ShockCast Ep. 159 – “The Resolutionary War”

Graphics. Resolution. Frame-rate. Anti-aliasing. Dynamic shadows. Pixels. How important are they to your gaming experience?

This week on the ShockCast we talked about just that. Not from a fanboy perspective, but from the perspective of gamers judging any and all experiences. How much do graphics and all of its attributes figure in to the overall experience of gaming?

We also talked about gaming experiences that have stuck with us throughout the years. Since we spend so much time talking about the future, it doesn’t hurt to look back every now and then. Finally, we ended with a rundown of some of the recent stories in the news.

This week I was joined by Jorge Jimenez (Staff Writer), Ryan Meitzler (Staff Writer), and Tony Polanco (Staff Writer). Many thanks to El Blanco NiƱo for our custom intro and outro.

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  • Redinferno124

    Tony fanboys need stuff to complain about otherwise they will cease to exist.

    • Tony Polanco

      I guess these insane arguments give them sustenance. smh

  • Redinferno124

    Saints Row 4 looks good enough. The Gameplay and story are what got me.

  • Mebs

    Where’s the download link to the podcast?

    • David Rodriguez

      Click on the SoundCloud player and it’ll take you to the page itself. You’ll find the download link there.

    • David Rodriguez

      We also modified the embedded player. The download is there too.