“Speed of Spread of PS4 is Quite Encouraging;” Sony to Shift Resources to Games; PS4 “Truly Sony”

During the earnings call for investors and analysts related to the third quarter of the fiscal year, Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai and Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato gave some news that are quite encouraging for PlayStation fans.

Given the increasing challenges of the electronics business environment we now anticipate the target of returning the PC and TV businesses to profitability to be difficult to achieve this fiscal year.

Given these circumstances we have decided to implement further significant steps to accelerate the growth and future revitalization of our electronics business, which are the following two reform measures.

First we’ll continue continue to shift resources to our three core businesses, Imaging, Games and Mobile and our growth businesses.

They continued by explaining that the PC and TV businesses will be radically reformed and the headquarters and sales divisions will be optimized. They also reiterated the number of 150 million PSN members, and mentioned rapidly increasing PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The explanation moved to the new console, mentioning that the”Speed of spread of PS4 is quite encouraging.” The game division should exceed previous expectations at the end of the fiscal year and its momentum is predicted to continue next year, contributing to profitability.

It was mentioned that the game division has been identified as a core business together with imaging and mobile, and PS4 has been identified as “truly Sony” as a product. After selling 4.2 million in 2013 “further robust growth and its firm establishment as a next generation platform” are expected.

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  • Huseyin Unsal

    Good. VAIO never got good profits, so its better to leave it.

    And spinning off TV division is good too, tells them to stand on their own 2 feet or die.

    Although this restructuring will cost Sony a one time loss of over 1 billion dollars this FY

  • Boerewors

    “Speed of spread”… Sounds more like a term they would use on Jersey Shore…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s a direct quote from a simultaneous translator. They normally don’t care too much about elegant English. Can’t correct it because it’d be a misquote.

    • Dan Gribbin

      She’s DTF with a S of S to the Max yo!

      • Boerewors

        Lol…exactly what I was aiming for…lacking your wonderful Jersey skills though 🙂 It won’t land you a decent job, but in the gym you’re a hero! 😉

        • Dan Gribbin

          I’m a network engineer. I’m just multi-talented I guess. heh

  • Huseyin Unsal

    Mobile is growing good and they haven’t even taped in to the US market because of mobile carriers.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Sounds like a good move by SONY. PC’s are dying(with CR*P Windows) & they should spend their money making more brilliant Xperia products(with Android) + they do BRILLIANT TV’s & they should keep doing that(but price them a bit lower tho) 😉

    • Opt1kon

      I wouldn’t say PCs are dying, Consumer PCs are dying but gnawing PCs are thriving, but I’m glad sony is gonna focus where it matters now

      • Huseyin Unsal

        Yes Core gamers are spending more money on high end PC but thats only a small minority big PC companys like HP and Dell are diversifying and Lenovo just bought Motorola from Google seems like the future is Mobile and Tablets.

        • DarkMagusVII

          People are building their own PC’s and if you think that PC is dying then you are an idiot, well if you like games like the new Dungeon Keeper then go ahead and enjoy your microtransaction crap.

          It’s more like the brand PC’s are dying, because no one wants to buy pre-build crap and you can build decent gaming PC with $500

          This is what your typical android game is

    • rotared

      PCs are dying? Have you seen Steam/Riot concurrent users?

    • Michael Norris

      Eh Vaio’s cost a bit more then most Pc’s with similar specs.Also Sony has been losing money from the Vaio division since 04,this should had been been done sooner.

    • sprocket_almighty

      RealityCheck2013, I think you need a reality check. PC gaming is not dying, maybe the average consumer style desktops are with the advent of tablets etc. But PC gaming is thriving especially with 65 million active steam users. More and more latest PC hardware is being produced, indicating there certainly still is a good market for it.

  • benbenkr

    Sony also just cut 5,000 jobs across the company btw.

  • Heru

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  • Warlon

    Under promise, over deliver!

  • PrinceHeir

    let us see!

  • Faafeu Kapeneta

    YES!!! Kaz invest more into the game division and we will reward SONY with our pockets. Im actually starting to see SONY tv prices coming down in price in my local electronic stores, its not as expensive as it was years ago compared to LG or Samsung. As for the Xperia brand, I love it, that remote play thing just SOLD me into saving up for that Xperia 3.