The Order: 1886 Weapons Under Construction by Prop Maker; Blueprints Shared

The hype for The Order: 1886 is definitely high, and it’s involving replica weapons builders like LandStalker Props, that has started the planning phase of some of the weapons and equipment from the game, including the fragmentation grenade, the combo gun, the arc gun and the communicator.

To give us a glimpse on things to come, the blueprints for the builds of the grenade and the combo gun have been shared, and you can compare them below with the original artwork by Ready at Dawn.

If you’re curious on the quality we can expect from LandStalker Props, I also included a pic of his Edward Kenway’s flintlock pistol from Assassin’s Creed IV.

Can’t say I’m not eager to see the result of his work onΒ The Order‘s weapons.

TheOrder1886 (2)

TheOrder1886 (4)

TheOrder1886 (1)

TheOrder1886 (3)


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  • Obambush

    Shame it won’t have MP

    • delsin row

      😐 bioshock infinite hasn”t any multiplayer.we saw how the respesonse was good.keep your troll for yourself

    • You are flat out wrong

      No one cares about your online whackamole, Xbox loser.

      • Vious

        interesting…..I don’t see Microsoft selling off it’s assets to stay afloat. I thought sony was the one doing that….so this begs the question: how is it that this picture makes sense to you?

        • You are flat out wrong

          I do see Xbox making up a meagre 1.5% of MS’ profits inside the hardware division’s total of 3% and based Stephen Elop now in control of the hardware division. I see the Xbone being a joke and Xbones rotting on store shelves everywhere, unwanted.

          Only a matter of time before they sell that off so they can focus on the important parts of the company.

          • Steven Solidarios

            HA! So true.

      • Steven Solidarios
      • r34p3r

        Ironically, only Kaz looks the most natural in that photograph, which is pretty fitting…

    • Preston queener

      Lol who cares. Not every game needs a mp for example skyrim was only sp infamous 1&2 and also second son. So just quit your trolling.

      • Sunnycyde

        And we ps4 owners are also disappointed that Second Son is single player only.

        • nextgengeff

          This ps4 owner isn,t so don’t speak for all of us..

        • bigshynepo

          Why did you expect Infamous:SS to have multiplayer when the previous versions didn’t? :/

    • You are flat out wrong

      Cute new Twitter moniker, by the way. Unfortunately the only thing you destroy is rent boy’s a*sholes.

  • delsin row

    what is prop maker?i dont understand!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Someone that makes props. IE: not functioning real life replicas of the weapons.

  • Venge Drac

    I don’t get people. It’s like ever since The Order isn’t getting a MP. It makes it not so great. Not every game created needs a MP. I’m glad it don’t have a MP. There is enough games with them. But it would be great to have a Co-Op. That is all it would need.

    • You are flat out wrong

      The only people saying that are jealous Xbots looking for something to rag about. 1920×800 with 4xMSAA didn’t work so they’re resorting to griping about no MP.

      • Sunnycyde

        To really, a ton of us ps4 owners are mad there is no multi or co-op, it’s juvenile to say only “Xbots” are saying it. I’m disappointed as are most that it’s single player only. Only defensive fanboys stick up for a game being single player only when just weeks ago we were all cheering at how we thought there was co-op, not it’s confirmed otherwise and we are supposed to be happy? Yeah right.

        • datdude

          Let me put it this way….most of the best games of the ps3/360 generation were single player only/primarily games. Most of the best games of all time are single player only games. Let me put it another way….as a gamer who loves a great story, I’m far more interested in a game like The Order:1886 and it’s single player only focus, than a game like Titanfall with it’s multiplayer only focus. I can think of plenty of games that have been stellar sticking with the great story and riveting gameplay of single player only, such as Bioshock, MGS, Mass Effect, and God of War to name just a few. I can’t think of any multiplayer only game on consoles that can match the pedigree or quality of those titles. Case closed.

          • shinitaru

            IDK, I really liked Unreal Tournament back in the day, Team Fortress and Tribes were pretty fun too but you’re right, the ones that stick in my memory are the single player focused games and even if I do feel like some TDM action, I wont want to play one on a console

        • AdachiTohru

          You cant call yourself gamer if you dont know how to enjoy games without MP

      • Vious
        • You are flat out wrong


          I’ll take black bars over 720p Source engine ass textures Titanflop.

          • Vious

            Didn’t know titanfall was 720p…still that would only be 80p away from the order.
            I remember how you guys were with ryse being 900p @30fps, now look what comes back to bite you guys in the ass?
            Ryse was a launch game….. But the order is not, it doesn’t even fall in the launch window category. So why will it be lower rez than launch titles and is 30fps?
            You guys hypocrisy are blowing up in your faces.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Oh look, another Xbot who doesn’t get it.

            Everyone knows Wryte-Off: Son of Bitch was 900p because the Xbone is an underpowered turd. That’s just a fact. The Order is 1920×800 with hardware-intensive 4xMSAA still running more pixels than Wryte-Off. Fact is, if The Order was on the Bone, it would struggle to hit 10fps.

            Just the facts, madam. πŸ™‚

          • Callum Collins

            Well you just don’t understand resolution, 720p is only 1280 x 720 (921600 pixels)
            900p is 1600×900(1440000 pixels), order is 1920×800(1536000)
            The order is still running at a higher resolution than Ryse with 4xmsaa which is much harder to maintain than 1080p with no AA. The choice for the resolution is a cinematic choice not a lack of power.

          • AdachiTohru

            You guy ignoreance is blowing up in your face πŸ™‚

          • Michael Norris

            Hahahaha you don’t know anything about resolution and pixels…

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      well look at Bioshock, great franchise, zero multiplayer what so ever; other great single player games, Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Walking Dead, Dead Space 1, Amnesia, Penumbra, Outlast, and there’s many many many more, honestly I didn’t even know people were actually upset about the no MP thing….that’s absolutely ridiculous if they are….

      • Sunnycyde

        It’s ridiculous to tell us not to be upset that The Order doesn’t have multi or co-op….some people, like me, want it and are upset it’s not included, period. Fanboys getting all mad and defensive isn’t going to change our minds…

        • shinitaru

          and you getting all mad and defensive isn’t going to change Ready At Dawn’s mind. You don’t like it? Don’t buy it…vote with your wallet, I know I will.

      • Venge Drac

        Lately when ever a game comes out.. There is always someone mad cause there isn’t a MP feature. I am a firm believer in not every game needs a MP.

    • Bankai

      People know it’s going to be a great game, but the lack of multiplayer means that they can’t compete against their friends. Sure they still have other shooters, fighters and racers, but a lot of people were looking forward to testing their skills against the world in The Order.

      • datdude

        You are the first person I’ve seen who makes a cogent point regarding the lack of multiplayer and how it presents a legitimate disappointment. Personally, I’d rather Ready at Dawn focus on delivering a fantastic single player storyline for their first foray into AAA game development, but I can understand why some folks are disappointed at the lack of multiplayer, particularly co-op as this game seems perfect for that. This game is a day one buy for me, gameplay unseen, simply because I love the atmosphere and the setting, and expect it to live up to expectations I have for it. I play games primarily for single player, rarely touching the multiplayer component. It bores me pretty quickly, running around aimlessly simply trying to shoot/stab/explode/evade others online. I need a story to move the gameplay along, to give me a sense of progress. I get absolutely no enjoyment spending hours on end running around online trying to level/rank up to get some perk/attachment that should have been made available from the beginning. I’ll pass on that, thanks. Give me the story and get out of my way.

    • Sunnycyde

      Co-op is a form of multiplayer and that’s what most of us wanted especially after seeing pics that hinted at it.

      • Georges

        What hint? There wasnt any mention or hint about mutiplayer or co op as they just kept saying its a story driven single player action game. Its going to be a great game and I dont mind the format either, I guess people will moan about it when they are told even if it was obvious from the E3 trailer a while ago.

  • Preston queener

    Im really looking forward to playing this game whenever it comes out. It has a very interesting story from what I seen and read so far.

  • Bankai

    I’m still upset over the lack of multiplayer, but I still love any news related to The Order. These replicas look spot-on so far, I’d love to see the finished product.

    • Sunnycyde


  • HeczTehFinezt

    Just reading the part where RAD confirmed has no MP made me even more excited for this game. I wouldnt mind co-op, judging from the trailer where there are 4 characters, I thought it would include co-op but regardless, Im glad The Order 1886 didnt include mp. Not every game needs mp. If PS fans feel upset that infamous and/or The Order wont have mp, you can still socialize through CoD πŸ˜›

  • Vious

    I’m a bit surprised to how many people are “glad”/”happy” that the game doesn’t feature any sort of multiplayer mode. i’m not ragging on anyone i’m just genuinely surprised.
    this game makes 2 exclusives with no sort of multiplayer. the campaign must be more than 20+ hours to be worth $60+tax if it’s not going to have mp mode.

    • Diablo_Jambe11

      Never understood this argument considering some people pay 30+ dollars for a movie that might last a little over an hour. If a game lasts 10 to 15 hours with a great story and gameplay I’ll buy it.

      • Vious

        That’s some people. The question is, do u pay 30+ dollars for a movie?
        I don’t go to the theater unless the girlfriend wants to go, I don’t buy movies either.
        I don’t spend $30 on a movie. Do you? If no then why try using that as a reason or excuse?
        Well, everyone has their own preferences so buy whatever works for you.

    • Muffin Hands

      I’d rather have no multiplayer than a tacked on shitty multiplayer like Assassins Creed.

      • Vious

        And why would it be tacked on? You’re argument isn’t making much sense. You’re comparing a game that took years to make to one that was built in only 1 year…… Do you see the difference in that?
        I’m guessing co-op would be a tacked on feature too, right?

        Along with flipping your argument people can say they rather a great multi-player than a tacked on shitty campaign mode in titanfall…..

        • harumph

          Which game do you think was made in only one year?

          Black Flag was in development for 2+ years. Just because they come out once a year doesn’t mean they only take a year to make. Ubi has said they have three separate AC teams all working on different games at the same time.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Not every game needs to have a MP mode, you need MP so bad go play Titanfall, that’s all you get.

  • Arnold Stallone

    What’s the point of having a pseudo single player campaign that lasts 4 hours? Being able to call it a full game, and ask full cash for it.
    A full game is a full nice and long single player campaign, and once it’s finished, if there is a multiplayer component, it’s a nice bonus, for those who enjoy playing online.

    So far, EA and Activision included an ultra short campaign,to ask full 60 bucks for it, because nobody would ever pay it for an online only game.

    But now, microsoft is trying another thing, after having noticed and being sure that actually tons of idiots are ready to pay for a forza5 like game, which had 70% of its content slashed, and pay tons of cash on micro transactions.

    Now, they will do another experience, to see if xbox gamers are really that idiots when it’s about paying more and more.
    So here comes online only game, ‘with’ a story(Lol,really Lol), sold at full more time lost making a great 10 h single player campaign. Online only. Not only people will spend full cash, but they will be buying all kind of premium passes, season passes, dlcs passes, etc etc.
    This is the next big great experimentation, that all the devs will be looking at. ‘So, titanfall sold without single player campaign, for 60 bucks? People were really that dumb?’
    OK, next cod, battlefield, and any other fps, it can then go online only, since it’s now an evidence that people will pay, pay and pay, for less and less.

    And devs and microsoft still dare saying titanfall has a story…. and of course, people swallow it, like everything that microsoft does. Yeah. Guys, run and pick titanfall.
    But in one year, don’t be surprised when Activision, or EA announce another bf/cod game, without single player campaign, for only… 60$.

    Bravo, xbox fans. Bravo.enjoy titanfall.the first from hundreds online-only fps/games, sold at full can be proud of you, seriously. the whole industry thank you, Lol πŸ™‚

    • Vious

      Forza 5 is a great game. I don’t think you’ve played it, also how did it reach 70%? First one guy said 30,anirher said 50 and now it’s all the way up to 70?
      Also, forza 5 has a career mode. Proof positive you haven’t played the game.

  • Fear Monkey

    Love that shotgun!

  • Patrick Anderson

    do you want a great single player game or a not so great single player game with a shoddy multiplayer extra which you have to pay extra for anyway?