Pre-Orders for PS Vita Slim with Borderlands 2 Now Available on Amazon

Sony made some big waves earlier this week with the announcement that its PS Vita “Slim” model (PCH-2000), which has been out in Japan since late last year, will be making its way over to the West sometime this spring, along with the added bonus (and great deal) of bundling it with the upcoming Vita port of Borderlands 2.

Luckily, those that want to take the early initiative on getting the bundle can now place pre-orders for it on Amazon, as currently it is the only online retailer taking pre-orders for the bundle, at the moment. Coming with a black Wi-Fi PS Vita Slim console, an 8GB Memory Stick, and a download voucher for Borderlands 2, the bundle will retail for $199.99.

In addition to pre-orders being open for the new PS Vita Slim bundle, the Amazon listing also happens to list a release date for the bundle as May 31st, 2014: whether this is just a placeholder date by Amazon or the actual release date of the bundle is unknown at this time, but stay tuned for more official confirmation from Sony or Amazon.

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  • Stranger On The Road

    Nice price for a nice package; hopefully this means that they can reduce the price later so that it could compete with the 3DS XL… price wise.

    • Ryan Meitzler

      It’s probably still going to be really difficult to pull off a price comparable with the 3DS/3DS XL given the probable production costs of the system.
      But, I think with bundles like this (great game + decent sized memory card + tons of DLC/extra content), they can at least make the purchase look more appealing and justifiable at what it is ($199 is a lot, but for all that? Not that bad).
      I just bought a Vita recently, but if I hadn’t, I’d TOTALLY be considering this bundle right now =)