Titanfall to Have “Insane” Texture Resolution on PC; Graphics Settings Detailed

Titanfall has been affected by quite the controversy about the low texture resolution of the Xbox One alpha version, that Respawn Entertainment defined as not final while insiders described as set in stone, but what about the PC version?

NeoGAF user jediyoshi posted a screencap from the graphics settings of the PC beta version (that you can see at the bottom of this post), that include an option for the user to choose the texture resolution he prefers, up to “insane.”

Here’s a lists of the video options available:

  • Brightness
  • Diaplay Mode
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Resolution
  • Color Mode
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • V-Sync
  • Field of View
  • Texture Resolution
  • Texture Filtering
  • Lighting Quality
  • Shadow Detail
  • Effects Detail
  • Model Detail
  • Impact marks
  • Ragdolls

The level of customization provided is definitely nice, and I’d say PC gamers don’t need to worry too much about texture resolution. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the beta matches against my rig.


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  • Flyte_79

    They should add an 8 bit retro look filter that makes everything all blocky and pixelated like might & magic X did.

    They could call it xbox one mode.

    • hakesterman_the_Fool

      It looks blocky and pixelated enough already, anyway, I thought every xbone game had a retro filter set to 720p, 30 fps.

      • Dylan Harris

        HAR because 720 is really blocky. I take it you grew up on the 360, you bratsl

        • James

          HAR technology is supposed to evolve, you idiot. Not stay the same.

          • Jesse Steen

            Well what were you expecting? Games that start on a consoles launch always have mediocre graphics, and games can’t look much than they already are

    • Sunnycyde

      Lol jealous much? 🙂 that is why u are on a titanfall article after all lol. Go on, try to deny it haha, the world will surely believe ya.

      • Prime157

        Is that really want xbox titanfall enthusiasts resort to? As if someone else can’t have different game interests. Enjoy your MOBA-FPS, I’ll have the option of buying it and enjoying it more on my pc like most gamers (pc is the largest demographic).

      • Flyte_79

        Jealous? Jealous of what? I’m all set to play titanfall on my screaming fast PC? Are YOU jealous? 🙂

        • I signed up for the Xbox One beta. =(

        • PCS4-Box U

          Did you get a Beta invite yet?? I have not and i signed up, but yea, why the hell would i play this on an XBO when I have ridiculously over-powered PC to rock this on… and I’ll probbaly use my PS4 controller just to spite the game.

  • delsin row

    who cares?we tired off fps games.cod,bf,killzone was just enough.i”ll pass.

    • Zohak Diaz


      • hakesterman_the_Fool

        Actually PS4 fans be like, xboners paid how much for this collectors edition of a multiplayer 6 on 6 only game? Pass me some of that M$ titanfail weed zohack, I can’t believe how stupid you are.

      • delsin row

        i like microsoft.they trick you with all this fps game.last gen you have just halo and gears of war.this gen you”re getting progress.you have gears of war-halo and titanfall 😆 enjoy of all this shooter game 😆

  • Sunnycyde

    On xbox one the alpha textures vs the new footage released today are way different, easily noticeable that the textures increased and supposedly, they still aren’t at 100%. The game looks amazing on the xbox one and it’s funny to hear ps4 fans say otherwise because they are jealous.

    That much is obvious by them coming to every titanfall video and article. Hell I’m jealous it isn’t on my ps4 but luckily I just bought an xbox one today, which is fantastic. It’s just so funny to watch ps4 fanboys act so childish and defiant all the while proving exactly what they are trying to deny, that they want the game lol. Gotta love fanboys and their “smarts.”

    • Flyte_79

      Oh I see why you think we’re all jealous.. So the ps4 is a fast, powerful machine that kicks every game you put in it’s ass.. You have a money hatted “exclusive” (that is also on PC.. Some exclusive..) And you think you’re winning somehow… The only reason they money hatted is because nobody other than a moron would choose to play it on xbox if it was multi plat, and you class that as “winning”.. Ok kid… Whatever you say… Sounds to me like you’re the one struggling to hide your jealousy…

    • aeris bueller

      yeah, you must be avoiding looking at screenshots of upcoming ps4 games if you think they’re jealous of titanfall.

    • PCS4-Box U

      I’m sorry but I have yet to see a game that looks “amazing” on XBO. Not a one and I’ve played 3 so far (DR3, Forza, COD). If you haven’t seen the thing in action, prepare for massive dissapointment when it comes to the graphics department.

  • Ysel1948

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  • You are flat out wrong

    PC version looking the best is hardly a shocker. Did people actually believe the whole “parity” thing?

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Some (ignorant, delusional) people still do. Misterxers are as crazy as ever, and there are plenty of imbeciles on neowin.


    • Zohak Diaz


      • hakesterman_the_Fool

        You really like the man on boy gifs lately zohack. Trying to tell us something?

      • You are flat out wrong


        • hakesterman_the_Fool

          It should say “Will you play this game”,
          “What’s a “game”, all I have is a Xbone and NFL”

      • aeris bueller

        except the part where sony has the most award winning first party studios churning out games of the year annually (without resorting to the same sequel each time), or the same third parties as xbone (with the exception of the two or three who were dumb enough to sign exclusive contracts with ms), or yes, the awesome indies who add spice and variety you xbots probably don’t even understand the value of. Poor xbox one fans. As this power gap widens with dev experience it’s going to be harder and harder to cope.

        • Zohak Diaz

          Show me the games

    • Psionicinversion

      The parity arguement is between X1 and PS4, never PC cus PC ownz it up. Nothing will touch the might, the power, the rage of a screaming fast PC. Titanfall alpha was obviously limited textures for quick download time seeing as a game out on PS1 probably looked better. The proper screenshots to look good but got a feeling its to repetitive.

      You sony guys may laugh but inFamous isnt getting the reviews it wants, sure it looks great but they feel is losing touch from the first 2 for a more generic feel, and is very similar to prototype in the movement. When i watched the video i immediately thought Prototype and ive only played the first one and didnt complete it cus i lost interest. Thats how generic it feels from first looks and doubt it changes much. The settings, gfx’s look crispy clean cant knock that. Obviously i have never played it and never will but when it reminds you of another games generic moves so much it loses that wow factor so yah.. have fun!

  • WellWisher

    I love having massive amounts of graphical options to play with 🙂

  • gamesepcs.com.br

    Its version pc ideal for joystick X360 perfect gameplay fullhd ultra combo.


    Yeah maybe a decent game on PC…….but other than that I couldn’t imagine playing only 6v6 on any game that is not an RTS….!

    Fail on the Xbox One for not being able to keep up with their OWN IP…… I don’t care what anyone says Microlo$t had to dumb down their own game for the PC just so they could barely speak of what a AAA title it is on the xbox one, so they can hopefully sell these poor excuses of a video game system.

    • aaltruista

      “I couldn’t imagine playing only 6v6” did you heard about e-sports? counter-strike? quake?


        Something of today’s generation of games would have been feasible to accept for a game as reference, but there aren’t any you have mentioned.

        Sorry, but today to release a closed world game that clearly could have been better by leaps and bounds if it wasn’t for the xbox one…..is just pathetic.

        It is clear that this IP was hindered on the PC because of the one. And if it comes to any other consoles in the future it’ll have to be just like its predecessors, hindered.

        Lying about why you did certain things to your title seems to be Microlo$ts way of dealing with their mistakes.

    • Zenmn

      Microsoft doesn’t own the Developers or the Titanfall IP.