PS4 Exclusive Deep Down’s Microtransactions and Stance on DLC Explained by Capcom

Capcom’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down will be a free to play game, and many have wondered what kind of content we can expect to have to pay for in order to provide the necessary funding to recoup the game’s development costs and keep the servers going.

Today Producer Yoshinori Ono shed some light on that as part of an interview intended for investors published by Capcom itself.

One thing we’re doing is grappling with the challenges posed by next-gen hardware platforms. An example of this is the game “deep down”, which we are developing for the PlayStation®4. While it’s a home console game, the model is basically the same as that for online games.

When we develop an online game, we aim to create a game that allows people already playing it to continue enjoying it. At the same time, we try to avoid boosting the number of players just for the sake of getting new people to play. The game “deep down” is provided free of charge, but players are required to pay for additional items and other game content. To ensure people playing the game don’t lose interest, we will keep working to deliver stable long-term services.

Judging from Ono-san’s words, we can expect a business model very similar or identical to that of free to play MMORPGs, prompting us to pay for “additional items and other game content.” At the very least this means that we’re probably going to get further content pushed out down the line after the initial release, as this kind of business model requires constant support and content updates in order to work effectively

As an added bonus, Ono-san explained Capcom’s stance on DLC (for all games, not just for Deep Down):

We hope to provide a large variety of content at reasonable prices that is in line with what people like. The important is not viewing DLC as a form of added value, but as a system that we’re supposed to have.

He also mentioned that some DLC are developed before release, while others are created after, and detailed the reasons behind that:

There are some things we develop at the same time, and there’s other stuff we create after the release of the full title. The best thing to do is monitor trends in the days immediately following a game’s release, and then put out DLC which reflects these trends within a month. Problems occur when something we develop completely from scratch fails to match what people need. That’s the advantage of DLC. It gives us an opportunity to monitor trends before we make a decision.

In the meanwhile, there’s still no word about a possible western release (and no release date for Japan) of Deep Down even if Capcom already trademarked the title for both the United States and Europe.

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  • T Dot M Dot

    I dont do micro-transactions no matter what it is… I would of rathered this game be a full priced ps4 game i would of invested in it then

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      I’m glad you said it, and knowing most F2P games, this one will probably be Pay 2 Win as well, so I dunno, I’ll obvs download it and give it a shot, but I’m gonna play it without paying any money, just to see where the pay 2 win wall starts…

      • T Dot M Dot

        Yeah same here. if you can unlock everything before paying ill be fine with that but this is capcom we are talking about lol.

        • Sobekflakmonkey

          to be honest, I don’t mind paying for stuff, like I’ve bought plenty of $60 games, but like, I don’t wanna have to spend anything more than that unless its simply vanity stuff.

    • Scott Clayson

      But you can probably unlock everything for the price of a full game. Or just the stuff you want. Or you can earn it, like I plan to. It’s yet another great free game that the xbox doesn’t have. At least you’re not paying full price AND being offered micro transactions like xbone games.

      • T Dot M Dot

        The Xbox idiots are happy with that lol. Im not.

      • Koroma

        This is capcom. I wouldn’t assume you’ll be able to earn everything that you can buy.

        • Scott Clayson

          You’re probably right. Though they need to maintain the online aspects and it sounds like they’ll be supporting it with content. If it plays as nice as it looks this might be the first F2P to get my cash.

    • Raymond E Gaustadnes

      I could not agree more.

  • Robert Backland

    If it’s free, and you support the game by buying extra stuff, I’m usually OK with that. If it’s $60 and you have to pay for stuff that should be in the game, ( I’m looking at you FF 13 ) I can’t stand it.

    • ace-meza

      well this one is completely free to play

      • Judgephoenix

        Completely free in a sense. Though how many restrictions.

        • ace-meza

          you ll never know until you give it a try

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          He describes it like the same model as a F2P MMORPG. Those make money not with restrictions, but with the value (often vanity) of the additional items they sell.

  • Adamphetamine

    Well since ps4 owners make fun of xbox owners about micro translations, I guess now they going to do the same to us. Somehow us ps4 fans will justify it with stupid logic.

    • Stefano Musilli

      Forza 5 is 60$, this is free

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      whatcha mean.. this is a F2P play game..? :S there’s been microtransactions in how many sony games..? DCUO anyone..? Granturismo 5..? its not new at all people just need to relax and realise this type of business is here forever simple.. but this is 100% expected in a F2P game but it doesn’t go down as smooth in a full retail game that still has MT’s in them

    • Jordan

      Learn to find out the difference first before you even talk about it. Games like Forza 5 / Ryse you need to pay $50 – 60 before you even have access to start playing the game. And microtransactions are sitting on top of what you already paid for the game. This game is just similar to games like Warframe, DCUO or WarThunder where you need not pay a single cent upfront in order to play the game and no it is not a demo but a fully playable game that has microtransactions sitting on top it. It is just like any F2P MMO you find on PCs where you just download the game for FREE, setup an account and PLAY FOR FREE. They are 2 completely different things right there. Also need I remind you that you also do not need to have PS+ subscription to play these games despite they are ONLINE ONLY game.

  • Obambush

    WOW Day1 DLC SMFH.