Sony Finalizes Plans To Acquire Factory Producing Wii U’s DRAM Chip for Nintendo

The Japanese national TV channel NHK aired a report during the evening edition of its news broadcast stating that Sony has finalized its plans for the acquisition of a semiconductors plant in Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture, currently owned by Renesas Electronics. The plant is quite relevant to the gaming industry as it produces the Wii U’s DRAM Chip, defined by many the “life stone” of Nintendo’s console.

The acquisition has been rumored for a while and a finalization for the plans was indeed expected around the end of January.

According to the report, Sony will purchase the plant for 7 billion yen (just north of 68 million dollars) and will invest a further 20 billion (slightly less than 195 million dollar) for the purchase of new production facilities. An unspecified percentage of the factory’s staff will also be absorbed by Sony.

Despite its former  Wii U-related output, the factory won’t be used to produce components for Sony’s consoles, but it will be destined to increase by 30% the company’s production of CMOS sensors for smartphones.

Nintendo hasn’t officially announced a new partner for the production of the Wii U’s DRAM yet, but the company is said to have sizable stocks of the component, so production should not be affected in the near future. Kyoto’s historical console manufacturer had plenty advance notice, as the factory was supposed to be closed by Renesas before Sony’s intervention.

Given the conversion of the production line of Tsuruoka’s plant, it’s unlikely that it’ll continue to produce the component for Nintendo under Sony’s ownership.

[Thanks for the Tip: Masaru Aoyama]

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  • Terramax

    “but the company is said to have sizable stocks of the component, so production should not be affected in the near future…” — because nobody’s buying a Nintendo Wii U lol.

    • Anon

      Tell that to the millions of people who already have one and are planning to get one, dipshit.

  • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

    And now the internet will light up with more rumour stories on how PS4 killed the Wii U

    • Best

      If it did, it’s based on sales, not owning a factory.

      • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

        First year of 3DS sales were miserable also. Lots of doom and gloom. Meanwhile Sony stock was just downgraded to junk status

        • Suzaku Kururugi

          Well, Sony is not just a video game company. They could have been downgraded for a TON of other reasons besides video games.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            Lots of people complaining about the dual shock 4 controller and many error codes. Lots of returned PS4s. I don’t see doom and gloom articles like the ones Nintendo gets based on anonymous sources or glitches at gamespot. We just learned about Micro$oft playing dirty with sneaky youtube advertising and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of gaming sites, blogs, etc., weren’t being paid off by them and $ony.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            Click bait headlines! Look at what that headline image implies! It’s ridiculous.

          • Daniel Dorestant

            So because the Ds4 has minor issues which have all been widely reported the whole console deserves doom and gloom articles? Nevermind the 4.2mil consoles sold

            Where is your proof that PS4s are being returned at higher rate than any other consumer electronics?

            In fact all the points you bring up are weak attempts to downplay Nintendo’s shortcomings by pulling other companies troubles… Every single bad thing you’ve brought up about other companies has been widely reported. Just because you don’t wanna bad news about the WiiU you’re crying like a baby

            With all that being said… If you actually read the article you’d realize it isn’t even a doom and gloom article

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            This is not bad news for Nintendo. It’s the journalism (marketing tactics) I find troubling.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            Yah I really don’t care why Sony is *actually* failing but why the press seems to focus only on doom and glooming Nintendo. WiiU came out all the babies cried that there were no games. Now WiiU has more 1080p 60fps games than the other consoles. There will always be some angle to trash Nintendo because that’s what sells advertising.

          • Bankai

            “Now WiiU has more 1080p 60fps games than the other consoles.”

            The other consoles just came out, so that’s a given. That’s as weak as some kid who tried to compare the libraries of the then 1 month old PS4 to the one year old Wii U’s in an attempt to make the Wii U look superior.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            I wasn’t comparing libraries but if you would like to then go to metacritic and look at the best games of 2013 list. With that said and with what Is coming on WiiU for this year I’m sure they will sell more consoles.

        • Daniel Dorestant

          Are you implying the Wii U is magically gonna replicate the 3ds sales?

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            why wouldn’t it? anything can happen-don’t tell me you know what will happen? have you been to the future? oh wait….

          • Daniel Dorestant

            I never said it couldn’t happen…
            At the same time Sony cant reverse the Junk status?

            The point of my comment is the guy who left the original comment is acting like he has been to the future by implying Nintendo will get out of a bad situation but Sony can’t

            But since he’s pro nintendo you TRIED to get on me without realizing how hypocritical your comment is

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I see. I never said I agree with him that Sony won’t recover- I WANT them to recover, on the contrary, so the impression that because he’s pro Nintendo so I supported him is void in every sense.

          • Preach it.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            well a year later and look at Metacritic’s Game Publisher of the Year: Nintendo

          • DanielGearSolid

            lol, i remember this debate…

            It wasnt about metacritic scores tho…

            Funny enough, Sony as actually pulled out of that junk status

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            the ‘debate’ started when I drew attention to the click-bait headline and ridiculous picture of a gamepad with a Sony logo. then i was called a fanboy for defending games on WiiU with people saying it’s not a fair comparison because the twins were still fairly new on the market. so now a year later and the twins didn’t even crack the top 3 as game publishers. #fail i don’t care how much brainwashing and sales the PS4 has, WiiU still has better, and more affordable, games.

          • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

            I should just move to Japan. lol

          • Hyper/Real

            I like my Wii U as well, but that is not really a fair comparison. The Wii U is a year older than “the twins” as you called them and last year was their launch year. Give it time, see if you can still say the same at the end of this year.
            In the meantime, just enjoy what you have

        • Marquis Regalia

          well if you actually read the report / article the junk status WAS / IS justified because of a decline in sales in TV and in their other dept’s but one of the areas highlighted / sees positive things is the dep’t where the ps4 is. I do agree that Nintendo isn’t going anywhere as a whole but you have to look at the whole thing too

      • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

        a year later and Nintendo gets Game Publisher of the Year from Metacritic

  • Thomas

    “as the factory was supposed to be closed by Renesas before Sony’s intervention” Was going to be shut down anyway.

  • WellWisher

    So 7 billion yen is 68 million dollars but 20 million yen is 195 million dollars? I’m guessing there’s a typo in there somewhere.

    • Guest


    • Guest

      Seems accurate

    • Guest

      $ 1.95 million ?

    • neko working

      $ 0.195 million

  • Falcus

    >sony buys nintendo leftovers they don’t need anymore
    Alright kids.

    • Sony Ponie

      you don’t sound insecure at all…..:/

  • Matt Henzel

    One step closer to the Sony / Nintendo super power!
    It’s their destiny…

  • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

    well now let’s look at Nintendo’s recent profits!! Xbots and $ony Ponys can eat shit and die. prepare for the PC master race/Nintendo generation.