Sony Creates “PS4 Lab” To Promote the Console with Series of Livestreams and “Secret Development Stories”

The release of the PS4 in Japan is drawing near and Sony Computer Entertainment is pulling all the stops to create and maintain hype in the archipelago of the rising sun. The company just created a Nico Nico channel named “PS4 Lab”  for regular broadcasts to “convey the charm of the PS4” illustrating services and features.

Each of the eight episodes will involve special guests and “secret development stories.” The first episode, to be aired on February 1st, will introduce The Playroom and Knack. SCEJA President Hiroshi Kawano will also appear.

Kawano-san mentioned in a recent interview that he has “various” unannounced titles still to disclose, so it’s possible that he’ll let something slip during the broadcast.

Below you can see the full schedule. Guests and themes for each episode will be announced at a later date. Every episode will start at 10 PM Japan time, which you can convert to your own time zone with this tool.

  1. February 1st
  2. February 8th
  3. February 11th
  4. February 15th
  5. February 18th
  6. February 19th
  7. February 20th
  8. February 21st

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  • Funballons

    Haha sony getting so desperate and worried that they do things like this lol. PS3.5 can’t stand on it’s own feet and speak for itself so they do lame PR stunts and lol labs.

    Sony ponies, I’d be mad and jealous too so don’t worry u look like babies crying and raging we see where ur coming from lol.

    • Bankai

      Yeah, who ever heard of a company advertising their product. It’s almost like they actually want people to buy a PS4, but no one will because it offers nothing but critically acclaimed games, 1080p, superior multiplatform titles, better features and an online service that doesn’t lock 3rd party apps behind a paywall.

      Sony should just focus on TV like Microsoft and don’t let you choose whether or not you want an all-seeing camera that saps 10% of the GPU’s performance. I mean who wants a games console that focuses on games? Definitely not gamers.

      • Matt Dickinson

        I was going to buy a few episodes of Rick and Morty off their video section on PSN but they’re not available for PS4 yet. A couple of other movies I was going to rent aren’t either.

    • Solid Snake

      Meanwhile Microsoft is buying PS3 so you can buy an Xbone. LOOOL