Freedom Wars: Sony Aims to Sell One Million Copies, Hints to the Possibility of a Series

Sony Japan Studio’s Freedom Wars was showcased extensively at Taipei Game Show, and Producer Junichi Yoshizawa is brimming with enthusiasm about the upcoming game, that will hit the Japanese shelves this summer.

Yoshizawa-san tweeted today that Sony’s aims for the new post-apocalyptic IP are actually quite ambitious while responding to a fan that sent him “good luck” message for the game:

Thank you for your hope in Freedom Wars! Yes! As for the title, we aim to sell a million copies. It’s worked on with the desire to grow the series. Also, I don’t think a “boom” is measured only with numbers.

As the same fan mentioned that he’s a bit worried about sales, but he has great expectations for the series, Yoshizawa-san continued:

Thank you very much for your reply! It has a much larger scale because it’s a title for which we aim to achieve a “boom.” While we’ll be aware of the situation of sales, let’s enjoy it to the fullest, because it’s a game!

Personally, I have high hopes in Freedom Wars as well. The art direction is lovely and the storyline behind it is very intriguing. Hopefully it’ll do well enough for Sony to really turn it into a series. In the meanwhile all we can do is to wait for a localization announcement.

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  • theodor70941

    Just import the Hong Kong version, it has English subs!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I know, but changing accounts on the Vita is inconvenient. If it’ll come to it I will, but I’d prefer a full fledged localization.

      • theodor70941

        The PSVita is region free so you won’t have to change accounts if you have a imported copy of the game!

    • Robert Backland

      Do you think that the HK version would be able to play online with the JP version? I guess I’ll just wait a few weeks and let other people hash out the details.

  • Gariya

    Tread carefully, Sony.

    This is a new IP which has the same genre/play style with an already REALLY popular game, is releasing on a struggling platform, and is being made with creating a “boom” in mind.

    Seriously, the risk here is HUGE, pretty nice of Yoshida and Kawano to greenlit an ambitious “go big or go flop” project like this. I would be lying if I say I’m not worried to see this game bomb.

    • neko working

      Lol no, even if MH4/4G were released on PSVita i would still buy MH along with GE2, FW, Toukiden..

      • Judgephoenix

        Agreed I enjoy them all

    • Bankai

      Soul Sacrifice did well, so I see no reason why Freedom Wars wouldn’t. As for the playstyles, they’re similar, but Freedom Wars brings a lot of new mechanics to the table – which creates an even bigger difference between their playstyles.

      And isn’t every game a “go big or go flop” project? Freedom Wars will be fine, so you can stop worrying about whether or not it’ll flop, because it won’t.

      • Terramax

        But did Soul Sacrifice do well? I mean, the game barely registered in the charts in the West.

  • Bankai

    I have high hopes for Freedom Wars and I’m sure it’ll be a hit, everything about it looks and sounds fantastic. I’m also confident that it can create a “boom” and even if it doesn’t, I still see it performing very well. Hopefully it gets a localization, because I don’t want to miss out on this game.

    • Terramax

      I’m sure it’ll get a localisation. I’m sure even Sony are aware the game would be almost impossible to make 1 million sales in Japan alone. Pretty much every Vita owner in the country would have to buy a copy for them to make that target.

  • Mikesims Sims

    1 mil on Vita? for a monster hunter clone? umm….

  • tubers

    Ouch. 1 mil is definitely too optimistic IMO unless Sony plans an insane discounted bundle upon release or the software is F2P.

    None of the previous VITA hunting games sold that much not even the most popular GE2 VITA and PSP.

    Even if they launch in whole SEA simultaneously (afaik China are mostly PC gamers, opposite of Japan), I think they’d be lucky with 300K in the 1st sales report.

  • TheExile285

    That is way too optimistic. It’ll be most popular in Japan and the game might sell 400k in lifetime sales IF handled correctly. They need to remember that this is a new IP on a system with a low userbase.

    Now I’m afraid there putting too much expectations on the game….

    • Terramax

      Hmm, it really does depend on how the West take the game. The Vita has just sold 1 million units in Japan, and could possibly shift 500k in Japan alone, but whether the game will sell well at all in the rest of the world is indeed quite unlikely. From what I’m guessing, Soul Sacrifice didn’t make many waves when that came out last year.