Hideo Kojima Expresses Undying Love for His PlayStation Consoles: Gun Metal PS3 “Forever Best”

Legendary Metal Gear Solid Developer Hideo Kojima loves the PlayStation consoles he contributed to create, and today he shared pictures of them, expressing his love for his favorites. Do you want to know what he said of each? Read on…

The special feature pages in Famitsu this week. I asked alot of favor in design and became a masterpiece. Loved them.

KojimaPS (1)

 And this time, the difficulty level of making it happen got much harder. Loved it.

KojimaPS (3)

But this one is the best of the best, forever best.

KojimaPS (2)

Looks like there was also room for a couple Nintendo handhelds as well on Kojima-san’s memory lane…

I couldn’t resist lining up the hand-helds we made in the past.

KojimaPS (4)

…but the spotlight immediately went back on the PSPs:

Very precised, very beautiful.

KojimaPS (5)

It’s hard not to understand why the Gun Metal PS3 that was bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 is Kojima-san’s all-time favorite. I have one as well, and it still figures between my most prized gaming possessions. Now, if only we could get a Gun Metal PS4, I’m quite sure that it would make a lot of gamers happy. I know I’d buy one in a heartbeat.


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  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder why they stopped making console and handheld themes of games?

    i actually think this is a smart way to sell your game and console.

    Konami should make a deal with Sony for MGSV Phantom Pain in the future!!

    btw Dualshockers looks like IGN has been reading alot of sources in the site ^^


    i’m glad Dualshockers is getting tons of exposure!!

    • Boerewors

      Lol, awesome! DS is a site worth mentioning: always up to date around the clock, because of some clever hiring of Giuseppe in a different time zone 😉
      I’ve been recommending DS alot lately, to Europeans and South Africans who can’t get enough of the good stuff. For anything game related, keep it locked here on Dualshockers 😉

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    DAMN! If only I’d gotten MGS4 at launch, I would’ve bought that bundle in a heartbeat-even if just for that game! I have the Legacy Collection otherwise so no big deal-now for TPP I need a special edition PS4 bundle and I’ll be set-one that possibly includes GZ with it for those who didn’t pick it up initially.