQ Next, kiddy crap trying to prey on minecrafts glory. No wonder why people are hating the ps4, might have to sell mine if the BS keeps going on and move to Xbox, at least ey have real exclusives, I’m not interested in second son or drive club, but love the order, if it bombs, I’m done, and Nintendo should stick to handhelds, they are so outmatched in the console dept,

          • Preston queener

            Then stop complaining buy a Xbox one it’s that simple. The PS4 or Xbox one really won’t have any games out because the systems only came out a few months ago. Did you really think that any major games will be out? It takes time to make a good game, not just something that can be rushed.

          • Matt Dickinson

            I agree they need to make more core games, like a new Demons Souls or finish up Last Guardian, or at least get a lot of good titles on PlayStation Now. If I was working for them I’d say they should do a new fighter – something with robots.

          • vcarvega

            You’re clearly delusional.

          • Jan Compaf

            just for the record , i wait for PlanetSide2 to get a PS4

        • Prime157

          No, he’s a troll, and everyone is feeding the idiot.

      • Jed ‘Papa Doc’ Arain

        I agree with you Giuseppe, this guy, @Nintendosonyfan, must be smoking crack or something, lmmfao! ^^

        Also, Giuseppe, ya still didn’t add me back on your U.S. account (your Main PSN). I added your other PSN ID (abriael) which, I think, is also your Twitter ID. But, you said you don’t use your PSN EU account much, if at all, and I’m guessing that “abriael” is your EU account, but I may be mistaken. What’s your U.S. account that you play on? Or, better yet, instead of posting it, just add me up and type in an optional message saying that it is you. My US (main) PSN account is: PAPA_DOC_LIVES. I’m a 32 yr. old gamer and I am NOT a lame, bothersome gamer so don’t worry- I will not bother you. I just wanted to add more friends in the industry, like me (I also do reviews and I’m a game booster, web designer (all kinds of sites,: clans, gaming, and all other kids including adult. All my personal sites and the sites I design and build, for the most part, I host as well due to the fact that I am a web host too). Plz add me up on PS3/PS4 via my PSN ID I listed above (MY PSN: PAPA_DOC_LIVES)! 🙂

    • herpa_derp

      Planetside 2 is fcking great the fck you talking about. BattleField 4 and PS2 are the only good shooters out. Sony have some damn good titles.

      • Bankai

        You’re forgetting Shadow Fall.

    • Matt Dickinson

      What kind of games do you want?

    • Zohak Diaz

      Mario’s coming soon for the PS4, don’t worry.

    • EverAlwaysRealLife

      You’re just mad the WiiU is dead and Nintendo is rumored to be releasing a new console soon title “Fusion” soon…. The PS4 has been out a little over two months and you bought it already, tell us how you really feel?

  • Christian Dixon

    Exclusive to PS4 or will the PS3 get some love too? That would be great to see the PS3 and PS4 able to access the same same online world. And add an impressive install base of over 80 million potential players.

    • Hammad Khan

      Not too sure if PS3 could handle that without a major downgrade in some areas. Then again, they have DCUO so maybe.

      • BalramRules

        I doubt the PS3 could handle all that next-gen MMO. But I ultimately think that’s for the better, too many RAM limitations on last-gen consoles.

      • vcarvega

        Planetside 2 is a significantly more demanding game than DCUO in terms of graphics and performance.

    • Prime157

      Ps3 barely runs ffiv.

  • Jason Brody

    This is how you sell your system. With games and not features.

    • Dirty Sanchez

      Sony is gonna go bankrupt in two years so enjoy those games while it last.Ill be playing titanfall thank you!!!!!

      • Preston queener

        Oh wow so you think a multi million dollar company is going to go bankrupt in 2 years. Seeing how the PS4 is sold out world wide an is in high demand I don’t think that will happen. Not to mention that they make cellphones, tv, etc. The stupidity of fan boys is amazing. And Titanfall can only do 6v6 with subpar graphics. While the PS4 can run game a 1080p native an its cheaper. Learn how to think before you type something.

        • PatcherStation

          Sony are in big trouble at the moment. They’ve not made a profit from TVs for years.

      • Abort Mission

        Do you enjoy being cancer?

      • BobFour

        lol another gungame.. no thanks i know what those are and there the same where ever you go and also add that that gungame will eventually be on ps lol..

      • Jack

        another moron who doesn’t understand how broke MS is because of Xbox.

  • PhantomVash808

    I hope Everquest Next is F2P because I wanted to try it since it was announced.

    • I think they said it wass F2P.

      • × idonttrololol

        hurro Trooper, Missed Me?

  • PatcherStation

    Makes me laugh when they refer to games as IPs. Games, games, games. Not IPs.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Uncharted is a different game than Uncharted 2. But both are the same IP. That’s a simple distinction, not too hard to learn.

  • × idonttrololol

    Say What?