PS4 Gets “Last Batch” on Amazon Japan Before Launch; Sells Out Again in a Couple Hours

Those that still wanted to pre-order the upcoming PS4 in Japan got a last chance before launch today, even if it was a rather short-lived one.

Amazon Japan tweeted this morning that a “last batch” of the First Limited Pack was available for preorder. Two hours later the allocated units were already sold out.

According to what was said today during Sony’s earnings calls, the Japanese launch of the PS4 is expected to bolster the already considerable sales numbers of the console. Given that it sold out pretty much immediately every time it was made available for pre-order, that wouldn’t be very surprising.

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  • Mikesims Sims

    Japan launch will easily put PS4 2:1 globally. Demand for Xbox in Asia/rest of Europe is pitiful.

    • Averix

      Games will drive future adoption though. They’re both weak at this point. Hopefully that changes soon.

  • neko working

    So where’s one who said “It won’t be same with Japan because they are Handheld country ?”

    • stealth20k

      It wont be. We have no idea what the alotment was. Vita TV sold out too before launch and everyone went crazy.

      We need to be catious, thats all.

      I am sure PS4 will do just fine in Japan, but will it be number 1 in the region for any stretch of time past launch? not a chance. Other respected indie developers I have spoken to share that opinion, so its not a ridiculous notion.

  • stealth20k

    While this is good news, without any idea what the alotment is, “selling out” could mean anything from 1k to 10k units……………