PS4 Version of Final Fantasy XIV Is Officially Coming on April 14th; Box Art Revealed

During the 12th edition of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida announced the release date of the PS4 version of the game, and showcased the lovely box art by Akihiko Yoshida, that you can see at the bottom of the post.

The game will be released on April 14th, and pre-orders will be available starting January 27th.

A collector’s edition will also be made available and will include all the items that came in the previous collector’s editions for PS3 and PC, plus a Fat Chocobo Mount and a Wind-up Moogle Minion, that will also be gifted for free to anyone that previously purchased the PC and PS3 collector’s editions. That’s actually a very sleek way to handle the bonuses without leaving out those that already purchased the game.

It was also confirmed that the beta will start on February 22nd and will be available from day one to every PS4 user around the world, as we already knew.

In partly related news (or more precisely rumors), today we also learned that the PS4 version is possibly being tweaked to run at 60 frames per second. You can read all about it here before you check out the beautiful PS4 box art and the collector’s edition bonuses below.

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  • PrinceHeir

    good stuff Square Enix!

  • Rock Mu

    Fat Chocobo mount….. Looks like I’m gonna have to buy this game again…. *sigh*

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If you already bought it, you don’t need to. If you have a standard edition you can just do the upgrade to collector’s

      • Rock Mu

        Well I’m Legacy with the original 1.0 Collector’s edition. I’m just wondering if that mount will be an exclusive item to the PS4 CE or if I will get it automatically like with the PC/PS3 ARR CE items. I must have the Fat Chocobo mount :O

        • Carlos Tamajon

          They mentioned that if you own the PC or PS3 collectors edition already you will automatically get the new items at no charge.

          • Rock Mu

            Nice, good to know. Thanks!

  • Jordan

    Nooo!!! Why!!! >.<

  • Nicholas Perry

    Fat Chocobo? I cannot resist.

    Any news on the supposed DX11 patch for PC then?

    Or are they not going to upgrade the visuals for the PS4 version at all then from the PC version?

    (Sure seems to point that everything is just a lowest common denominator upgrade from the PS3 version now)

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      no news on that. Not sure what you mean lowest common denominator. If the PS4 version runs with the visual of the PC version at a good framerate it’ll already be a technical miracle.

      • Marquis Regalia

        If I remember the screenshots comparison you posted a while back the ps4 and pc versions we’re quite similar already although I think that was at 30fps? with that being said i believe there will be more elements loaded onto the screen at once unlike the way things are now

  • Lev Milanesi

    Glad I’ll be able to upgrade for free.

    • PlatanoGames On YT

      lol same here so excited

  • Marquis Regalia

    Great -.- the one mount I want and I’ll miss out on it.