Xbox 360 Version of Titanfall has Been Delayed by Two Weeks to Put “Finishing Touches”

EA has just tweeted that the Xbox 360 version of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall will be delayed by two weeks to allow for additional development time.

Here is the tweet that was sent out:


It should be noted that the PC and Xbox One versions of the game will still be released on March 11th. The Xbox 360 version will now be out on March 25th. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

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  • Averix

    This is actually a good thing for MS. If Titanfall gets rave reviews, the delay may spur fence sitters to buy an XOne rather than wait. They’ll still sell through to the people that don’t intend to upgrade a few weeks later. Plus, it will help alleviate any server issues by keeping one platform back a bit.