Phil Spencer Wants No Man’s Sky, More Platformers and Adventures on Xbox One; Hints at Diablo III (UPDATED)

Microsoft Game Studios head honcho Phil Spencer is always on the lookout for new games for the Xbox One’s growing portfolio, and today he mentioned on Twitter what he’d like to see on the console:

Have you tracked No Man’s Sky? Not exactly the same genre but would be good on XB1.

When a fan asked him what genres he’d like to see more on the console he answered:

For me personally, I’m a fan of platformers and good story driven adventure games.

I’m pushing for a lot of story in one of our unannounced projects. I thought story in Ryse, as an example, really helped game.

Yea, Diablo III was really nice on XBOX One. Sold well. Would be good to get more iso dungeon crawls as well.

When I read that, I guessed he meant Xbox 360 there…or maybe it was a slip? When asked if that was a confirmation for Diablo III on Xbox One he responded:

Not by me, that’s obviously Blizzards decision and schedule.

Afterwards he did correct himself by admitting that meant Xbox 360, and he made a mistake because he was typing too fast, but Diablo III on Xbox One wouldn’t be too farfetched (I actually expected it to be announced long ago), so a slip of the tongue – or more precisely of the fingers – isn’t too unlikely. Of course you shouldn’t take it as a confirmation, but who knows what the future holds…

We’ll have to wait to see if it was indeed just a typo or an actual slip. One thing is for sure: the fact that he explicitly mentioned Hello Games’ impressive space exploration indie title No Man’s Sky probably means that something is brewing on that front. My curiosity is piqued. Bring it on, Phil. My body is ready.

Update: Spencer further clarified that he “knows nothing” of Diablo III‘s plans. We have no reason not to believe him since he denies so vigorously. In any case, No Man’s Sky is where it’s at. Please and thank you, Phil.

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  • justsayin


    • Ritsujun

      How old are you?

      • Chris Canfield

        Well he was justsayin

  • bigshynepo

    If MS buys No Man’s Sky as an exclusive, I’ll create a Phil Spencer voodoo doll and ruin it every hour, on the hour until I am enjoying it on my PS4.

    • Liam Hall

      If that happens why not just buy an Xbox One?

      • Bankai

        For 1 game?

      • bigshynepo

        Bankai said it, I don’t buy consoles for one game.
        Titanfall looks fun but not worth a $500 purchase.
        Sunset Overdrive and Quantum break might get me closer to an XB1 purchase but I need to see proper game play before I jump to any rash decisions.
        In the end though, Sony mentioned No Mans Sky right after it’s announcement and I’m sure they are all over that title as well. I smell multi-plat.

      • Manga Mangakid

        I will never Buy an Xbox

        Playstation is my system Never turn my back on PS4/PS3/PSVITA

        • Joe Vicious

          Lmao, that’s some straigh sad fanboy $hit

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Not really it isn’t when you consider that Microsoft has shown a lack of focus for the gamer since mid 2010. Or perhaps you already forgot how they dropped the ball at their reveal, E3, and even their horrible console release.

  • Crapgamer

    Why does everything on Twitter get turned into a story? Microsoft’s employees converse with fans on a daily basis, and because everything Microsoft gets hits it is turned into a sensationalized story.

    I just think it’s cool that the higher ups are actually paying attention and interacting with the fans. Something that is often lost in translation for other console makers and higher ups. Phil is good people.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It gets turned into a story because what the head of the studios of one of the major players of the industry thinks *is* relevant news.

      It gives us insight on what can come down the line.

      Of course that’s limited to what they think about games. Kojima tweets what you eats basically every day, but you won’t see it here.

      • Guest

        What you meant to say, is that you post this because you want traffic and every time a PR person says something you make a news story out of it with a PR tag as your headline. I hope you don’t call this site journalism because it’s not.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          No, what I meant to say is exactly what I said. If you don’t want to be informed on what’s happening around the industry, I’m sure we can live without you 😀

    • bigshynepo

      Shuhei Yoshida for Sony has been great about gamer interaction. I think Nintendo is the one company that could open some more avenues of communication with it’s fans. Nintendo Directs are only one-way communication and they don’t even have a blog to aggregate their industry info. This last few years has been great for gamers having their say in the console they support as the manufacturers are finally listening.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Bu bu but Shu doesn’t count because Crap Lamer doesn’t like him.

    • Dennis Crosby

      It will always be like this Microsoft is a hot topic right now. You can make a story with just Microsoft in the title and get great web traffic

    • Fanboy/Fangirl

      Well said Crapgamer.

    • Guest

      It’s $0N¥ pauper desperation at its finest.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Please leave, Guy Brohski.

    • bigshynepo

      For the second time in as many days, I see another N4G article based on YOUR twitter questions to Phil Spencer. If you have such disdain for “articles based on twitter conversations”, then perhaps you should take to DMing your favorite corporate mouthpiece instead of shooting him baited questions on twitter.

      Your questions don’t seem to be posed for your benefit but to encourage otherwise pedantic conversation about topics we could assume the corporate answer to. Whether your agenda actually goes so far as to spur conversation you hope gets turned into positive MS article remains to be seen.

      My point, stop turning every thought you have into a question for Phil Spencer and maybe people would turn less of your convos into these articles you despise so much.

    • jb223

      I think maybe Phil’s heart is in the right place, but the proof is in the pudding. Until he produces these games it’s all hyperbole. I really hope all of these promises come true so everyone can have games they can enjoy on the system of their preference, but what kinda turned me off was the Black Tusk situation. During E3 they were very clear about BT working on a brand new IP that was poised to be their next Halo style first party franchise, and people were rightly excited about that. After the Gears acquisition suddenly there was never any concrete plans and that footage was just a concept piece for a direction they could possibly go in. I don’t necessarily think that the switch was Spencer’s fault, but there were more tactful ways to handle that situation, it took a couple days to even get the true story out of MS, people were assuming this was a second team and that both projects would continue as planned, and there was a lot of back & forth before anyone clarified the situation. I’d personally rather have no comments from the brass at all as long as they are listening as opposed to empty promises & deceptive statements. I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt even after these instances, but It will take some very firm & concrete reveals set in stone for me to consider purchasing a box based off of the strength of these alleged exclusive games. I’m a singleplayer gamer though, so as it stands, the Xbox seems to definitely be the best system for mp, Sony’s is looking like the better box for singleplayer & variety in exclusives, based solely off of what has been announced and what can easily be inferred by job listings and the like.

    • Guest

      It’s this site that makes the most news stories out of Twitter crap. There’s hardly ever any actual news here, more so, Phil Spencer thinks this is awesome and such and such.

  • bigshynepo

    ““knows nothing” of Diablo III‘s plans…”
    Because Blizzard is no one’s bitch.

    • theodor70941

      And yet Activision is Blizzard’s parent company!

      • bigshynepo

        Blizzard has remained completely autonomous from Activision since the merger, and they still exist as separate business entities. This is unlike most companies Activision has acquired (like Sierra, which was absorbed) and show that truly, Blizzard still wears the pants in that relationship.

        • JayD

          Yep the parent company is even called Activision Blizzard not Activision. Activision, like Blizzard, is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard.

      • JayD

        No Activision Blizzard is the parent company.

        Activision, like Blizzard, is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard.

  • kevin

    I say go and don’t not return with them in hand or plans for them , enough with hearsay

  • You are flat out wrong

    When even Microshit execs are begging for games on the Xbone, you know things are looking bad.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Where did you see him “begging” pray tell?

    • TimothyStone

      Microsoft isn’t begging here at all. In fact you will be begging when you see some of the cool games coming out on the XBO. You get one exclusive game for the first 6 months of 2014 and you will be begging for exclusive games.

      I don’t have either PS4 or XBO. However, I can tell you right now, I am not wasting my money on poor build quality.

      Quality games + Build quality + future innovation is what I am looking for.

      I am not spending $400 with very few quality games + very poor build quality and no future innovation at all. Why in the hell would anyone buy something like that is beyond me.

      See, I can save money and end up with something much better.

      • You are flat out wrong

        lmao, what games? Xbone got sh*t all until November-ish, if QB and SO aren’t pushed back to next year.

        Quality games on the Betamax player with unwanted three year old waggle crap, you must be pulling my leg!

      • Not A PC Gamer

        Cool games or not, they won’t get played by me because I hold dear to my principles of never supporting Microsoft ever again. And before you go calling me ignorant.. there are so many more important things in life to be missing out on except for a small number of xbox titles I can count on one hand.

        I survived 35 years of gaming without ever even looking at the PC as a gaming platform and I still couldn’t be happier. Now if I broke down and bought an X1.. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning.

        • TimothyStone

          You can do what you want. That is your choice.

          Most of your “Politics” are moronic. I hate politics in government and I hate it from people on the Internet. It shows their ignorance about life and other things. It exposes weaknesses in their thinking.

          The people that hate Microsoft do so because they are extremely misinformed or mislead by stupidity.

          It’s kind of like the same as Republicans and Democrats being stupid because they focus too much on themselves instead of focus on trying to help other people.

          So, if you just want to cry politics then get lost. If you want quality and fun then that is different.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I’m sorry but I don’t take well to “MICROSOFT APPOLOGISTS” like you.

            The people who hate Microsoft do so Because IT’S COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. They have lied to all of us and proven time and time again that they have their own agenda in mind and not ours. Or perhaps I should remind you of all the things they have done wrong with the X1 since it’s ill conceived design to the DRM reversals that only made themselves look like the idiots that they are.

            I don’t know about you pal, but maybe I have higher standards and principles than you do. Us adults were able to see right through these crooks and how they wanted to control every aspect of how you game and when you game as well as trying to change the face of this entire industry for the worse. The only people who are that Naive, Gullible and Inept and can’t recognize things that are right in front of them.

            You say my politics are moronic when you didn’t make a case for MS in their defense.. which you couldn’t defend with me on your best day.

            I’ll wait for your reply.. but remember, the majority of us are smarter than the fools that are still sticking with that god aweful brand.. The Xbox.

        • Marius

          Yeah compare console and pc… alright. I also won’t by a Van again, i got my sportscar, and obviously they are both totaly comparable. I won’t buy a new snowboard, i have skis. Basically the same. So why have a console when I have a pc.. god some people…

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Marius, I don’t like PC gaming bud.. I never did. It really is as simple as that.

    • Crapgamer

      As someone who was taking part in the Twitter discussion with Mr.Spencer it wasn’t begging. He was simply asking on Twitter, and then responding to questions and comments. Very informative, very friendly. Nice to see a company who speaks English converse and convey in such a manner.

    • Not A PC Gamer

      Exactly my friend.. and when they have to pay youtubers to promote their sales and have to Gimp the Kinect in order to use it’s processing power for gaming, you know these clowns are in trouble.

  • Marius

    All the crying people again. I ask again: Why do u all care so much about MS and about the Xbox?? All u do is telling me how much better ur PS4 is, so go and play it and stop annoying Xbox users with ur crying bullshit.
    Seriously, why u care about Xbox at all?? Are u so insecure with ur own system??

    • Not A PC Gamer

      I think it’s you who should be insecure pal, not just with your Jack of all trades underpowered console but I think you should be very insecure for even trusting this company again and even contemplating lying down in bed with these corporate criminals for the next decade.

      I’m just glad I had enough common sense to jump out after the reveal. That alone should have said mountains about them as a company for the gamers but apparently not enough of you got a clue.

      • Marius

        Still same question: Why do you care??? I have both, so what? I like both and right now i play more on my Xbox than on my PS4. But if u dont have an Xbox, why u care about it? Just shut up and leave Xbox owners alone.
        It’s incredible, how everybody just is freaking out about every single Xbox news… Its just pathetic. If it is so bad, and ur system is so much better, then just dont read about Xbox and shut ur mouth Oo There is no reason to share ur shitty opinion on something u never even played

  • HeczTehFinezt

    If No Mans Sky does come as an exclusive to XBO, it might increase sales, even with the small number of exclusives that interests me like TF, QB, or SO, I probably wont buy an XBO just to play 4 games. If its an exclusive for PS4, its the same but with the number of interesting exclusives and the possibilities of The Last of Us coming to PS4, sales might increase even higher. Im no Pachter but thats just my guess, not to be taking personal.

  • Vious

    no man’s sky…..they had a flood….Microsoft rushed in to help… too busy thinking how to sell off their assets to stay afloat.
    still the game should come out on both platforms so a lot of people can enjoy it, but if they chose 1 platform then I wouldn’t be upset either, that’s the dev’s choice to make for one platform, after all they basically lost everything as they’ve said, and it’s only about 4 of them working on it.

  • Clarence Thompkins II

  • TimothyStone

    These games have been confirmed for 2014 and have been known from E3 2013.

    * Project Spark (Free-2-play and includes full motion capture for gaming)

    * Sunset Overdrive

    * Titanfall (March 2014)

    * Quantum Break

    * D4 : Dark Dreams Don’t Die

    * Fantasia : Music Evolved

    * Kinect Sports Rivals (April-May 2014)

    * Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

    Possibly 2015

    * Halo 5 for Xbox One

    * Fable Legends

    This is what we know at the moment. More additions are coming from E3 2014.

    I would rather spend $500 than spend $400 with terrible build quality that may not even last a year or two and something that has quality games and has innovations like being able to read your facial expressions.

    Sorry, the PS4 is a ghetto console that has a ghetto made network with PSN that you actually have to pay for and can be very loud with poor build quality.

    1) PS4 WiFi is garbage
    2) PSN is a ghetto insecure and unstable network that you have to pay for.
    3) The PS4 uses Bluetooth 2.1 which is garbage and has only 3 megabit for bandwidth
    4) The gamepad wastes battery power on a feature that isn’t useful at all but wastes battery power by a significant amount and Sony won’t let people turn it off. What a waste.
    5) The PS4 will be loud while playing quality games and it will get louder over time because of the small crappy inferior fan and heatsink that was put in.
    6) The build quality on the PS4 controller is poor at best. I mean a lot of people are having them rub off with very little wear.
    7) The PS4 has a lot of quality control issues that will lead to PS4 consoles dying over the next 2 to 3 years. Like RROD.
    8) The OS is very basic and substandard, but at least this can be updated because it’s software. Can’t even change the background color!
    9) The media features on the PS4 are so substandard that it’s basically worthless.
    10) The games are so poor that most people bought third party titles such as Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty. There is very little to look forward to at all.
    11) The PS4 is not innovative at all. NOTHING about it is interesting or stands out to be Next gen. So, basically you are paying $400 for a PS3 and then having to pay extra to play online.

    Basically, Sony did not have money to spend on the PS4 and bought a lower-end APU and GDDR5 memory and then filled the rest with the cheapest crap they could find.

    Sony made the Betamax, they should know something about lack of quality. This console reeks of lack of quality and I am not going to get trapped by stupid people on the Internet that don’t know any better.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Swery Kinect crap
      Kinect crap
      Kinect crap
      lmao who cares

      You’d better hope you get more games with that naff line up.

      Wow, “muh innovations!!!!” I’d rather they did what Nintendo and Sony did and ditch that waggle crap, but oh well. All the rest of your whining are minor at best and conspiratorial at worst. Still, I suppose you need to justify putting down $500 on a piece of crap like the Xbone – no games, no frames and no hope.

      • TimothyStone

        I play games. I don’t play politics. I will be enjoying Titanfall, D4 (yeah, an awesome hard core game that features Kinect), Project Spark which I can make my own games and share), Kinect Sports Rivals which people really loved at gamescom and it got a lot of positive remarks along with Fantasia.

        In that time that those are out you will have played Infamous. So yeah, look at all of those “games” on a “games machine”.

        The PS4 is far overrated and the hardware is garbage and the games are hard to find unless you paid $400 for indie games you can play for free on a PC.

        I am not buying the PS4. The games are not there and neither is the hardware.

        I own Sony hardware and I love their headphones, but they went cheap with the PS4 and it’s a hardware disaster. I honestly have nothing against them.

        I just see a lot of people talking up the PS4, but they are not living in reality, it’s a faux reality.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Oh look, another sh*t eater with no discernment who covers up his bad decisions with “bu bu but I’m a gamer!!!” If everyone had your mentality we’d have more Ryses, more Ride to Hell: Retributions, even more Kinect sh*t, more Ouyas and more N-Gages. You’re a malignancy.

          The PS4’s hardware destroys the Xbone is just about everywhere and as for games: more and better. Deal with it. :)

          • TimothyStone

            Bad decisions? What bad decisions?

            Price can do wonders. It doesn’t mean the product is good sweetheart.

            Some of us can SAVE money and buy what they want, others buy a PS4 because they can’t either save up the money or they listen to some ignorant person who doesn’t know any better.

            I am willing to bet that in 2-3 years a lot of those PS4 consoles will be breaking down.. Sony didn’t have any money so you get a GPU and GDDR5 and that is about it.

            I can add a video card to my PC that is WAY better than a PS4 easily and it’s QUALITY too and I KNOW IT’s NOT GOING TO BREAK down soon.

            Terrible. Enjoy your boredom over the next six months. I will be enjoying quality GAMES.

            NOTE: None of this is trolling.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Sounds like an extremely convoluted way of justifying your own purchase, to be honest.

            What’s out on the Xbone before September after Titanflop anyway?

          • TimothyStone

            So, I take it you don’t like AAA quality games? I mean there are very few first party coming out for PS4.

            Again, I play VIDEO GAMES.

            As of E3 2013 we knew about the games below. As of January 2014 there was confirmation on these titles before or at September 2014

            1) Forza Horizons

            2) Project Spark (Free-2-play and includes full motion capture for gaming)

            3) Sunset Overdrive

            4) Titanfall (March 2014)

            5) D4 : Dark Dreams Don’t Die

            6) Fantasia : Music Evolved

            7) Kinect Sports Rivals (April-May 2014)

            8) Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare


            For the PS4, as of right now we can confirm only 3 (yeah THREE titles) that are exclusives before September 2014…

            1) Infamous Second Son
            2) Drive Club
            3) MLB The Show

          • You are flat out wrong

            PS4 exclusives worth getting: Infamous, Drive Club, MLB The Show, The Order. Xbone exclusives worth getting: Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive (maybe, Insomniac have been losing their touch lately), Halo 5. Everything else there is multiplatform or Kinect garbage not worth the money. KSR and PvZ? Really?

            Like I said, show some discernment rather than screaming BUT I PLAY VIDEO GAMES like a pleb who enjoys being rinsed.

          • TimothyStone

            The order is coming out later this year after September.

            So, that is only three games.

            You put down Kinect a lot but the new Kinect is pretty high fidelity and it’s still the early days yet.

            I would rather play Kinect Sports Rivals than play Killzone or Knack. Killzone is nice to look at but boring and graphics before game play. Knack is a horrible game that nobody likes.

            Here is the deal. KSR is very fun and you can lose weight having fun and playing with family.

            Also, Ryse sold very well and will be getting a sequel. It was rated a poor game and it’s reached cult status because a lot of people played it and liked it. Sure, it has it’s flaws but people still enjoy it and it got a better score than Knack.

            Multiplatform does not mean PS4. So then you still can’t play it. The 360 versions are not going to be superior in any way, shape or form.

            It seems like to me that you are trying to hide the lack of games on the PS4 to try to stretch the truth a little.

            I am sure Sony will have a good E3, but so will Microsoft and Microsoft has shown they are into getting exclusive AAA high quality games and not indie filler.

            I have no problem with indie games except when they are used as a desperate attempt at trying to hide a very lackluster line up of AAA games. It’s marketing dude and you have fallen for it.

            The PS4 is cheaper plus it has a lot of politics and marketing. It’s all bullshit and you have fallen for it.

            It’s cheaper for a reason, the build quality is abysmal at best. I wouldn’t buy a PS4.

            NOTE: I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH SONY. I AM A FAN OF THEIR HEADPHONES AND CAMERAS. I LIKE THEM. However, even I can see a turd when I see it.

            The fact is that SONY has been doing poorly financially and they had to cut corners and cut some exclusive games. They have had their credit rated at junk status and they have had to sell their PC and offload their TV business.

            That is why they cut corners on the PS4. It’s obvious. I work in I.T. and I know what I am talking about.

            Also, you said the Xbox One has no games and yet you list them out. That is ONLY what we know thus far for 2014. We have to wait later this year as more might be coming…

          • You are flat out wrong

            Since when the hell does after September not count? Is this another example of Xbot goalpost moving?

            Kinect is total garbage no matter how much the Xbots apologise for it. By the way, new research puts that whatever exercise you do with this motion crap is basically worthless, so there you do.

            Ryse did pretty meh considering it spend five years in development, at best the only reason people got it was because the Xbone has nothing else. It got slaughtered worse in reviews than Knack did, but at least Knack had gameplay, nor did Sony attempt to plug it as the next big transmedia next-gen IP.

            Multiplatform does mean 360 and PC. Which means I can play them without touching the cancerous Xbone. Sounds good to me.

            “Exclusive AAA high quality games.” What, like Lococycle? Ryse? Fighter Within? Please. They couldn’t even secure total exclusivity of Titanflop on the Bone. If the PS4’s line up is “lackluster” then I’d hate to think of the Xbone’s considering I’ve demonstrated that the PS4 has a better line up, even without the indies.

            You work in IT and, I don’t know, hardware engineering. Great. I’m sure fixing your company’s WiFi makes you an expert on the PS4’s cooling mechanism.

            PS4 >>>>> HIV >>>>> Xbone, it’s a simple fact. :)

          • TimothyStone

            I am not moving anything. I provided facts. You provided exaggeration and outright lies.

            Kinect is not garbage. People have reported that both Kinect Sports Rivals and Fantasia are awesome and the people that played D4 that it was very fun.

            I guess you not only do not like games but you don’t like FUN either.

            Sure, there are terrible games like the fighter within and Lococycle (in fact you will see that I did not even mention them at all).

            Ryse is actually decent and it sold well about 500k Units. That is good when there are four launch titles people want to play. So, that should mean that there will be a sequel.

            The PS4 is hype with very little substance. It’s obvious as many people are regretting their choice of their console already.

            If you want good games you might as well stay with a PS3 instead of buying a PS4. See you have to pay for online on the PS4 and if you already have a PS3 you don’t.

            The PSN network is horrible and there is no way in hell that I would pay for a service like that when it’s not even close to being secure and you have to keep changing your password over and over again and it goes down when there is a big event going on.

            I would stay far away from that mess.

            The PS4 has this tiny little fan and small fans can break easily and that means that the PS4 can overheat easily.

            Here is a pro-tip for you. Design the console with a bigger fan. It moves the same amount of air and can last longer and isn’t nearly as loud. The heat sink is basic on the PS4 and needs to be designed with higher quality as well as far as adding in more pipes and using better material. Also design the console with more space so the heat doesn’t get trapped inside and can be pulled out when rising a lot easier.

            Also take the power supply out of the console so that it doesn’t generate heat inside of the console. Who cares about the power brick. You are going to put a console in your entertainment center and put the brick behind it or hide it and never deal with it again. It’s not like the PS4 was built for mobility in mind.

            Sony basically put an CPU/APU + GDDR5 and used the cheapest possible parts they could buy and it shows.

            I wish we had a modern 21st century Sony the way they focused on the “Walkman”, but this time focus on today’s world and technology with yesterday’s build quality.

            Stupidity >>>>>>> You >>>>>>>>> PS4’s build quality

          • You are flat out wrong

            Kinect has been straight garbage since release. It is a thing that no one wants and yet Microsoft insists on forcing people. Sort of like their terrible Metro OS.

            FYI the PS4 and Xbone produce about the same amount of heat. So much for that superior Xbone cooling solution I kept hearing about i.e. put underpowered laptop parts in a massive shell.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            These guys are never going to get it bro.. I’m just glad Xbots don’t run congress because if they did, we would all be living in a world without free thinkers.

        • Not A PC Gamer

          You say you play games and not politics… Normally I would want to buy someone a beer and pat them on their back for that because it shows you are about the games and not the box we play them on.

          However…. with all the evidence we can now use against MS for what they tried to pull on us as gamers, this generation isn’t about the games.. It’s about standing up and taking notice and seeing what is right in front of your face. I have no idea why so many of you have so easily forgotton what they did and are still doing.

          • TimothyStone

            Tried to pull on you as a gamer?

            LOL. Do you know what you are talking about?

            The entire DRM thing was so that Disks and Digital downloads would have the same abilities.

            See, Microsoft wanted to take both disks and digital downloads and allow you to do the same things with each of them.

            For example… You could not put a disk in the console and still play the game and do so with your voice. You could switch to one game to another without sticking a disk in the drive.

            For example…. You could allow family to play the same game even if they didn’t own it.

            My wife is here so I can’t post much more, but here is the deal that you don’t seem to understand.

            You think of it as Microsoft was trying to screw gamers over and that is your own political view. It wasn’t like that at all.

            Someone is always playing the “Mental midget” and doesn’t understand how technology works.

            Sorry to be harsh, but your political crap is garbage. It’s not based in reality.

            It’s not about limitations, it’s about solving the “disk” problem and making things far more convenient for people.

            The PS4 and XBO do not play off the disks anymore. This generation is all about digital and that is what “Steam” is on the PC as well.

            The fact that you don’t understand that is just pathetic and sad.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I find it hillarious that you think that that’s all they were trying to do. I’m a collector and enjoy owning the products I buy so digital doesn’t work for me unless it’s the only option. MS has pulled the wool over your eyes and the fanboys have gone crazy with these so called and over-exagurated perks like the Game sharing. All that was nothing more than a ploy from MS to somehow make the mindless drones believe that there was somehow a pro to all the cons of their Draconian DRM.

            While I appreciate your maturity and not name calling (I’m guilty of this all the time but always respect the ones like you who at least don’t start name calling) I couldn’t disagree more. They tried to denounce my ownership of disk based games while treating their consumers like criminals by making our gaming dependent on an internet connection.

            It doesn’t matter that these policies were reversed or not, the damage has already been done because MS showed their true colors and I’m glad they did because they made my decision completely easy despite wanting to play DR3.

            The fact that you don’t understand any of this and are so inept and incapable of reading in between the lines is what is really pathetic and sad here.

            Everything you mentioned above wasn’t anything new to me and doesn’t help you with your argument either. If you buy the disks, you own the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s installed or not, we own a tangible product and that’s exactly my point.

            As you said, sorry to be harsh but you don’t get it at all.

        • Not A PC Gamer

          I just read this..

          I’m at a loss for words right here and think I just lost a lot of respect for you.

      • Marius

        More games, enough frames, no hope needed.
        To ur list, Multiplat… yeah, but console exclusive / Microsoft exclusive.

        just sayin as owner of both consoles..

        • You are flat out wrong

          Oh look, another Xbot pretending to own both consoles or play on the PC. Either that or you’re another enabler and just as guilty as being the cancer killing vidya as every other Xdrone.

          P.S. Ryse sucked ass, deal with it.

        • Not A PC Gamer

          Marius if you own both consoles what does Tombraider say about the Xbox One? Or are you going to blame that on the two seperate development teams?

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    You guys ever notice that Phil Spencer has really shinny lips all the time, like he has on lip gloss or chapstick or something, would makes sense though, as a Microsoft employee I’m sure he has to kiss a ton of ass. Just keep trying to get games Phil, aka captain shinny lips, maybe you guys will catch up to Sony some day.

    • Vious

      I would think that you’re a girl…because if you’re a dude watching another man’s lips like that…….then damn, I don’t think this is the place to come out of the closet though.

  • Leo Garcia

    the game is ps4 console exclu so keep dreaming xcocks fans