Star Trek Online’s Defiant and Bird-of-Prey Bridges Available for Free

Star Trek Online‘s Defiant and Bird-of-Prey bridges are currently available for free as part of day two of the game’s pre-anniversary celebration. This the game’s fourth anniversary since it launched in 2010.

The Defiant bridge became popular on the Star Trek: The Next Generation spin-off, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s ship of the same name. The Klingon Bird-of-Prey bridge has seen numerous incarnations ever since the vessel’s first appearance in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Both items are available for free until tomorrow, 9am EST.

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  • Gareth Davies

    I don’t suppose you’re keeping up with Cryptic’s 4th Anniversary…”fiasco”… by any chance?

    • David Rodriguez

      There’s a fiasco? I had no idea. Could you link me?

      • Gareth Davies

        Fiasco might be a bit strong – as a player, it looks like a fiasco to me.

        It’s basically down to the fact that in previous years, STO’s Anniversary has been used as a thank you to players. And this year it…kinda isn’t, depending on where you stand

        The free ship of yesteryear has become a fairly thinly-veiled cash-grab. Which wouldn’t be so bad it not for them subsequently announcing that nine new ships (based on the new designs, but with superior stats) would be released as paid items next month or so.

        This was when news first made it to the forums. Considering the length of the thread, there’s very little in the way of Dev responses.