MechWarrior Online 2.0 Patch Brings New UI Showcased in Video

Today Piranha games rolled out the major patch numbered 2.0 for MechWarrior Online, and the update comes with a sleek new UI that includes new features, streamlined design and prepares the game for upcoming features like community warfare and clan tech.

The new UI has been showcased in an extensive video that gives the full rundown of the features included. There’s so much to talk about that it’s almost 13 minutes long.

You can check it out below.

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  • PrinceHeir

    how’s the gameplay?

    • Temjin001

      I downloaded the f2p distro from about a year ago and it was pretty decent. At least if you were a fan of the Mechwarrior stuff from years ago. My brother and I would play the FASA board game years ago together. It’s neat seeing this stuff in updated video game form. I’m downloading the UI patch now.

      now I just wish I still had an actual ‘joystick’ for my PC

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I like it. It’s not twitchy, but very slow paced and realistic in how a big 100 tons robot should behave. I’d say it’s a very tactical game.