More Screenshots of PS4 Versions of Unreleased Games “Shared” by Sony Directly from the Console

As part of the Try! PlayStation 4 event held at Sony Computer Entertainment in Ginza, Tokyo, and during the event Sont is continuing to use the “share” feature of the consoles on display to tweet pictures of released and unreleased games, between which there are some that we still didn’t get even in the west.

In the gallery below you can see screenshots from the PS4 versions of Strider, Octodad: Deadliest CatchDream C Club: Host Girls on Stage, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends and Tottemo E Mahjong Plus.

Unfortunately the resolution of the screenshots is lower they are compressed due to the way they are shared, but they’re still a nice glimpse on things to come, even if I seriously doubt that we’ll ever get  Tottemo E Mahjong Plus in the west, and I’m doubtful on Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage as well.

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  • Placebo

    Shame, not a single game that’s of interest to me, ahh well hopefully plenty of PS4 owners like them 🙂

    • duckmysick

      Just a matter of time man..its pretty dry right now.

    • Austin McDowell

      Nothing will satisfy you idiot gamers anymore will it?

      • Crusf

        Agreed. People seem to hate experimentation but then complain every thing is the same

      • Tom Murphy

        Why must you resort to insults and call people idiot gamers if they’re not really interested in certain games? I mean outside of Dynasty Warriors 8 which tbf isn’t a must, i’m not really interested in those games either. Some people have certain tastes.

      • Placebo

        “idiot gamers”? What a vile comment. There are dozens of gaming types/genres, we won’t all like the same games and that’s a good thing, I won’t insult anyone who happens to like the games in this article for example.

  • duckmysick

    We will 😉

  • H Karlsson

    Octodad: DADliest catch :=)

    • Aidan Murphy

      I only just realised that until my sister pointed that out next to me while viewing their website not too long ago, I was like ‘No, it’s Deadliest catch.’
      ‘No, look there’

  • islan

    Something looks wrong with those host girls’ faces. I think it’s something to do with the shadows.

    • Austin McDowell

      They’re anime girls.

      • islan

        Huh. I had no idea that shadows that make your face look like its received skin grafts was typical for the anime genre.

        • Stranger On The Road

          True, they need to work on the shading, plus they seem to be more concerned with how the girl would look like when she is looking directly at the screen. They need to work on making the head look good from all directions!

          Perhaps they would one day hire the same guys that work on creating the ‘figures’ and ask for their help on making the 3D model look as good as the anime figures.

  • Hip2Bsquare

    Ugh all those games look horrible and I have no interest in them at all. I can’t wait for aaa exclusives to start rolling out on ps4.

    • Placebo

      Well they don’t even need to be exclusives, I’m looking forward to the likes of Witcher3, The Division, Dying Light and Watch Dogs in the near future, and then hopefully Fallout 4 won’t be too far away etc. etc.

      • Hip2Bsquare

        True true, and hell yeah I’m looking forward to all those games you listed as well. I can’t wait for a Fallout 4 trailer and other info,

    • Crusf

      Uh have you ever heard of “trying something unique” instead of going for whats “cool”

  • Galen Nycroft

    Hmmm…Strider looks cool actually. Can lightning strike twice with this IP?

  • Jed ‘Papa Doc’ Arain

    … can’t wait for Strider!!! ^^

  • MrZweistein

    All those screenshots scream last-gen to me. I am not talking about how much enjoyable the games can be but not one of that games justifies to buy a PS4. I do not think that these games were not possible on a PS3 to be honest.

  • PrinceHeir

    good stuff 😀