Titanfall: Xbox One Alpha vs PC Screenshot Comparison: High Resolution vs Low Resolution Textures

The textures of the Xbox One alpha testing of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall caused a big hubbub within the community, as their resolution was really low. Respawn immediately clarified that the textures included in the alpha had been sized down in order to reduce the download size, which is actually a quite common practice in the industry for pre-release testing.

The case exploded when popular insider codenamed Crazy Buttocks on a Train (shortened CBOAT) mentioned on NeoGAF that the textures in the alpha were final for the Xbox One version, prompting Respawn to respond, reiterating their previous position and stating that they have nothing to gain by lying on the issue.

But what is the real difference between the alpha textures and the high resolution textures included in the PC version and that according to Respawn are supposed to appear in the final Xbox One version too?

The screenshot comparison below will give you a glimpse on just how different they are. Screenshots were taken from the best direct feed alpha footage we could find (featuring the least compression) and from a high quality version of the “Angel City Demo” trailer released directly by Respawn. The alpha version features more compression that we’d like, but it’s the best we could find, and still gives a good idea of the quality of the textures.

In each pair of screenshots the Xbox One alpha version will be on top, while the PC version will be at the bottom of the two. Of course you can click on each picture for a full size version. We tried to portray elements as similar as possible, even when not identical, as of course we did not have direct control of the footage.

Titanfall_Alpha_01 Titanfall_Normal_01

Very similar rooms. The difference is very visible on the extinguisher and on the frames of the windows.

Titanfall_Alpha_02 Titanfall_Normal_02

The helmets here are different, but feature a very similar design, letting us see the discrepancy in texture quality quite clearly.

Titanfall_Alpha_03 Titanfall_Normal_03

The computer on the wall is exactly the same prop, giving us another glimpse on the differences between the two versions.

Titanfall_Alpha_04 Titanfall_Normal_04

The discrepancy in texture quality for this rocket launcher (which is the same in both pictures) is extremely visible.

Titanfall_Alpha_05 Titanfall_Normal_05

Same as above, this titan chain gun shows the discrepancy in texture quality quite effectively.

Titanfall_Alpha_06 Titanfall_Normal_06

The hand and interior of this titan are very similar in their textures, giving us another perfect example for our comparison.

Titanfall_Alpha_07 Titanfall_Normal_07

This is the same “wanted” billboard, even is shown from different angles. Even here the discrepancy in resolution is radical.

Titanfall_Alpha_08 Titanfall_Normal_08

This is the same titan model, just in different colors, giving us a very close view on the texture of the titans themselves.

Titanfall_Alpha_09 Titanfall_Normal_09

Even if the “Sea Food” signs is seen from different angles, the difference is very evident.

Titanfall_Alpha_10 Titanfall_Normal_10

This is basically the same scene, giving us a perfect overall shot. Can you spot the differences?

Just by giving a fast glance to the screenshots above the difference is absolutely visible. The textures on the alpha seem to be roughly a quarter of the resolution of those showcased in the trailer.

Personally, after examining the pictures and all the available footage, I’m very inclined to believe Respawn’s version of the story. The reason is simple: no developer in its right (collective) mind would ever ship a massively anticipated AAA game on a next generation console with textures like those seen in the Xbox One alpha. It’s simply not believable.

In addition to that, texture resolution mostly weighs on the hardware’s video RAM (or in this case on its shared RAM). The Xbox One has plenty, and with 8 GB of memory there would simply be no reason for the game to ship with textures that can probably be compared with the early Xbox 360 era and that would run with no issue on 512 Mb.

We’ll know for sure quite soon, but for now, at the very least, you can see the difference clearly.

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  • Liam Hall

    Some of the Xbox One photos actually looked better, though I see were it got ugly. I’m sure it’ll ship looking nice.

  • Gamez Rule

    Well if it is bummed down on Xbone people still have the PC version to choose.

  • Parhelion88

    tbh, the game looks ugly on both platforms. To be fair, the game surely looks much better in motion than in stills (thanks to all that mayhem). The game’s about gameplay though, not about next-gen defining graphics.

    • Phil

      I was waiting for someone to say that. I agree on all counts, it isn’t a mind-blowing visual game, but then to be honest, we don’t need any more mind-blowing visuals, we just need good gameplay.

      • Honestlydontcare

        I always wanted to say that but when ever i do I get hit by so many hateful messages.

      • DarthDiggler

        Titanfall: Text Adventure anyone?

        🙂 I kid! 🙂

      • Mr. Hanky

        So why go next gen?

        • Agrippa

          Because we’ll all feel so sexy saying “Xbox play Titanfall!”

        • shinitaru

          Because that’s where the games are going to be. Personally, I would have been just as happy with more games for my PS3, but that’s not reality

          • I don’t know, there’s still a bunch of games coming out for the PS3/XBox 360.

            Lords of Shadow 2 won’t be on the PS4/XB1 anytime soon. Mr. Hanky does make a good point, though:
            Why pay $500 for next-gen when it’s essentially last-gen?

          • shinitaru

            because in another year or so, there won’t be any more PS3/360 games. Besides, you don’t have to pay $500, you can pay $400.

          • Phil

            Titanfall is the only reason I’d want to get an XBox One anytime soon. But if the 360 version is nearly identical, what is the justification for shelling out $500/£500 (console + game) just for one game that costs £50 and looks the same on the console I already own? Sure, Xbox One will eventually get better games in a year or so, so why not wait ’till then? Plus there’s a good chance the console might be cheaper or they might bring out an SKU with a bigger hard drive.

          • Psionicinversion

            both consoles are last gen so why bother paying for either

          • cozomel

            Bullshit, most of the games are going to be on ps3/360

          • shinitaru

            for a year or so but not for much longer

        • Phil

          I probably won’t…

        • Phil

          Because there are a ton of innovations that games are yet to implement, and better tech will help implement those features. Sadly, devs would rather make prettier visuals because apparently, all it takes to get people to buy your game is high-res textures and a crap load of billboards with the game logo pasted on it. I’m not saying I don’t like pretty graphics, I think this new gen we’re in is at a pretty sweet spot where devs can make damn well amazing graphics without being 100% photorealistic, while also having enough power to innovate on gameplay.

    • cozomel

      All games are about both, graphics and gameplay. So even if this game had good gameplay (and i say “if”) it still has so so graphics

  • disqus_zJO1RNq2EL

    People will still buy it on xbone like this. You know what logic they use.
    I have both consoles. But I’m trading my xbox in, too many reason to explain.
    I love the ps4 so far though. This is coming from a guy who got over 100,000 gamer score through 7 years of 360 too.

    • Crusina .

      Sure you do buddy.

      • shinitaru

        You don’t agree with his opinion so he has to be lying? Nice, stay classy..

        • Hip2Bsquare

          obvious he is lying

          • shinitaru

            You’re obviously butthurt

          • disqus_zJO1RNq2EL

            Lying about what lol? The gamer score or the fact I want to return my x1? Neither are a lie my gamer tag WHITE FANG 1988 you can see I’ve played every x1 title to completion and the gamer score is right their. Don’t get your feelings all hurt just because I don’t like it. The ps4 (for me) is the far superior console. I feel at every turn I’ve been lied to or had the truth be concealed by MS. So I’ll go back to PlayStation and support the company that is more gamer focused. We all wanted a better console that plays games that the old one can’t.

          • CsanC

            To be honest, I understand how you feel,but you should be patient at least till next E3, its only 4 months away, because the Xbox one has a heavily customized architecture and if you don’t see what the Xbox can really offer then by all means trade it. At least look at quantum break and see what the Xbox potential can really be.

          • disqus_zJO1RNq2EL

            I’ve been thinking about that too in honesty I think quantum break is its shining light, I just hope it doesn’t flop like Alan wake. Don’t get me wrong I love the gear franchise and halo when it has master chief. My main reason I stayed with 360 though was 1. Mass effect and 2. The parity between multiplatform was so slim most could argue changing your own tv settings would make more ofa difference. I think that’s why this generation feels different. And the originality seems gone. Now it’s going to be annual halo and gears which ruins games imo. I’ve always been for story driven games, half life, mass effect, fable 1 and 2 last of us, witcher. And the pattern seems to be the same for every multiplat that Xbox is struggling to get them to the same level.

          • Ritsujun

            Awwww, Y so mad?

    • Agrippa

      Yea logic is game play > graphics. Who’s hanging on some alpha screens and some so called pc pics anyways?

  • Arnold Stallone

    It’s not possible.
    That must be x360 vs PC visuals. Not trolling.
    There are many huge huge differences, and not only on textures. There are many parts, many objects, lots of stuff that are different, like the devs were like ‘OK, here, we must use more simple stuff, with less polygons, etc, so we can keep the resolution and the framerate’

    At only 720p, gamers should have the right to think and hope the xbone version will look amazing, with ultra high-def textures, 0 aliasing, ultra high polygon count, etc.
    If a killzone or infamous game can display high def/ next gen graphics, effects, everything, at 1080p : 2.25 times more pixels than 720p, xbox one gamers have the right to expect amazing visuals, at 720p, from titanfall.
    Otherwise … well… how to say…
    After the 720p, then, 2/3 of characters controlled by the AI, then, only 6vs6, now, if visuals suck hard, then, a few more things that respawn don’t want people to know,about the game, well, it looks like hardcore gamers will jump on the PC version, to play at ultra, and xbox fans will choose the x360 version, same game, only 10-20% inferior visuals. This means no system seller, this means there won’t be 500’000 xbox one sold, just for playing titanfall.

    PS. DAT graphics.. argggghhhhhh, who else has his eyes bleeding, because of those screenshots?

    • Daniel Salazar

      …but there isn’t a beta for Xbox 360…

  • Corey

    like I can see the differences….but they just don’t matter that much.

  • Yeah! Let’s compare alpha test textures that don’t represent the final product to a scripted and uber-polished gameplay hype trailer!! Cuz that’s totally worth the time and effort, and will definitely hold water when the product finally releases. – _ – /s

    • Agrippa

      That’s how haters get their vitamins and minerals and grow up big and strong & hopefully move outta mom’s basement didn’t you know?

      • shinitaru

        You guys didn’t read the article, did you? It it merely comparing the alpha textures to what Respawn promises to be the final version. There is no hate in this article at all

        • Agrippa

          No hate? You apparently haven’t been reading the posts. These articles are flame bait. Don’t be so naive.

          • shinitaru

            Don’t be such a chump, you haters will argue about anything.

          • Agrippa

            Well that much is true. But too bad this whole article is false crap to begin with. Were comparing Xbox alpha with Xbox one angel demo. Evidence? One merely has to watch this video on their Xbox one where it states and I quote “in game footage representative of Xbox one game play” then compare the so called pc version screen of the solider helmet with the in game trailer one. Their the exact same.

          • shinitaru

            representative of Xbox one game play

          • Agrippa

            Fair point, But with No confirmation on what’s exactly running the builds. The screen comparisons are unreliable at best.

          • alberto suarez

            Plus the fact that Respawn has stated that the textures in the alpha are 25% of the final product. That is not a minor percentage…If there is no hate or bias in this article, it wouldn’t exist. Everything here is circumstantial and arguing that the graphics will suck is dumb until we see the beta next week

  • IndubitablyMe

    I think most folks will buy it for whatever system they have sitting in their living room and that’s that. Nobody will go out and buy an XB1 or build a PC just because one might look better than the other. People on the fence might that a leap, but that’s it. I’m sure some people are waiting to pull the trigger on next-gen and they’d rather own this game there than on the 360.

    I’m personally looking forward to saying “Xbox, go to Titanfall” every time there’s a commercial break come March, but that’s me.

  • delsin row

    the visual looks crap,but the gameplay is awesome

  • joevsyou

    where did these photos come from to compare?

  • joevsyou

    people i wouldn’t take this page too much real… It was a alpha, Something that happens WAY before beta or final. 2: these “PC” shots are not even from any gameplay and quite a shame Mr, nelva guy here would post an article claiming they are pc shots…

  • Damian Wayne

    I REALLY hope they fix the textures for the final release. This looks so bad as is

  • Ritsujun

    Dat multiplat, cross-gen shooter.

  • CCM

    I’ve always thought this game looks terrible visually. Even the PC version is still lipstick on a pig type material as there are FAR better looking PC games than Titanfall as well. I can’t imagine how fugly the 360 version will be…

  • tubers

    It looks dirty.. almost down right ugly.

    I thought the reveal gameplay months back looked a bit more interesting.

  • shinitaru

    Xbox Fanboys be going wha-wha-wha, boo-hoo….maybe next time they will bother to READ THE F***ING ARTICLE before getting all butthurt:

    “But what is the real difference between the alpha textures and the high resolution textures included in the PC version and that according to Respawn are supposed to appear in the final Xbox One version too?

  • Martin Elisha

    titanfall;s graphics look like a ps2 game guys. sorry guys but this is lame.

  • Guest

    yeah this is Hawken on ps3…

  • Martin Elisha

    this is Hawken on ps3..

    • shinitaru


  • Martin Elisha

    This is Hawken on last gen console. at 1080P

    • BillyHoWCR

      When did Hawken come out for console?

    • Gamez Rule

      I played this free to play game and it was pretty good☺

      You can even play around candy-canes with a snow-man repair unit LOL


  • Hip2Bsquare

    Man I wish his was coming out on ps4!

    • shinitaru

      eh..not so much that I would be willing to trade Infamous: Second Son for it. I’m sure that Titanfall will be loads of fun, but the lack of a single player campaign limits my interest in it

      • Gabrielsp85

        Buying FPS for its campaign its like watching porn for its plot

        • shinitaru

          Really? Bioshock and Borderlands say that you are wrong.

          • Gabrielsp85

            Bioshock is SP only, Borderlands is the same game either SP or MP, not the same as this kind of FPS

          • shinitaru

            You just said FPS

          • Rock Gnarly

            He made a hasty reply, now it’s going to be interesting to see how many conditions he’ll add to it.

    • shinitaru

      add all of that crap after I replied to you. You should have just told me you were trolling so I wouldn’t have bothered with you

  • Redinferno124

    This game will live or die by its gameplay. This isn’t a matter or graphics this time.

    As a Playstation fan, I did enjoy seeing the ability to rip another player out of a Titan.

    If you are a graphics whore who also wants good gameplay, buy Infamous or Metal Gear. If you want a competent shooter that looks decent, buy Titanfall.

    • Guest


      • Lord Akki

        My Allegiance lies with SONY. Have always been will always do 🙂

        • Guy Brohski

          Idiot. Expand your mind, stop being so one sided.

        • mister1

          Well, sony will go bankrupt soon enough so good luck with that!

          • Arnold Stallone

            At least, if they went bankrupt, they would be remembered as the inventors of most amazing techs that we use and will keep using, for the next 20 years. Your 1080p mkvs that you download and watch, for you biggest pleasure, are just rips of bluray, another tech co-invented by Sony. If HD DVD had won, microsoft would have killed the format, to go 100% digital, the world where you pay but own nothing.

            And microsoft? Yeah, great, selling millions of office 2014 that users won’t use 0.000001% of features, excepting new file-save-print, windows updates like windows 7 to 8, and selling faulty RRoD-ready consoles to poor innocent buyers, with mandatory subscription for online play, and now, 500$ for a 720p system, with a pyramid-high pay wall, even for using skype.

            Enjoy your national brand to whom you’re just a walking wallet, with a hole on the bottom, that they can use for some SM pleasure, since they see people really like it, like they like microtransactions, etc.

            Worst company ever, with most PR BS produced, with thief prices, like the 400$ windows xp pro, etc etc: yeah, worst.

            OK, enough said. Sorry, I must leave. I still have like 50 full aaa games to play, that i received for free via PS+.

          • mister1

            Dont worry 40 dollers a year isn’t going to put me out on the street nor will any 60 doller game, sorry to break it to you but some people went to college and got a career witch pays the bills.

    • blzzy_gie

      Infamous boring game play after 2 hours and no multiplayer.

      • Arnold Stallone

        The first 2 infamous, I just couldn’t stop playing it, specially when we gain some powers that let us move anywhere, by flying, big jumps, etc.
        Clearly, yo never touched a dual shock in your life, and the only games you can play, are shooters, where you play ‘steve’, or any other american soldier/ marine, the true badass guy, that will once again help america on saving the earth, from the hideous bad guys in the world.

        Please, do the same with ps3/ps4 games, as with girls: don’t talk about it, if you haven’t played with it.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Pre-ordered on the PC when it was $45 awhile back.

  • RoadShow

    LOL I can’t wait to see final rundown between PC and Xbox one. I’m a PC/Playstation gamer. That way I get the best of both worlds without getting butt raped by xbox and all their stupid pay to play BS and overpriced hardware/accessories and underwhelming gameplay.

  • Zachary Carter

    What is alarming is how much the game changes from each version, not just the textures or resolution.

  • Agrippa

    Xbox one owners watch angel city demo on ur consoles that’s x1 gameplay and compare the solider helmet close up to pc version up top with the one in the video. Their exactly the same look/style. Jokes on us

  • Matt

    Did you guys mix up the 360 and X1 screen caps because lul.

  • Turbomite

    Textures still looks muddy as last gen. Looks like ambient occlusion is missing on both. everything looks relatively flat. Not a lot of shaders going on in those pictures. I guess it’s due to the engine.

    The gameplay is like COD with mechs. I hate COD! The gameplay is exactly like it. MY GOD. I was real disappointed with this game. I was hoping it would have a Battlefield feeling. Since you know, they have vehicles aka mechs now. I really really wanted this game sooo bad. Sigh, I will be passing this up.

  • Guest

    U MAD [X]BOTS ?

    • Edonus

      Compare alpha bolds of games to final PC versions and brag about it?

      Smells like a barn on this thread…. must be full of PONIES.

      • Matthew Bryant

        One month before a game releases generally isn’t “alpha”. Is the game going to finally hit beta when it actually releases? Obviously the textures will look a bit better, but don’t expect PC quality from it. The developers aren’t exactly known for being efficient at coding.

        • Joshua Breedlove

          they allowed the alpha version of their game to be played. they were more towards making the final touches to make the game look better.

        • Aidan Harper

          There’s no such thing as a Gold Master anymore, all games that are shipped are considered alpha, as thanks to stuff like PSN, XBL, and the internet in general, we can get updates.
          Publishers can’t wait to rake in money.

      • Ritsujun

        Dat Edomad.

    • Guest

      Yep, Dey mad…

    • Cael Collins

      you are not a bright one are you?

    • mister1

      You read about your glorious sony’s life expectancy shortening? Pony.

      • shinitaru

        “BTW why are you here pony?”

        I came here just to piss you off. Mission accomplised 😀

        • mister1

          Looks like I pissed off 159 pony’s with a reality check about there glorious sony. My mission was 159 times more successful. lol

          • shinitaru

            ^butthurt alert!!!

          • mister1

            Look son a pony

          • shinitaru

            You really think that is witty? Not even correct in my case, sure I like Playstation brand but I’m really Master Race with a dash of Mario just for the fun of it….and I’m grateful to Microsoft for keeping clowns like you out of my games….

            There isn’t a thing you can say or a name you can call me that will bother me. Why, cause I’m simply better than you. Feel free to try all you like though 😀

          • mister1

            Master Race? What are you in grade school? If you dont like xbox1 why are you here?

    • Jacob S

      Tired of retards so early in a console race acting like there system of choice is so much better. It’s not, you should have figured that out by now. I play the PS4 quite often at my brothers- it has nothing on Ryse or Forza5. MS exclusives using just the move engines for now are making Shadow Fall look last gen. 3rd parties haven’t got to use the full tech of the X1, really Titan Fall will be the first… but it is really not that 3rd party. I am guessing Halo will be the X1’s coming out, debuting all it’s tech.

      • Hussain Naseem

        Meaning that in the next halo you will need to dance in front of the tv to move Master Chief …

  • Nicholas Perry

    Those better be ultra low res textures for download/alpha purposes even on PC. Because those look horrible.

    I mean though, I am with the Respawn thing too. If that was me, the whole purpose of the Alpha would be to fine tune bugs, performance, and gameplay balance. Not graphics

  • Bill E Weaver

    Funny how the bottom higher res “pc” pictures have the xbox1 button icons on them,hahaaaa.You guys are so stupid it hurts!

    • shinitaru

      yeah, because nobody uses a controller on their PC. Jesus, am I the only person here who actually read the article?

      • Bill E Weaver

        To bad pc doesn’t support xbox one controllers just 360’s. Those are xb1 bumper icons, nice try though.


        • shinitaru

          yes, but it is being developed for the XB1 and ported over to the PC, right now it is still in the beta phase. I have several ports on my PC that still have the same 360 icons.
          Still doesn’t seem like you read the article. It isn’t about which is better PC or XB1, it’s about the difference between the beta and what has been promised for the release versions of the game.

          • jspillen

            It does seem that many of the people commenting did not actually read the article.

            I liked seeing the comparison, even if the comparison ends up completely baseless once the final product is shipped.

            I have seen other PC games that displayed the icons from a console controller. It’s not unheard of.

        • Cakefish

          Xbox One controller is coming to PC this year according to Microsoft so it could be that they just pre-emptively used the icons for the new controller to future-proof the game?

  • Jake

    The textures were downgraded to make the file a reasonable size for download of the alpha… I was in the alpha. Trust me.

    • shinitaru

      Which is what was said in the article…“Respawn immediately clarified that the textures included in the alpha had been sized down in order to reduce the download size, which is actually a quite common practice in the industry for pre-release testing.”

  • PC version + DualShock 4 = Semi-PS4 version.

  • klarax

    it does look better, but its not a massive difference

  • Jason Brody

    Titan Fall doesn’t look next gen at all on Xbox One. May as well be a PC and 360 comparison. Really should have made it exclusive for PS4 and PC instead.

  • V For Vincennes

    The fanboys on both sides make it painful and embarrassing to even be considered a gamer in any facet.

    Things have gotten a hundred times more obnoxious and infantile than it did even in the 16 bit era of Sega vs. Nintendo.

  • Sandman83

    Anyone who believes this crap is deluding themselves. Respawn has already said the Alpha version was running a lower Polygon rate, So people can download the Alpha without using a big chunk of their GB allowance

    • Cakefish

      Yep but wouldn’t the same be true of PC version too in that case?

      • Sandman83

        Possibly so, But Respawn has officially said the game was designed specifically for Xbox One, and the best experience will be on that platform.

        • Cakefish

          We’ll have to wait and see. I agree that you can’t base solid conclusions on Alpha footage.

    • shinitaru

      Nobody read the article, just looked at the pics then jumped to a conclusion. Jesus Christ, it was like 2-3 paragraphs, was that really too much? :/

    • Guy Brohski

      Respawn never said they were running the Alpha at “a lower polygon rate”, lol wtf. They said the Xbone Alpha was only running 25% of the final texture resolution. Get your facts straight.

  • Michael Norris

    It’s still an ugly game…has last gen written all over it.

  • zainfazal3000

    Well now we have an idea what the Xbox 360 version will look like.

  • s3ltzer

    On a related note, another credible source, backed up what CBOAT leaked. The second source mentioned that the XBO and X360 versions looked “very” similar to each other.

    If the feedback is good, I’ll end up getting this game on the PC. No way am I shelling out $60 for 720p graphics on a “next-gen” console.

  • Guy Brohski

    DualShockers, the most biased Sony fanboy ridden website ever lol. What a terrible comparison, they didn’t even try to replicate the same exact scenes for the comparisons. Amateurs..

  • Mikesims Sims

    I find the ‘small alpha download’ story hard to believe. There’s more to this. Memory width is also a factor in texture size. They could be struggling with the ESRAM.

  • TheCovertCamper

    the xbox one alpha has only 25% of the texture quality; that is why you were not allowed to show gameplay because it would represent the game negatively like it did here

  • Jacob S

    All the videos I have seen for the “Angel city demo” say Xbox One version at the bottom. So idk what you are comparing. Some real DS fagness in here. Sony bots, the X1s’s power hasn’t even been used by 3rd parties yet, so quit crying victory. Soon when move engines, internal cloud processors and cloud processing become active; PS4 is going to show how weak it is. Not to mention tilded resources giving the Xbox1 14gb total equivalent usable power VS 8gb PS4. You haven’t even seen what X1 can do yet.

    • MortisMelis

      If you’re going to be using cloud resources to say that the xbox is more powerful, then you have the infrastructure at home? Because as far as I was aware if you have an 8mbits per second connection the cloud is not going to make as much difference as you make us believe… Also if you could get more ram etc by the cloud why do gaming pc’s need to be so heavy specced!
      Please just be happy with the console you’ve chosen… Enjoy the games you like to play. I’m not sure if anyone agrees with me but your console choice doesn’t define you as a person and, in truth, doesn’t really effect the world!
      Because I choose to purchase the PS4 over an xbox1 doesn’t make my views any less valid, if people could just express themselves in a more succinct less hyperbolic way I’m sure the arguments would denergrate down to the lowest denominator!

    • Kidd

      If people knew tech they would know Xbox One is a whole new gaming Machine that might even introduce Cloud gaming to Pc!!!

  • Chris Russell

    It seems to me that the most up voted comments seem to have overlooked the second sentence of the article, “Respawn immediately clarified that the textures included in the alpha had been sized down in order to reduce the download size, which is actually a quite common practice in the industry for pre-release testing.”

  • Jamal

    can’t wait for this game

  • Aidan Harper

    Console peasants…
    Seriously though I see the lighting as more of an issue between these shots.
    Texture quality does not always mean size, you can have some awesome textures that aren’t 4096*4096 fgs, and obviously an alpha build of a game isn’t going to be complete: Just be thankful it has textures, another name for the alpha phase is the “grey boxing” phase, where models have placeholders (untextured boxes and stuff), and loads of stuff won’t have textures. Quit moaning about a god damn ALPHA.

  • mrsdevlin1 .

    All of you Xbone is better no ps4 is better blah blah pc this pc that BS and all you do is bash the game for this bash the game for that really all of you suck get a freaking pc why because pc always has been always will be doing what your stupid consoles wish they could im sorry but you cant compare pc to a console why cause pc is better every time …only reason devs are going to console is cost effectiveness its easier to make a game for a console where every one has the exact same stuff so less bugs/combatibility issues and less man hours spent to produce the same thing also id like to point out minecraft hello gaphix really not there but look at how popular that game became all because of game play

  • Gamez Rule

    As for TitanFall…. and the ( 6GB of textures held in 32MB of eSRAM )

    “Titanfall launches at the same “792p” resolution as the beta code released last month, officially confirmed by Respawn lead engineer Richard Baker during a recent interview with Digital Foundry” ( http://www.eurogamer.net/artic… )

    Richard Baker then stated!

    “We’ve been experimenting with making it higher and lower. One of the big tricks is how much ESRAM we’re going to use, so we’re thinking of not using hardware MSAA and instead using FXAA to make it so we don’t have to have this larger render target”

    ( So much for the 6GB of textures held in 32MB of eSRAM )

    “We’re going to experiment. The target is either 1080p non-anti-aliased or 900p with FXAA. We’re trying to optimise… we don’t want to give up anything for higher res. So far we’re not 100 per cent happy with any of the options, we’re still working on it. For day one it’s not going to change. We’re still looking at it for post-day one.
    We’re likely to increase resolution after we ship.”