Kojima Productions Testing Metal Gear Solid V With Sony’s Head Mounted Display; Shows Box Prototypes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima Revealed today that the game is being tested with Sony’s HMZ T-3 Head Mounted Display, also showing some pictures showcasing Snake’s Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka trying it out.

One of the pictures tweeted by the legendary developer shows Otsuka-san as he mimics the “Kept you waitin’ huh?” pose Snake does during the initial cutscene of the game (you can see it above).

In addition to that, the prototype boxes of the three versions that will be initially released in Japan (PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360) were shown. The Xbox One version is missing as its Japanese release date is still to be determined, since the console doesn’t yet have a local launch window.

You can check all the pictures out below.

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  • SilentHashassin

    Yup… Sony got this ish in the bag.

  • TristanPR77

    It looks like the device is in final stage. Nice

  • Matt Henzel

    They should just keep MGS as a Sony exclusive series. It’s obvious Kojima-san loves Sony… and he should, Sony put MGS back on the map and made it a powerhouse.

    • Matt Dickinson

      no wai he loves msx. he did metal gear on that first. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSX

      ” conceived by Kazuhiko Nishi, then Vice-president at Microsoft Japan and Director at ASCII Corporation. It is said that Microsoft led the project as an attempt to create unified standards among hardware makers.[2]”


      • Matt Henzel

        Yeah, I was speaking more about the Solid series of MG.
        I like how he integrates Sony products in the games like the Sony Walkman in MGS2.

        • Matt Dickinson

          Wasn’t there a Saturn in MGS1? I can’t remember

          • Matt Henzel

            No, MGS was PlayStation exclusive until they released a port of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and it was loaded with performance problems.

            They couldn’t get MGS4 to run on an Xbox 360 either, or at least that’s what Kojima said, so they skipped a release for that.
            That’s why they aren’t releasing the MGS: Legacy Collection on the 360.

  • PrinceHeir

    Akio-san is Boss as hell!!