Contrast Surpasses One Million Downloads on PSN Store

Contrast, the adventure platformer out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC, has surpassed one million downloads on PSN Store.

To celebrate, Compulsion Games has currently featured the title in the PSN Flash Sale for both PS3 and PS4 download. Today through January 31st, Contrast will be selling for only $7.49 in North America and in Europe for 50% off retail price through February 5th.

If you’re still deciding whether to make that purchase, you can also read our DualShockers’ review of Contrast here.

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  • dskhury

    I wonder what´s the deal developers make to get their games for free on PS+… They must get some money out of it…

    • Allisa James

      Yeah most likely it is. A guarantee to a certain amount of money no matter what would be ideal for plenty of small studios. Also most likely helps bring up the studio reputation when people take advantage of the free game and end up enjoying it.

    • ISISSecretAgent

      obviously, did you think they do it out of the kindness of their hearts?

      but yes, i would like to know how does the deal works. i know they get a cut of the PSN+ subs but i wonder if they get a % per game downloaded or something like that

      • dskhury

        Yeah, o expressed myself badly in there, ofcourse they make money out of it, just wondering how good the deal is.

        • ISISSecretAgent

          yeah, i kinda wrote like a jerk there sorry about that and im with you
          i wonder if they get a bonus for every thousands of units downloaded

  • Anders

    I wonder how many games they actually sold.