PS4: Sony Increases 5 Million Sales Forecast But Won’t Say by How Much; Plans to Boost Marketing

During the earnings call for investors and analysts related to the third quarter of the fiscal year, Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai answered a question on whether the sales forecast for the PS4 before the end of March had increased from the former 5 million estimate announced by Andrew House at Tokyo Game Show. Incidentally the predictable question was asked by ACE Securities analyst Hideki Yasuda, with whom we’re quite familiar already.

Hirai mentioned that previously the combined forecast of sales between PS4 and PS4 was of 15 million units for the current fiscal year, with the PS4 selling five million of them. The combined forecast remains unchanged now, but the PS3 is selling less than predicted, implying that the forecast for the PS4 has been increased. Unfortunately Hirai declined to give a detailed breakdown.

Yasuda-san also asked if Sony could afford lowering its marketing budget for the PS4, since the console is doing so well, but Hirai-san mentioned that the marketing spend for the console won’t be cut despite the fact that it’s doing better than expected. He added that as a matter of fact it’s the right time to increase it in order to accelerate growth.

He finally explained that detailed plans for increasing sales of the three core electronics businesses (games, imaging and mobile) will be be discussed at a corporate strategy briefing after the announcement of the full year results in May.


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  • John

    “sales between PS4 and PS4″ I think you mean ps3 and ps4?

  • Anders

    Not increasing the 5 million sales forecast would be stupid. They reached that last week.

    • Mikesims Sims

      If Vgleaks is any indication, Xbox has fallen off a cliff while PS4 is doing about 170k every week.

  • stealth20k

    Sony’s financials are in worse shape than Nintendo…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You seem just a little bitter. I wonder why.

      • stealth20k

        Not bitter, Honestly, it surprised me. I really thought Sony would post better hardware numbers and software was abysmal.

        Honestly I am worried for the entire game industry.

        • Terramax

          Eh, I think Giuseppe is right this time. Looking at your past comments on various sites, it’s quite clear to see the Nintendo fan-force is strong in this one.

        • Bankai

          You must have been looking at Nintendos hardware and software sales, my friend. Sony is in the black, and last I checked that was a good thing.

        • Michael Norris

          The PlayStation side of business is booming.Sony isn’t just a games company Nintendo is.Sony is selling out there Vaio division because it has been losing money for since 2004.The next step for Sony most likely is to sell off there TV division…i love Bravia TV’s it will be a sad day to see em go.

          I expect Sony to push Playstation,Movies,Tablets and Smartphones.I would rather see MS piss off more so then Sony or even Nintendo.

    • Huseyin Unsal

      They Profited this quarter but are expecting a loss in the future because of restructures sad that 5000 people loss there jobs.

    • Hip2Bsquare

      They aren’t in great shape but are far and away in better shape then Nintendo.

    • Jewy McJew

      If you take a snapshot, you are absolutely right. Sony is swimming in debt while Nintendo is flush with cash.

      But momentum is also vital. Sony is clearly on an upswing, shedding poor performing businesses and taking advantage of their new super-star mouse-trap.

      Nintendo on the other hand is most likely going to have decreasing revenue for years until they find away to turn around their fortunes.

      In the end, it is us the consumers who win!

  • Hip2Bsquare

    Sony will keep rocking with the ps4, no worries here.