PlayStation Now Beta Test Leaked on Video, Showing Killzone 3

The beta test of the upcoming cloud gaming service by Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation Now is currently undergoing, and the first video has been leaked, showing Killzone 3 played through the cloud.

While the quality isn’t great, you can check it out below, courtesy of YouTube user Matthew Jones.

While the beta supports only PS3 at the moment, the service is schedule to launch this summer on PS4 and PS Vita as well. The list of titles currently available in the beta can be found here.

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  • Matt Dickinson


  • johnnyappleseed69

    looks really nice .

  • Jewy McJew

    It takes 3 minutes and 37 seconds to get into the action.
    I was hoping for a more “instant” experience.

    • Jewy McJew

      Really? 4 downvotes for pointing out the long load times?

      I LOVE my PS3 / PS4, but could someone please make a case why these load times are inconsequential?

      • Kingdom17

        This person is the one with 5MBS, I’m assuming, thats the minimum that’s recommend to use PS Now, and it only takes about 2 minutes once on Now to load up a streaming game, that doesn’t seem bad at all to me. So some people disagreed.

        • RomeoMattis

          In theory it shouldn’t matter as almost everything is being done on the cloud not on the ps3 users IP, which is the whole purpose of cloud gaming as in it should run on any bandwidth flawlessly within reason, 5mbs is well within reason,

          • Kingdom17

            I can’t disagree nor agree with you as I have no understanding of how this will work, I just assume it would load faster with better connections.

        • Jewy McJew

          I am surprised the game still had long load times after the game’s logo was shown (indicating at this point it was not bandwidth dependent).

          Sony built new rack-optimized Cell based hardware for PlayStation Now. I would have thought they used SDD’s if only for the reduced energy use.

          iPads spoiled me.

          • Kingdom17

            Perhaps that’s how fast it loads normally, I’m ignorant on this as I’ve never played it. Let’s hope it is. I’ve seen games with horrible load times on the PS3, ME2 being one of the worst for me.

          • Jewy McJew

            I hate to say I am old enough to remember the instant loading of the Sega Genesis! (actually, I am old enough to remember the Sega Master System… I just wanted you guys to think I was hip)

      • Matches Malone

        Yes, you are getting down votes for pointing out long load times (that will most likely shorten by the time it is launched) and not the reason of your horribly racist user name.
        /sarcasm #theremightbetworeasons

        • Jewy McJew

          I am a proud bacon-eating-raging-atheist Jew… I think Mel Brooks will forgive me for my whimsical take on my culture. 🙂

      • RomeoMattis

        The load times are a huge turnoff for me as well, as is your disrespectful username, no matter if you are Jewish or not.

        • Jewy McJew

          I am shocked by offense my seemingly benign username has caused. I have had my username for over a year and I have never heard anything but praise up to now!

          Ironically, Jewish people love my name. Only non-Jews cry racism.

          • packerrd

            The reason is that people, specially white folks, always act anti racist to feel good about themselves – to feel that they have morals. I am black, when some of my friends or people make racist jokes about black (which I completely understand they’re joking) while me and my other black friends are laughing, white people gets offend it.
            I bet you all those that say they feel offended are not even jews. if yaa want to feel morally go donate to charity and stop getting offend it for harmless jokes

        • Jewy McJew

          Also, may I ask what specifically you find disrespectful about my username? If you give me a chance, maybe I can convince you otherwise!

  • TristanPR77

    Wow that was nice. Working better than I expected.

  • RomeoMattis

    Not impressed at all. Look at those load times among other faults. I was looking forward to this on my ps4 eventually but if this is how it’s going to be, I’m definitely Italy going to pass.

    • Doomlord

      The in-game loading screens are on the game’s behalf. The PS3 mind-you, is not the go-to device for PS Now because of booting time for games and apps.

      • RomeoMattis

        Yeah I was a bit hard on it, here’s hoping it shapes up and runs better on the ps4.

        • Doomlord

          The positive impressions PS Now are getting on PS3 are all about “above expectations” because people expected large input lag, framerate skipping, and large loading times, especially on PS3. If it runs like this fine on PS3, it’ll run amazing on PS4

  • Robert Backland

    That video killed me. It was like a 5 year old with a type of palsy made it. It was terrible, and he should feel terrible.

    • RomeoMattis

      Yeah very bad camera skills there

    • Tawhid

      It is obvious he is filming and playing with both his hands.

  • loadstone007

    Looks really excellent!

  • CanarioCanario!