Sony Online Entertainment Offering “All Access” Subscription for All its Games for 15 Bucks a Month

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the company will offer a new “all access” subscription plan for all its games starting “on or about” April 2nd.

The subscription model will cost $14.99 a months, and will include the following benefits.

  • 500 monthly Station Cash for the SOE’s games marketplaces.
  • 10% discount on all marketplace purchases.
  • Exclusive promotions and offers throughout the year.
  • Top-tier membership level in all eligible SOE games (EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online PC, PlanetSide 2 PC, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and the upcoming EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next: Landmark).

Players that already have an existing top-tier membership for any of the listed games will automatically be upgraded to the “all access” plan when it will be rolled out.

According to the FAQ, console versions of the same games are largely unaffected by the promotion for the moment, due to the difference in platform structure and account management (which is a pity, considering that SOE just announced the PS4 version of EverQuest Next and a release window for PlanetSide 2 on Sony’s new console). The only benefit received by those playing on consoles will be the 10% discount on marketplace purchase for the PS3 and Ps4 versions of DC Universe Online.

Gamers that play SOE games through the European licensee ProSiebenSat.1 shouldn’t worry, as the two companies are working together to offer a very similar plan for Europe. For the moment those playing through other licensees won’t be affected by the promotion.

Unfortunately Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will finally be closed down after a long agony on July 31st, 2014, but they’ll still be automatically upgraded to the new “all access” plan until that date, giving them a chance to find a new home.

Prices for longer subscription periods of three, six and twelve months will be even lower, even if specific numbers haven’t been announced yet.

Finally, the first Planetside will become completely free to play soon, and since it will have no marketplace or membership plans, it’s not included in the promotion (since you won’t need it to play).

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  • Trim Dose

    be careful Sony be very careful, and for this monthly thing, go and suck it :D.


  • hesoyamdonMonster

    does that mean i cant play these games for free

    • Jordan

      No what they are doing now is basically unified the games that are under SOE which is a good thing. If gives you the incentive to play all of them. Free to play will still remain free to play. However game like DCUO thou it is free to play, it actually has a subscription option that let you get more out of the game with Legendary status with free and early access to all DLCs and other good stuffs. So assuming if you are one of those players who actually paid for the monthly, you now get more value because your subscription now work across other games that are under the hoot of SOE.

      • BalramRules

        You stole the words, right out of my mouth. ;D

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        so thats amazing then

  • Nintendosonyfan

    Bah who cares about SOE games, where’s are ps4 exclusives already

    • Bankai

      A lot of people care about SOE games and if you payed attention, you’d know about the upcoming PS4 exclusives.

      • Nintendosonyfan

        I know which exclusives are coming up thx. Why’re u being so defensive? I know why cuz our ps4s suck lately so sony fans getting all mad and taking it out on Xbox and Nintendo. Enjoy ur ps4 and stop being so mad bro.

        Now sony please give me real exclusives not BS like drive club and infamous SS. Gimme The Order already, I want xbox exclusives like titanfall, project spark, and sunset overdrive. Give us loyal sony ps fans exclusives like those FFS.

        I might finally jump ship n go to xbox if things don’t shape up with ps4, very disappointed

        • Losyak

          I’m glad you’re a minority in this

          • Nintendosonyfan

            Reddit and the sony sub reddit agrees with me. Begone.

          • Prime157

            No, child, you are on your own with that. Must be a sad existence to write lines upon lines on disqus sites of Sony hate. Is it your small “part, ” or your beta male stance that brings you so vehemently to every article? Answer the question, but we all can tell it’s both.

        • Stefano Musilli

          so, you are disappointed by ps4 exclusives… the console is out from 2 months! and do you really think xboxone will have more and better exclusives? xbox360 has 1/10 of the ps3 exclusives, and ps3 was the worst sony console.

          • Nintendosonyfan

            Lol look at our exclusives and look at Xboxs. Theirs are flat out better and anyone denying it is BSing themselves cuz they don’t want our ps4 to seem worse off. I like my ps4 but I love xb1 exclusives as do most ps4 owners as shown by their comments on Xbox threads.

          • Stefano Musilli

            and the beginning of the generation microsoft payed a lot of money for third party exclusives for 360, and for the rest of the generation xbox had no exclusives. it will be the same thing with one. and anyways, i don’t see giant killer applications above those exclusives. the console are out from 2 months, wait for games.

          • bowserslovechild

            I’m still struggling to see these XBone exclusives that are blowing away PS4 if I’m 100% honest…..

        • Prime157

          Jump ship, troll.

  • BalramRules

    I can’t believe this is happening… this is actually happening?!
    I’m in LOVE with the new Sony, they’ve pulled out ALL of the right PR moves, and now this? Omg, you’d be mad not to be subbed to all these SOE offerings now.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    $180? Meh

  • DOOM

    NO THANKS! I don’t care about SOE games, grrrr!

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