Why Frame Rates and Resolution Shouldn’t Matter to Gamers

on January 31, 2014 1:11 PM

I once hoped that this generation of video games would bring some sort of detente to the console wars. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were going to be powerful machines and owners of both or either console would be happy with the games on each system. We’d forget about all of the silly bickering and instead, focus on the games we were playing and enjoying. This is what I HOPED would happen but, sadly, this idyllic scenario never came to be.

Since the beginning of this generation, gamers have argued over what games ran at 1080p or which ran at 60 frames per second. Battlefield 4 and of course, Tomb Raider are the biggest (but not only) examples of this. Those who had consoles that ran games at higher settings ridiculed those who didn’t. People on the other side would say that these things don’t matter or pointed out flaws with the “superior version” of the game. This would of course devolve into people name-calling each other and using language that I won’t repeat here.

Arguing about what frame rate a game runs at or what its native resolution output is has got to be one of the most boring and moronic things that gamers can engage in. What I want to do with this editorial is point out why this sort of fighting is ultimately useless and a waste of time and energy.


When I was growing up I was a big fan of fighting games. The games would be released in the arcades first and then be ported to consoles. The console versions of these games would never look as good as the arcade versions but no one seemed to care. Why? Because the games were still fun even though they weren’t as graphically impressive as their arcade counterparts. We were having a blast and that’s all that mattered. Yeah, we did make fun of a port that wasn’t nearly as good as another one but we’d still play the game regardless.

The days where poking good, clean fun at a version of a game that isn’t as great as another are over. Gamers now go out of their way to say the nastiest and cruelest things possible. This may have something to do with this being the internet age where anonymity keeps you from being accountable for your words. There was no internet when I began to play video games and if we saw two different versions of a game, we’d rather just play them rather than nitpick every detail. I don’t want to put the blame solely on the internet for the way that some gamers behave but it’s certainly a factor.

The other problem is insecurity. Most people can only afford one console and since both current gen consoles are expensive, some get defensive about the machine they purchased. They see people make fun of the console they own and feel the need to retaliate. This is really silly too but that’s how some people are.

Battlefield4SP (183)

What people SHOULD be complaining about is if a game is unplayable. Look at Battlefield 4 for example. Its resolution was ultimately a non-issue because a lot of people had problems even running it. People were justifiably mad over that and soon forgot their little debate about how it ran at a lower resolution on the Xbox One (neither version actually ran at 1080p).

What should matter to gamers is whether or not the games they are playing work as they should and most importantly, are fun. If you own Tomb Raider for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and enjoy it then why do you care what the other version looks like or runs like? If you’re happy with the game you’re playing then you shouldn’t be worried about how it runs on a different console. Why waste time and energy arguing over which version of the game is better when you could instead JUST play the game?

If you’re reading this and you’re one of the people who engages in these battles, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just stop it. Play the games that are on your system of choice and enjoy them. So what if your version doesn’t run at a high frame rate or isn’t at 1080p? If it’s fun then that’s all you should care about. Don’t worry about what other people are playing, worry about what YOU’RE playing. If someone makes fun of your system you can just ignore them. You’re not seeing these people face to face so it’s extremely easy to avoid anyone on the internet who is bothering you. If you and enough people stop engaging in these pointless comparison debates then the gaming community will be a stronger and better place.

Play your games and be happy.

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132 responses to “Why Frame Rates and Resolution Shouldn’t Matter to Gamers”

  1. tubers says:

    “If it’s fun then that’s all you should care about.”

    Fun/How fun – can be subjective tho.

    I bet most console gamers that don’t delve much onto forums/boards/news sites really care much so I think it’s mostly an ok situation.

  2. Convergence87 says:

    People should expect some kind of evolution in graphics in newer gens of consoles. It’s insane to expect lesser hardware at higher costs; unless you have more money than sense.

    • Funballons says:

      Why so defensive bro? PS3.5 not up to expectations lol so u rage on forums haha. Sony ponies so predictable and mad lol, I’d be too if I were u. Shoo fly, I’m done schooling u, begone before u get even more humiliated.

      • DarthDiggler says:


        Everyone of your comments PS3.5 blah blah blah — how do you not get tired of hearing this asinine bullshit spew from your foul breath mouth?

        No one is ever impressed with you or your stupid childish comments.

        Are you Bill Gates and Larry Hyrbs gay love child?

        You only humiliate yourself by deciding you have something important to say.

        • bigevilworldwide says:

          I would hope he isn’t their love child otherwise that would be incest with as much as he sounds like he loves sucking off everyone at Micro$haft

      • bigevilworldwide says:

        You sir must be mentally retarded….There is NOTHING must have on the 720p cable box nor is the 720p cable box a must have…..You retard Xbots should get together and come up with something better than Sony Ponies cause it just makes you idiots sound ever stupider….. Amazing how something suddenly doesn’t matter when the company you love to suck off can barely even do 1080p without degrading the graphics back to 360 quality

      • Convergence87 says:

        You’re more deluded than right wing weirdos.

      • Convergence87 says:

        The dozen dislikes don’t make yo feel humiliated? I doubt you have even bought a console you prob just game on your phone.

      • Jeremy says:

        nintendosonyfan you start and end every troll the same. get another new username while your at it

  3. Trim Dose says:

    Frame Rates and Resolution Shouldn’t Matter to Gamers ?, <– Just by reading the title, theres no need to read the whole article I know is retard#$ed

    • Funballons says:

      Yet no doubt u did and then even better u posted in the comments lol, ur argument is void. Try harder to be cool, u failed.

      • Trim Dose says:

        lol I didn’t, why would I want to read a article that for sure is full of excuses to justify mediocrity 😉 cough… cough…xbo…ne.. cough..

      • DarthDiggler says:

        Must be a new Dakan account, what’s wrong the ban hammer sting you a few times? 🙂

  4. Dhddh says:

    Xbone fanboy wrote this and is jely dat tomb raider is 30fps and battlefield 4 720p lolz

  5. Boerewors says:

    All I know is, if everyone was so happy with their console of choice they wouldn’t be online talking trash bout others consoles… They would be playing games!

  6. NeoTechni says:

    I disagree. Performance matters. Frame rate and resolution especially, you’re always and immediately aware of those

    • DarthDiggler says:

      We humans are visual creatures.

      • NeoTechni says:


        Halo 3 for example, it really bugged me that it ran at a sub-HD resolution. The jaggies were very distracting.

        • Austin McDowell says:

          Graphic whores everywhere.

          • NeoTechni says:

            Anyone with two working eyes is one.

          • Austin McDowell says:

            Then explain the success of the PS2 then.

          • NeoTechni says:

            The gap between ps2 and xbox was not as big as the gap between ps4 and Xone. A better example would be wii, and you know the answer. It cost a lot less, and games sold a lot less

          • Austin McDowell says:

            THEN GET A PC!! Stop wasting time with consoles then. Consoles were never suppose to be about graphics anyway.

          • NeoTechni says:

            Because a PC would be the waste of time. It takes longer to set it up and install the games. It costs more. Its just too much of a hassle that I don’t want to deal with.

          • Austin McDowell says:

            excuses, excuses.

          • Rachaelsaurus says:

            Console gamers buy the whole package for less than PC, and still expect PC-level graphics and nitpick about details. Won’t get a PC because it’s too much cost/”hassle”.

            Put your money where your mouth is, or stop complaining about what you bought. It’s as simple as that.

          • NeoTechni says:

            I didn’t complain about consoles. Only pc

          • lesrima88 says:

            lmao you got owned

          • NeoTechni says:

            “you’re complaining about pc”


            ” and making up all these excuses just because you can’t afford it,”

            No. I assure you, I can afford whatever I want. But why waste my money on a gaming PC when a PS4 is cheaper, easier, gets more games? Besides, I like being able to use my PC and PS4/PS3 at the same time.

            “steam once you buy a game it installs for you automatically”

            I prefer to own discs. I live in Canada, we get small monthly quotas. 1 game and my monthly bandwidth is gone

            “don’t complain about things that you haven’t tried and cant afford”

            Don’t make excuses. That’s all your post was. Excuses. You want to pretend I can’t afford or haven’t tried it, but those aren’t true at all.

          • Christian Dixon says:

            Graphic whores > gameplay snobs

      • cozomel says:

        who you calling a human!

    • Mikesims Sims says:

      Framerate, res, and image quality are part of the “fun” for most gamers. It’s fallacious to detach those things from “gaming fun” and tell gamers they shouldn’t care about them.

  7. Daniel Dorestant says:

    Every generation ppl expect a graphical improvement, whats different now?

    Idk why ppl pretend visuals are not just as much part of a game as gameplay

    Its a total package and when an indie gamr has some hand drawn art style or artistic design, it gets praised… On the flipside when a full retail game has stunning graphics it should be praised

    • cozomel says:

      its just butthurt xbots trying to do damage control and downplay PS4’s graphical superiority. Remember graphics/res dont matter anymore to them only framerates do, until they lose there too then suddenly they aint as important either. But since they “think” that the x1 has a better sound chip (emphasize on the think) sound is.

      • Daniel Dorestant says:

        The fact that the author believes its just a mine is better than yours thing is ridiculous…
        Ps4 fans were not the only gamers that wanted 1080p 60fps b4 the consoles came out

  8. Funballons says:

    It only matters to sony ponies lol, that’s the only argument they have haha, they can’t talk good about the ps3.5 besides that. Shows how powerful the ps3.5 really is lol when a less powerful system that costs 100$ more is selling almost as much consoles haha. I’d be raging and defensive like the sony ponies too lol. They’re mad their console isn’t living up to the hype lol.

    • Bankai says:

      I know you’re just an idiotic 10 year old troll, but the Xbone is at least a million units behind. I don’t know how things work under your bridge, but a 1Mil unit gap is not “almost as much”.

  9. Convergence87 says:

    double post

  10. drproton says:

    I think it will matter as long as devs choose to pump visual fidelity of their screenshots rather than improve gameplay.

    Low-latency 60fps gameplay has been possible for ages, and it improves the experience for gamers, but slightly better antialiasing or post processing effects seems to always get preference because it advertises better. Youtube caps out at 30fps with excessive graphical artifacts and screengrabs obviously look better with more demanding tech; the two of which comprise the majority of information that consumers see before a purchase.

    The reality is that whichever console has the better specs or API will offer a better user experience for multiplatform games; where one is barely playable, and the other is improved.

  11. Snake eyes 211 says:

    Buy yourself a 4K TV and watch standard television buy yourself a 3-D movie and watch it in 2-D just like your article all the statements are ridiculous

  12. Bankai says:

    I couldn’t care less about graphics or frame-rate if I tried (mainly because I can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60fps) so I tend to stay away from any of that nonsense – unless I’m counter-trolling. Gamers should just have fun and stop arguing over such trivial things.

  13. Mike Jones says:

    all these articles act as fps matters none,its a vital stat in alot of genres out there including the biggest of them all (shooters)…why pay for a ps4 or xbone is you’re going to be playing at 30 fps the same as the ps3/360 already do?

  14. disqus_icUCvMAJ5v says:

    graphic do matter! They just do.

  15. Dennis Crosby says:

    My question to everyone who says framerate and resolution mater. Why don’t you have a gaming PC and if you do why are you playing console games when they won’t play or look as good as PC? since the 7th generation it seem that everyone has forgot why we play on console it was never about resolution and framerate

    • NeoTechni says:

      Gaming PCs cost more, take longer to set up (both the system and the game) and get less of the games I want.

    • DarthDiggler says:

      @denniscrosb:disqus I can only speak for myself…

      I don’t like sitting a desk to game. I sit at a desk most of my work day. I prefer the couch and living room setting that the console is known for.

      I understand there are SFF systems and the new Steam Machines that would work just as good as a console in the living room. That doesn’t help much either. You see with a console you are guaranteed every other player you playing against online is using the same system as you are. It’s not a mixed bag of peeps on controllers and keyboards. I prefer to play opponents that have all the same benefits and limitations as I.

      In the PC world of gaming there are far more hackers and cheaters.

      Many of your PC games out today have been created with the console in mind, so the PC version of the games rarely offer anything more than graphical options. Sure if you spent a good penny on your PC they would look better than PS4/XBONE, but you’d likely spend more than $400 to achieve that graphical fidelity, which is why the console is such a good proposition. Pricing for a PC that would exceed the PS4/XBONE specs would likely cost more than the consoles.

      Also the PC will never have any Naughty Dog games, you guys are truly missing out.

      • Rachaelsaurus says:

        >so the PC version of the games rarely offer anything more than graphical options

        Uh, except the ability to mod. The main thing that sets most PC gamers apart from console gamers IMO is our inability to settle for a McGame. Why should I be limited to a stripped-down console experience with graphics I can’t control just so I can… sit on my couch?

        I opted for a PS4 over an Xbone because Sony has been better to me than MS ever has, and PSN users aren’t a bunch of closeted twelve-year-olds. So when I see AC4 on the PS4, I say ‘Damn, that’s a fine looking game’ and I actually enjoy the experience, because my expectations have been properly set by PC gaming. I’m not looking to squeeze the maximum possible shine out of my $400 console for the next [life cycle] years, I see it as a McGamingBox that does a damn fine job for its price point. If you paid $100 more for an Xbone, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

        Get out of my yard, you silly kids. [turns on hose]

    • Axe99 says:

      I have a gaming PC, but I prefer gaming on PS4/PS3 – just too much of a pain-in-the-arse factor playing on PC most of the time. Gaming on console (or on PC) isn’t primarily about resolution or frame rate, but more never hurts, does it?

  16. Funny says:

    Ok ok…I’m one of these diehard, pain-in-the-ass fanboys, and I came hear with every intention to rip you a new one for posting the dumbest article of the year, or some other crap like that. But I have to admit, I get where you’re coming from, you reminded me of a simpler time, playing Timesplitters split screen with a friend for hours on end, or playing Resident Evil from beginning to almost end, day after day because I didn’t have a memory card. The internet has really spoiled us. I compare specs, resolution, frame rates, but at the end of the day, I just want to kick back and relax and enjoy a good game with friends. As much as any of us hate to admit it, Sony needs MS, just as much as MS needs Sony. This constant competition has given us gamers so much and as much as I bash MS, I don’t want them going anyway…competition breeds innovation. Gamers win in the end….

    • Tony Polanco says:

      THANK YOU for actually reading the entire editorial. Most of these dudes come in here, read the headline, and start going in without ever seeing my main point. What’s that? That people should focus LESS on stuff like frame rates and resolution and MORE on how fun a game is. It’s all written there if people bothered to read it.

      Thanks again!

      • Funny says:

        Great article, I’ll definitely be sharing it.

      • Daniel Dorestant says:

        Look, some ppl are butthurt, sure… But to declare most ppl that disagree with your opinion didn’t read the article is ridiculous…. How can you kbow that?

        As for your point… To say its just a mine is better than yours thing, makes no sense… Ps4 enthusiasts were not the only gamers that wanted 1080p 60fps before these consoles released… Everybody wanted that graphical improvement…

        To say ppl are focusing too much on it is also something I disagree with… As a journalist, you should appreciate the importance of informing you’re readers. And they now know, if they have the option which version well perform the best at the given price point…

        You’re point in this article and your comment here are different if you really think about it

        In your article you say ppl shouldn’t argue over which has the better performance (which is wrong, opl should be able to discern what gets them the best experience for the money)

        But in this comment you say ppl should focus less on resolution overall (which is right, gameplay should be the main focus) But if the gameplay is good, why would not go for the best overall package? Given you have the option to do so…

        Ps4 owners got their 1080p 60fps and their happy about it…

        X1 owners get it in some games but they wanted it in more games obviously… If they downplay the fact that they want more 1080p 60fps I bet that 8% boost in performance never happens on X1, or doesn’t happen as soon as it did…

        Downplaying the shortcomings of any product sends the wrong message to the manufacturer… Its a lose/lose situation

        • Tony Polanco says:

          Dude, read some of the comments. Some are flat out saying that they didn’t bother to read it. You and I both know that the majority of people on the internet see a headline and chime in without actually reading the article. That’s just how it is.

          And I’m saying the same things in the comments as I did in the editorial. People need to focus on the gameplay and not on frame rates and resolution. If the frame rate is solid and you can see what’s on the screen then you should be happy. If the game is a blurry, choppy mess then you have the right to complain. I already said that in the article.

          Gameplay matters above all else. That’s what I said in the editorial and that’s what I’m in the comments.

          • Daniel Dorestant says:

            Gameplay matter above all else… Ok that’s already been established…

            The games in question are games ppl have fun with

            Its not like Ps4 enthusiasts are raving over games like Ride to Hell: Retribution being 1080p 60fps…

            After a person decides they want a game, why wouldn’t they want the one that performs the best, especially at no extra charge than any other version?

            Nobody is saying “I cannot play this game because its not 1080p 60fps”… They’re just choosing the best experience, why is it necessary to tell ppl they shouldn’t do that? Maybe ppl with X1’s shouldn’t care… But ppl with options, damn right they should get the best looking, best performing version available

  17. Huseyin Unsal says:

    Tony I think you’re wrong why wouldn’t you want the most optimal playing experience. I think people can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

    • Tony Polanco says:

      Dude, it comes down to gameplay at the end of the day.

      I played Bayonetta on the PS3 and loved it. That was considered the weaker version but that didn’t matter to me. I was having too much fun to care. I played Resident Evil on the Sega Saturn which was nowhere near as good looking as the Playstation version but again, I didn’t mind because I was having a blast.

      That’s what I’m saying. If the game is fun and playable then it doesn’t matter if it’s 720p, 1080p, 30fps or 60fps. None of that ultimately matters. Gameplay is what matters above all else.

      • Axe99 says:

        Aye, totally, but in video games the visuals provide the vast majority of the game’s feedback to the player. A game running at 1080p/60fps provides four times as much visual feedback as a game running at 720p/30fps. For some game types (turn based strategy, for example), this will have a marginal impact on gameplay, but for something like an FPS, it is noticeable (case in point, it’s easier aiming over distance for me in KZ:SF because the extra resolution provides greater clarity at range, as well as greater precision while aiming, as the screen is split into a more detailed grid). I think the issue isn’t that ‘it doesn’t matter’ but that ‘even 720p/30fps is pretty good, so while better is better, it’s not worth getting quite so excited about’.

      • Temjin001 says:

        I do generally agree Tony with the point of your editorial. But when I did think of exceptions to this, where a game was just clearly better experienced due to frame rate consistency, and to a lesser extent graphics fidelity, Bayonetta was one title that came to mind. That’s great you were able to enjoy it on PS3. But personally having tried both, and having finished the 360 version, the 360 edition did play better, due to responsiveness, and it certainly looked clearer and as a result it was more enjoyable for me. It’s not that I couldn’t have liked the PS3 edition alone but I’d much prefer the 360 edition of that game. And I do. It’s the one I own =)

        But in the general case, Bayonetta aside, yes, I think way too much emphasis is placed on counting pixels and margins of frame rate discrepancies. Tomb Raider DE for example is something that seems overblown in significance with the PS4 version being touted as so much better due to such reasons.
        It’s really getting out of hand. This new gen is feeling very PC’ish with such an emphasis being placed on frame rates and pixels. It’s nice and all but we play games for more significant reasons. At least I hope most of us still do.

  18. Fear Monkey says:

    Yes gamers shouldn’t worry about things like resolution and frame rates. So, all the gamers that have anything above a midrange card from Nvidia or AMD/ATI should sell their high end cards, and donate the proceeds to save the fanboys college fund….

    Now lets be real……… People spend outrageous amounts of money on those high end cards like Titan, GTX780 and a ATI R290x. The reason? Sing along with me..Higher framerates, higher resolution, and better performance at the highest graphic settings for the best possible picture. Some of the real performance nuts even render a higher resolution than their monitor can handle but have it display at that lower resoltuin for the best sharpest image.

    But these are consoles not PC’s you might say…. Well, it’s the same thing really. Most gamers that care about performance want the best looking, best performing, and best responding version of a game, so they will buy the most powerful console.
    When I first started playing AC:IV (rented from Gamefly) on PS4 it was 900p. Then they released a patch that made it 1080p, and I can tell you without hesitation that it was a noticeable difference immediately. I have since got the PC version and it does look better on my PC, but not a huge amount actually at the same resolution with all the options on. tat made me appreciate the PS4’s power a bit more.

    This framerate and resolution don’t matter kum bah ya baloney is annoying. If framerate and resolution don’t matter to you, thats great. But for people like me, it’s an absolute factor in who gets my hard earned money and who I support. The reason I bought the first Xbox, it was the most powerful. The reason I bought the Xbox 360, it was the most powerful, and even the reason when i bought the Dreamcast, it was the most powerful at the time of release. MS built the Xbox brand around being the biggest baddest most powerful place to play games, and Don Mattrick came in and played God and ruined it. He wasnt there when The guys sweated and strained to get the Xbox brand to be huge, he wasnt even involved with the early days of the 360. No, he came in when peter Moore moved to EA, and by then he was riding the gravy train and taking all the credit. He then tanked the brand with his vision of Xbox, old school media, sports and a freakin DOG at the Xbox One reveal.

    All Sony did was focus on the games and I am rewarding them this gen as my main console for the higher speced system, and the fact they didnt try to pull one over on me by taking away my renting games right, my ownership of my games, and being able to play offline. MS learned some painful lessons, and I’m glad for it. I do not wish bad for the brand, I want them to come back stronger for the next gen after this one, and be more like they were. Competition is great, we the consumers win.

    • Gamist says:

      Amen, gamer.

    • Daniel Lawson says:

      both consoles are shitty gaming systems when compared to even medium spec PC so you start your shitty argument off by completely destroying the PS4 and Xbox One… Enjoy the games on the system you own and stop bitching about games on a system you don’t and probably will never own.

      • Fear Monkey says:

        No both systems are not bad gaming systems, one (the PS4) is rather elegant and nice, the other is a media box that plays games (The Xbox One) and isn’t as powerful as the former. That isnt to say the Xbox One isn’t a decent console, just that MS had it’s priorities wrong.

        I have the 7870 in my PC, which is very close to what is in the PS4, and it’s a great system. The argument that both are crappy compared to the PC is wrong. not many $399.00 PC’s could play games as well as the PS4.

        Oh and I will own an Xbox One eventually, just for the exclusives.

        • Michael Norris says:

          You couldn’t build a Pc for $400…trust me i tried.Between the OS,GPU,CPU your budget is almost gone.I fine it funny that a highend I7 cpu is only about 85% more powerful then the Cpus used in these consoles.Also consoles don’t have the overhead like Pc has…well Ps4 doesn’t Xbox one uses Windows 8 kernal so i doubt it’s like a normal console Os. PS: i agree with you 100%.

      • Axe99 says:

        Not true, I have a medium spec PC (GTX 660, i7 3770), and it’s incapable of matching KZ:SF’s visuals. Sure, if I dropped a 780 in there it’d smoke the PS4, but given the card alone costs more than the PS4, it’d want to. The advantage consoles have (and as a PC gamer you should appreciate this) is that it provides the scale to enable enough investment in games to realise the power available to them. For the last few years, most PC gamers have been playing PS3/360 games with higher resolutions and frame rates – PC games can now move forward, now that the install base of more advanced devices is large enough to support AAA investment in.

      • Michael Norris says:

        Medium spec Pcs…..ROFL….yea ok.if you mean a $750-$1000 Pc ok sure i can see that.It’s all about price point.Do you think the normal console consumer would buy a console for $750-$1000?I get that Pc gamers are fanboys as well,but you can’t compare a fixed platform to an endless platform.You should be saying for $400 Ps4 isn’t bad,most people thought the differences between Pa4 vs Xone would be minium well it looks a bit different now.

      • Michael Norris says:

        If you are a Pc gamer and spend thousands of dollars to play your games at the highest setting and resolution you deserve to have the better over experience.There are people who don’t want to deal with a Pc,most have no idea about drivers and command prompt ‘s for those people consoles are great for that kind of consumer.I like to game on consoles because i know it works everytime i play it,Pc’s can get temper mental…

    • cozomel says:

      Well said man, i thought bought the original Xbox becuase it swas the baddest boy on the block and also bought the 360 cuz of it specs. But also decided to go with PS4 for its power and Sony’s great record of games

    • Michael Norris says:

      Well i agree 100% also i think the reason why people make a big deal out of it ”Ps4 vs Xboxone” is because of the price point.The normal joe expects the higher cost console to offer a better experience.Ps3 had some horrible ports ”bayonetta” anyone?Well as being a Playstation gamer i heard it all gen about how great the 360 was and how bad the Ps3 was.It wasn’t until Uncharted till i was able to make my case.This gen we are seeing a huge swing,Xbox one costs more and has lesser hardware for gaming.

      Everyone knows software makes the platform not hardware.I just think people want to make the best investment they can.I love the fact that Ps4 is a solid system that can deliver top end experiences for $400.I also bought a three year warranty for $60,so i made sure i was set for 4 more years regardless.

      I also think the Xbox one has certain things to offer,for me it has nothing but then again i been gaming on PlayStation since 96.

    • cusman says:

      I agree Don Mattrick screwed up the vision of Xbox and then he moved on to Zynga or whatever for more micro-transaction games. They will have a lot of repairing to do.

      If they can’t get their system optimized to point where the 3rd party games look equally good as the PS4 or at least run at the same frame-rates… then the XBO gets down graded for avid console gamers as a 2nd or 3rd console of choice. Nintendo started in that position with Wii U, and the XBO is rapidly slipping into that position with their launch fumbles (issues with party chat? seriously???) of not focusing on the games and 3rd party ports being as good as possible.

  19. DarthDiggler says:

    What people SHOULD be complaining about is if a game is unplayable. Look at Battlefield 4
    for example. Its resolution was ultimately a non-issue because a lot of
    people had problems even running it. People were justifiably mad over
    that and soon forgot their little debate about how it ran at a lower
    resolution on the Xbox One (neither version actually ran at 1080p).

    Attention all of your Battlefield noobs. Battlefield 3 an Battlefield Bad Company 2 experienced similar launch woes and neither was playing well until about 2 months into their lifespan.

    What has happened in a few short years that a large scale online game that pushes envelopes is met with shock when not working flawlessly on day 1?

    I come to expect problems with very popular games that have online elements, but that is because experience tells me that will generally lead to issues online. Where did these new stock of cry baby gamers come from — oh boo hoo hoo woe is me, EA sucks. So many victims out there. Change your diapers and stop whining.

    Now in reference to the rest of the article, it’s mostly nonsense. Some people think resolution and frame rate are important, some don’t. Just saying declaring that it isn’t important is like telling everyone that likes pizza that pizza sucks.

    It is important to some like me, who will not be buying two consoles to get the system with the most capabilities towards gaming. Just sucks MS took such a media heavy approach I hope that doesn’t lead to diminished titles on the PS4 since MS thought that creating a fancy DVR was more important than gaming.

    • Axe99 says:

      I disagree with BF4 – I have more issues with BF4 now, a couple of months after launch, than I had with MAG, easily the most boundary-pushing console FPS yet released, on launch day/week – and Zipper were a far smaller and less resourced team. Yes, they didn’t have destruction or vehicles, but they also had four times as many players going at it. CoD has also been more reliable (generally, it has had its moments) as has the Killzone series, as was Red Faction: Armageddon (noted here because it also had destruction) and the Resistance games. I never played Halo or Gears online at launch, but also haven’t heard near as many problems about those games, although I recall Gears 2 had some issues. In short (after rambling for too long!) Battlefield has stood out (whether it be BFBC1, BFBC2, BF3 or BF4) as one of the most poorly-performing shooters at launch.

    • SuperJamaican says:

      Funny when I played Socom on Ps2 when it launched its networked it played really fine. There was some lag but this was PS2 were talking about.

  20. iMixMasTer says:

    Dark Souls- blightown. That is why I always want the highest framerate. At launch that area was almost unplayable for many people.

    • Tony Polanco says:

      That’s a technical issue and I’m not for that. If the frame rate drops to a level where it’s unplayable, THAT is unacceptable. Locked 30fps is playable.

  21. Gamist says:

    The reason why 1080p and 60fps matter to me is because we are on the next generation of consoles. 720p (upscaled 1080p) was for the PS3 and 360; same goes for 480p for the PS2 and Xbox.
    I bought the PS4 because I expect the games to perform what I paid for. If I didn’t care about the resolution and frame rate, I would’ve stuck with the Wii or Wii-U. Same goes for my decision on purchasing the smartphones, TVs, and PCs. When I plunk down $1000 on a new TV, I expect it to provide excellent visuals. If not, why bother upgrading?

  22. Krakn3dfx says:

    You shouldn’t want a fluid experience with a high level of graphical fidelity. What’s wrong with you?

    • Tony Polanco says:

      You can get a fluid experience with 30fps, dude. As long as the frame rate isn’t all over the place it doesn’t matter if it’s 30 or 60.

  23. Axe99 says:

    Yes and no – if frame rate and resolution don’t matter, I presume you’re still playing your games on an SD television set? If the answer is no, then you probably think resolution actually does matter ;).

    However, the main thrust of your argument actually isn’t about frame rate and resolution (which do matter) but rather about all the petty bickering (which is just silly). People should decide what’s important to them – I personally prefer Sony’s approach to game curation and development, so my first current-gen console is a PS4. If it had turned out to be the weaker console, it still would have been my first console, and I would have accepted that I’d be taking a hit to resolution and frame rate, but that it’d be countered by a better range of games and exclusives that were more my taste. But I’d _never_ suggest just because it was less powerful, that suddenly frame rate/resolution didn’t matter (indeed, I played a Playstation 1 and 2 instead of the N64/original Xbox (I had a Gamecube). The Gamecube and Xbox _were_ more capable than the PS2, and it made a difference. However, the games I wanted weren’t on the Xbox, or were also on PC, so PS2 was the console I played. At no stage, however, did I suggest that Xbox’s superior grunt, or built-in hard drive, was not important.

    The reason why is fairly obvious – gaming is an audio-visual hobby, where visuals matter. It’s also a hobby that relies on complex electronics making thousands of calculations a second to simulate all sorts of experiences. Taking these in turn:

    – Visuals – no photographer in their right mind would suggest that the difference between a 1 Megapixel camera and a 2 Megapixel camera is not important, because the increase in visual clarity is significant. The resolution of a 720p screen is around 1MP, a 1080p around 2MP. You _can_ see the difference, and it’s not negligible for anyone with half an eye. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the be-all and end-all – I’ve taken photos on a 0.6MP phone before, and used them – but it should matter. The main mechanic via which a game communicates to us is the visuals – higher resolution enables more nuanced communication from the game to the gamer. Similarly, frame rate gives more communication, but over time instead of density of communication at a point in time. For many genres, frame rate is less important as you don’t need new information sent to you every 1/60th of a second, but for fast-paced games like racers and fighters it is.

    – World simulation – frame rate/resolution is a reflection of processing power. A system with more processing power has more clock cycles to calculate AI, world characteristics, physics, animation and so on. While some would have us believe gameplay mechanics and game worlds are created by magic pixie dust, at the end of the day, the most important thing to video gaming is processor grunt. The difference in performance between XB1 and PS4 _will_ mean it’s easier to make more complex experiences on PS4. Again, unless someone wants to suggest the interactive nature or complexity of worlds in videogames isn’t important, then hardware heft (which is at the bottom of the resolution/frame-rate differences) does matter.

    Importantly, though – these are all first world problems. So you bought an XB1 and it isn’t as powerful? You’re still getting excellent interactive entertainment, and as long as you were an informed buyer and understand and accept you’ll be getting lower resolutions/frame rates, then it’s all good. If you can’t have fun as a gamer with either, then you’re probably not a gamer ;).

  24. Patrick Haraguti says:

    Ok. let me put some technical informations here! and why resolution and frame rates matter!

    720p 1280×720 pixel = 92.160 pixels in the screen
    1080p 1920×1080 px = 2.073.600 pixels in the screen

    1080p need x22,5 more processing power to generate the image (pixels) of 1080 than 720p

    Let´s say the game runing in 1080p:
    gpu_A render the game at 30fps and the gpu_B render it at 60fps

    GPU A process 62.208.000 pixels per second
    GPU B Process 124.416.000 pixel per second

    a avarage people can´t see the diference so easly but can feel.

    In a Macro scale…
    Set this as a car race of 60 laps GPU B will win and will wait 30laps to GPU A Finish the race.

    Resolution and FPS matter because they are showing the hardware diference between ps4 and xbone! and people are fighting against the logic that a cheaper console are delivering a better resolution / fps games

    Sony have the better hardware!

    Games are subjective of personal likeness!!

  25. islan says:

    Why frame rates and resolution SHOULD matter to gamers: all else being equal, you can use them to decide which version to spend your money on.

  26. Guest says:

    Don’t think so. First the fact that you didn’t even mention the 8th gen Nintendo Wii U pretty much destroys this ish. Also, knowing where and who you came from before, I know good and well that if it was the other way around (as it was with multiplatform titles, not exclusives) between PlayStation and Xbox, you wouldn’t even had bothered to have written this.

    • Tony Polanco says:

      If you know who I am then you should know that I’ve been saying this forever, even last gen. Your argument is invalid. Go check past episodes of the Throwdown and tell me where I contradict myself in this. I’ve ALWAYS said that gameplay trumps graphics. ALWAYS.

  27. 3rdworldgamer says:

    i have mixed feeling towards this article.

    true, frame rates & resolution will not matter when you’re playing an excellent game that brings you joy and fun.

    however, for this console generation frame rates & resolution should matter. if new games could not be made with 1080p resolution & frame rates that will not cause the game to stutter or freeze, then what’s the point of releasing a new console when the ps3/xbox 360 have the capacity to accomplish such things? if no improvement was made to the resolution & frame rates, then console makers should not have release new consoles but should have instead continue on developing with their existent ones.

  28. simpleas says:

    Forza 5 and Ryse looks better than anything on ps4 does it matter? Lol

  29. Weisse says:

    Try asking that question PC elitists:)

  30. megablast16 says:

    Anybody get the feeling the writer of this feature went with Xbox One. Frame rates matter a lot, it’s not just “mines better than your’s” fanboyism, the higher the frame rate the smoother and more responsive a game is and therefore more enjoyable to play.

  31. cozomel says:

    “Arguing about what frame rate a game runs at or what its native resolution output is has got to be one of the most boring and moronic things that gamers can engage in.”

    Im sorry but saying its “moronic” to argue over these things is whats really moronic.

    “When I was growing up I was a big fan of fighting games. The games would be released in the arcades first and then be ported to consoles. The console versions of these games would never look as good as the arcade versions but no one seemed to care. Why? Because the games were still fun even though they weren’t as graphically impressive as their arcade counterparts.”

    Not true at all, I’ve always cared, ever since then. And i loved the arcades. The only reason people didnt complain was because that was a s good as it got for home users. Not because we didnt want better.

    “What people SHOULD be complaining about is if a game is unplayable. Look at Battlefield 4 for example.”

    Even at its worst, the game has always been playable, so stop exaggarating. And not only playayble but fun as hell! And all games nowadays have issues.
    Sounds to me like the Arthour is just another one of these butthurt xbot fanboys who wants to downplay the PS4’s superiority

    Oh and one more thing, shut up about this insecurity thing, the only ones insecure and defensive are the xbots cuz they know their system is a inferior mess

  32. cozomel says:

    So resolution doesnt matter, unless its a 1080p x1 game, then it matters like all hell. Graphics dont matter either its all about the gameplay until its Ryse then it matters again. Oh and Titanfall and Kinect and xbox exclusives is all that matters. I get it!

  33. truth11112222 says:

    If this were the case than why purchase a 1080P HD TV then? Why not just purchase a cheaper lower res TV? These types of articles seem to be dishonestly written to try and make up for the lack of power that the Xbox One has been presented recently when reviewing cross platform games to the PS4. I have both systems and I can definitely see and feel the difference playing BF4 on the PS4.

    The entire experience is much better. Microsoft should fire its lead designer and immediately do damage control before its too late instead of trying to white wash the issue. Take the cost of the kinect and beef up the ram to DDR5 and the graphics card as well. Sell it as a seperate SKU for those who dont want to purchase a kinect.

    Next Generation is exactly what it means. NEXT GENERATION! Why did Mark Cerny and Sony get it and Microsoft seemed to have missed it? I am a BIG Xbox fan and I truly feel let down by microsoft this generation (so far),…

  34. Red Foxx says:

    As a writer and one who disseminates information, you should want your readers as informed as possible. That includes frame rate and resolution differences. It should matter to you to inform people on these differences otherwise you’re no better than the car salesman who tried to convince me Jeeps were being compared to Lexus’. You can argue it shouldn’t matter, but if the capability on one platform exists and not on another then you have an obligation to at least let the reader decide whether or not they care.

    • Morenicano says:

      But I think that would nullify the point he’s trying to make. From reading this, he’s generally trying to say to just enjoy the game and stop fighting over which one people think is better. If he starts throwing stats out there then it’s seem like he’s comparing them himself and working against his goal. He’s basically saying whether you decide to buy a Jeep or a Lexus, just enjoy your investment.

      • Red Foxx says:

        My point is that his point is irrelevant when he is not just a consumer. I can tell you that resolution doesn’t matter. A person who writes for a site that disseminates information to consumers of a product should not just decide that something that is a large component of games (frame rate specifically makes games smoother experiences) is unimportant because the game works and is fun even if it isn’t the best version. I enjoyed Call of Duty World At War on Wii, but it was clearly not the best version of the game. People come to sites like these to decide whether or not to buy games but also by extension consoles that will provide them the best experience with those games. Those comparison charts aren’t there just to feed the trolls and bait clicks, they’re also highly informative. That’s why sites get to take everything for a test drive first. Saying the game is great on both platforms may be true, but ultimately unhelpful to the consumers still in deciding process. A total of about 8 million consoles have been sold with plenty of room for others to continue to buy them and those decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly just because it’s not your money. It’s not the job of sites like these to stay out of the comparison game for the sake of not feeding the trolls. The information can be relevant when presented properly and within context. If the definitive console edition of a multiplatform game runs better on one system than the other, it should be noted. Are those differences worth it to the writer? Who cares. The writer is doing it for the sake of providing information to potential consumers of the product. Judging that one gameplay experience being smoother doesn’t matter, is also like telling someone that unless you drive really crazy, the Lexus’ better stability won’t matter in comparison to the Jeep. Unless you’re saying it just to sell someone on the cheaper version, it’s an unnecessary element of the proposal.

        His larger of it being important that games just work? Absolutely. But that’s also a part of the review process. If the game is completely 60fps, completely 1080p, it can still be a shitty beautiful looking game. That’s just what you call it. This is a beautiful looking game, with shitty gameplay mechanics that doesn’t completely work right. The point isn’t that you must have one or the other or that one is more important than another. It’s that if it’s possible to get both great gameplay and the best available experience on one console in a way that isn’t negligible then you note it. Those games with beautiful graphics and horrendous gameplay exist and they existed in 8-bit form, 32-bit form, 64-bit form. It’s not about graphics, it’s about providing a total review of how the game performs on each system. Last generation, 360 was often noted to have the best version available for games. So if it could be done then and it didn’t cause a huge uproar, why must we shut it down now? Why is it that now it’s not an important element when the differences are more notable as they were the last time around? I’m not saying his point has any legitimacy. It’s a moot point because of course gameplay matters, but so does the other stuff. Getting a high end 60″ HDTV also isn’t much of a difference over a lower end 60″ HDTV, but you note the differences between how they best present an image. Of course people will be happy to have HD regardless, but let them decide if they want that difference. I know my tv doesn’t have a comparable image to a Samsung tv, but I knew it when I bought it. I expect the company to try to sell me on just getting good enough, I don’t expect reviewers to shade me from the best because they think it’s trivial to be concerned with such things.

        • Morenicano says:

          Believe me, I agree with you on your points. I just think (from my perception of the article) that the goal is for people to stop bashing each other about why their choice is better than the other person’s. Maybe I read this wrong but I just feel that he was just saying just because your version has 1080P/60fps, don’t shoot down the person that doesn’t have it. I wholeheartedly agree that the full package should be considered when reviewing a product and I believe there will be other articles that will do so but to me, this one was intended for everyone to at least enjoy whatever they decided to spend their money on and not make the other people feel bad about their decision.

  35. Deadeye Jedi says:

    This is less a matter of gaming ergonomics and moreso one of utilizing one’s home theater system to the fullest. Why would I buy a gaming system that will max out at 720p for my tv that has 1080p capabilities. This is not only with gaming, but applications like Netflix and Hulu. With these systems becoming major media for basic television programs, this is a big deal.

    My solution was to just have my tv act as a second monitor to my pc. This was I get high quality on both ends, and can play with a controller from my couch.

    People who believe it to be expensive to build a pc, don’t understand that the majority of costs come from gaming. Sadly, console gamers have never experienced a Steam sale. For instance, the newest splinter cell is 75% off right now. In the long term, you save a lot of money not having to ever spend 60 bucks for a game, or fork over anything for multiplayer.

    Just my opinion though. GabeN be praised.

    • Gamist says:

      Well, there is this PS+ that people pay $30-$50 a year to play games (some call it free and discounts on games) that are within a 1 yr-old. I think that’s quite competitive with Steam.
      But, IMO, I find myself competing with the games for PC (upgrading power supply, card, ram, etc), where as with consoles, it’s the developers that do all the optimizing on the game, so I don’t have to waste time tweaking the settings to get the best experience. Also, with the console I can take it with me when I travel or take it to a friends party.

  36. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Great article!!!

  37. Blitz says:

    “since both current gen consoles are expensive” Dude. Wii U. You’re treading the same ground as those accused in this article.

  38. neko working says:

    at least we know that Japanese less likely to purchase Xbox One with that 70K yen price tag. PS4 is hella cheaper and more powerful.

  39. John says:

    Yes indeed, gamers shouldn’t worry about technicalities over gameplay.. But then the very people now saying such things are amongst those who have dissed the WiiU for the very same reasons, despite that nextgen console having by far the best catalogue of playable and enjoyable games around.

  40. Morenicano says:

    The OP is just trying to say enjoy what you have and stop fighting over specs. Yes, there may be differences between the resolutions and frame rates but that’s like comparing the TV you bought to a $20,000 4K TV. Sure when you sit them next to each other in the store, you’re gonna see a difference but once it’s in your home, you still enjoy it. Of course we all want the best stuff out there but can’t we at least enjoy what we spent our money on and have fun? Yeah things could always get better but there’s no need to make each other feel bad because of what they got.

  41. Disqus_S says:

    Uh, I WANT to know if the version on my system is worse. I want to know if the other has it better. Because it’s very easy to sell my console and buy the other if so. This article is stupid.

    • Morenicano says:

      I think you may be missing the point on this article. I’m sure they’ll make other publications that will give you the information you want but this one is just trying to prevent bashing each other’s decisions.

  42. AlilTussin187 says:

    Wow, nice article Tony. Nice to see all the comments. I completely agree with what you said in the article but in today’s age it’s not so simple. With all these so called gamers hiding behind the keyboard talking sh!t, it’s hard to take anyone seriously. Even with all the evidence and developers saying which console is more powerful, fanboys still are sticking by their guns. Both sides are throwing punches. Last gen that’s all we heard about so now the PS fans are striking back. It’s a never ending cycle.

    What find funny is that certain fanboys of a certain system has all the facts right there in front of their face but can’t accept the truth. So now both systems suck. Now, PC is the best. That’s not even a fair argument because PC will always be the best. 0_o. All I’m saying is, if your going to be a rabid fanboy, at least be a good and loyal one. Can’t defend your system now so we’re going to jump on the PC bandwagon. That’s easy.

    Oh well, whatever system you own, just be happy and look forward to the AMAZING games that are coming. If your a single console owner, you can’t say Titanfall, Infamous, Quantum Break, or The Order don’t look good. I mean, come on. As a fan of gaming, all these games look great. And guess what? This is only YEAR 1. Play games people. Tony, keep doing your thing….haha

    PS…Tony an Xbot…HAHAHAHAHA,,,Go listen to The Throwdown dumbasses. The Internet is wonderful. Oh boy….

  43. Dollow Rlance says:

    The only thing I care about are consistent frame rates, I was playing Tales of Graces F and there was a point where the frame rate drops & goes up from 30 to 24 FPS and it was hard to time out my attacks and I had to really predict when to attack and when to block. 30 vs 60 doesn’t matter to me, just make the frame rate rock solid. Good article, good read.

  44. Not A PC Gamer says:

    To me this console war isn’t about specs it’s about exposing the corporate criminals at Microsoft for exactly who they are and what they have shown us.

    1. Disgusting and Arrogant PR telling people that if the consumer doesn’t have internet to stick with out 360’s
    2. Trying to change this industry for the worst with DRM that can be compared to a Nazi controlled police state.
    3. Giving us an underpowered Jack of all Trades, Master at None gaming console. This isn’t about us, it’s about them taking over the living room for christ sakes!
    4. Lying to all of us about being able to reverse the DRM. Yeah I’m talking to you Major Nelson.. you Scumbag!
    5. Showing signs of serious desperation due to their console getting their ass kicked in sales and remaining on the store shelves all throughout the U.S. Lets see.. stooping as low as to pay youtubers to say nice things about them in their videos, boasting about how the cloud can somehow compensate for poor specs, and my favorite.. Gimping the Kinect in order to SQUEEZE 8% MORE POWER out of the console for gaming.

    Their general attitude and disrespect towards the gamer should not go unpunished and quite frankly I hope they fall flat on their face this gen. And before someone here says, “Oh well.. we need MS for competition!” Um… NO WE DON’T..

    This has nothing to do with fanboyism.. It has to do with consumer rights and not letting companies bend you over at ever turn. Microsoft has been doing this now since 2002 and have progressively gotten worse. The highlight of these blunders starts with the general idealism for the Xbox one and ends with their PR disaster.

    Since my abandonment of the the Xbox brand back in May.. I have abolished and boycotted all of MS products and services from ever entering my home again.. And that includes Windows PCs. Somehow I think my Mac Airbook will suit me well.

    If you look at this objectively, it isn’t about fanboys or brand preference.. It should be about just showing some damn SELF RESTRAINT by no longer supporting any company that pulls this kind of crap. That is all..

  45. DigitalSyrup says:

    Well done. I too grew up craving the quality of games found in the arcades and then getting shitty ports on the console version. Times have certainly changed with PCs coming down in costs and with the XBOX ONE and PS4, the playing field has become even more level due to fact they are now pretty much running x86 architecture.
    Expecting certain resolution and frame rates on hardware that is specifically engineered with pros and cons on cost to build is not the same as having a custom built PC that can run everything maxed out.
    Having a choice to buy whatever console you want comes down to the games and the experience you have when playing them. Despite the fact BF4 on the XBOX ONE is running with a lower resolution doesn’t hamper the fact that it’s just as enjoyable on the XBOX ONE as it is on the PS4.
    Personally, we prefer frame rates over resolution. With each console having great exclusives coming out this year, it’s time to turn our energy to playing the games instead of arguing over which console plays them better.

  46. Amir Miller says:

    I obviously disagree with this if thats the case play you games at 10fps

  47. Erik Larsen says:

    i mostly care about gameplay all u loosers who only care about the stupid framerate and resolution is pathetic. when i was playing on ps2 and gamecube i didnt really care about anything like that also i dont care if its at 480p 480i 720p 1080p 1080i or 4k as long as i can play it im happy and also u shouldnt care if the games have frame rate lock cause its what keeps most games stable and i cant tell the difference between the games on consoles and pc

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