Sony “Shares” New Load of Screenshots of PS4 Versions of Unreleased Games Directly from PS4 Units

The  Try! PlayStation 4 event at Sony Computer Entertainment’s main HQ in Ginza, Tokyo isn’t stopping for the weekend and today the publisher “shared” another sizable batch of screenshots directly from the demo units, including many from games that we still didn’t get in the west.

In the gallery below you can see screenshots from the PS4 versions of Strider, Octodad: Dadliest CatchDream C Club: Host Girls on Stage, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends and Tottemo E Mahjong Plus. Apparently today Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage was especially popular between the attendees.

We also get a small gem, an unreleased wide version of the key art of Yakuza Ishin, that probably serves as a splash screen for the demo. I have a feeling that Sega blocked everything else from the sharing feature, because the game is available at the event, but no other pictures have been shared.

Unfortunately the resolution of the screenshots is lower they are compressed due to the way they are shared, but they’re still a nice glimpse on things to come.

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  • mad games

    I don’t like those games and I can’t understand what is the benefit come from ,it just small game and inde title is not interested at all,my opinion

    • Bankai

      Octodad and Tottemo E Mahjong are the only indie and small titles there. And if you must know, indie titles are beneficial in that they offer cheap, engaging fun.

      • mad games

        Your opinion and I respect that.

  • Tifa Lockhart

    I know that, to 95% of gamers and game journalists out there, Dynasty Warriors series is garbage. They said that this game is mindless one button smashing game. But to me, and probably the 1 million of other gamers around the world who regularly purchased this game every time they come out, this game is an art. The art of character design and the art of character fighting move. It’s superb! I don’t know why gaming journalists always claim that video games, in general, is not just about gameplay, but game is art. They claimed this to the non-gamer community, but they turn back and criticize Dynasty Warriors series for a mindless gameplay which to me is very good. Of course, people opinion is
    different. But if you don’t like a game because you’re a shooter fan, don’t
    trash it. I don’t think Halo and those big shooters are that good like everyone
    said except for the Last of Us which is the only shooter I’ve played and love.

    • Marquis Regalia

      It wouldn’t reach this # of iterations if its bad and people don’t like “1 button mashing”. I love DW and SW, just running around mindlessly slaughtering idiotic AI’s. It’s a good stress reliever 😀

  • PatcherStation

    Dynasty Warriors is one of the worst franchises of all time. I was a bit shocked at the Zelda spin-off. Desperate times down at Nintendo HQ. Next, it’ll be Mario FIFA.

    • Jack

      its one of the best you idiot. It constantly being sold on a profit and its based on some of the best history and romance.

  • Cahone2

    uh, Dynasty Warriors sucks and gets ported everywhere. I don’t see anything else good there. I’m waiting for some single player games, hopefully some classic single player rpgs, not these fps rpg craps with dlc all over the place.

  • Guest

    LOL, MEH, but that’s Sony!