Hideo Kojima Talks PS4: “Can Render 1080p at 60fps with Room to Spare;” it’s the “Closest to Photorealism”

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today another interview of the “conversations with creators” series, starring legendary Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima. The interview focused on the PS4 and on the game itself, and the full text was published by Famitsu.

Here are a the most relevant new points made by Kojima-san during the interview:

  • You can play each mission a number of different times, since there are a variety of routes and possibilities available. It’s comparable to NES games of the old days in terms of replayability and longevity.
  • Thanks to the PS4’s memory it’s possible to load the map in the background without the loading times that were necessary for instance in the first Metal Gear Solid when you moved from room to room. This creates a challenging “game of hide-and-seek.” Kojima-san wanted to develop the first Metal Gear like this on MSX2, but couldn’t because of hardware limitations.
  • The voice from the iDROID is played from the built-in speaker of the DualShock 4.
  • The game looks even more beautiful on the screen of the PS Vita via Remote play.
  • Kojima-san’s aim with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was to create a photorealistic game, that looked like an actual picture.
  • He actually didn’t try to convey the sensation of what you see the naked eye, but he attempted to imitate something seen through the lenses of a camera, especially thanks to the real-time lighting techniques used.
  • The game is displayed almost completely within a single camera shot from the opening to the ending, following the “one world” philosophy. Gameplay transitions into cutscenes dynamically and without cuts. This is very easy to explain, but it was very hard to achieve in practice.
  • Kojima thinks that while everyone says that it was difficult to develop with PS1, PS2 and PS3, he actially liked that, as he liked the challenge. Now the times have changed and multi-device, multi-platform, multi generation development has become commonplace. It’s easy to port to PS4 from a PC environment, and that allows for the release of a wide variety of titles, though he wants to make games different from what others developers create. That said, He loves the PS3 and it has a special place in his heart.
  • Kojima-san feels that the biggest challenge for the future is to create games with high degrees of freedom, but still being able to tell a compelling story, and that’s what Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are all about.
  • Originally he felt that Metal Gear Solid V was best enjoyed as a full package, but he heard calls from people that wanted to play it earlier, and also wanted to help celebrate the opening of the new generation of hardware, and that’s why Ground Zeroes is being released by itself.
  • Most importantly, he wants to convey the idea that “the future of gaming is fun.” There was a time in which games where enjoyed together with friends, but he doesn’t see that anymore now. Thanks to the PS4 and its social features, he feels that it’s possible to return to that kind of fun.

Kojima-san also had very specific words of praise for the PS4.

I think, between the home consoles available in the domestic market, the PS4 is the best. It’s also excellent for graphics, being able to render 1080p at 60fps with room to spare. Since it does it a little better than other hardware, the image quality of the PS4 is the most beautiful. It’s the closest to the photorealistic quality we are aiming at.

It’s interesting to see how Kojima-san tried very hard to keep a semblance of diplomacy by saying “between the home consoles available in the domestic market.”

Below you can see the video interview in its entirety, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment itself.

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  • megablast16

    Mmmm…Hideo Kojima praises PS4 in a SCE video, not very objective is it?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not like it’s the first time he praises PS4.

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        if he like the ps4 so much that let him make mgs5 exclusive to sony system

        • ALKi1234

          he’ll make a PS exclusive eventually.

        • delsin row

          no he wants money for sure.money destroy everything,even the good thing,i”m sure Xbon guys dont know what the metal gear is.just wait and see how much the game will sell on Xbon.

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            What money? PS4. 4.2 M. More powerful. Less cost. More countries. Worldwide. XBO. 3 M barely and geared only towards NA.

            See what happened was that he and ironically most Western publishers bet against PlayStation due to the perception (not the reality) of Xbox 360 and lost.

            If everything was about money, then the 100 M Wii would have had that 3rd party support. Its politics.

            Whenever I hear dudes say “money” they really only talking about THEIR own money. Learn to spend that money more wisely by doing real research and buying the better system. PS4.

          • delsin row

            dude are you ok?i have ps4.i hate xbon.are you awake? my point is kojima shouldnt bring mgs on xbox platform.you understood my comment wrong

          • hesoyamdonMonster

            HAHA love the comment !! 😉

    • TristanPR77

      So he need to say it in an interview with Microsoft for the point to be valid? That’s crazy. Deal with reality and stop making excuses.

      • megablast16

        Stop making excuses for who or what??

    • datdude

      megablast16….just another gamer who has a hard time accepting reality. The ps4 is the more powerful gaming machine. That is no longer in dispute. Developer after developer has said as much, and the games are available so folks are now witnessing it for themselves. Stop making excuses for the xbone. It is what it is. Sony chose to focus on providing powerful hardware for gaming, Microsoft wanted to be the all in one entertainment console. The two companies took different approaches, and as gamers we have to choose which approach we prefer. Personally, I want my gaming console to excel at gaming. I have a great a/v system and smart tv that gives me better flexibility than what the xbone offers, so there is little appeal from the xbone for me. I prefer Sony’s first party devs, and having owned a 360 and ps3 and having had the opportunity to play both, Sony’s first party games are superior in my opinion. It’s not really even close. I will at some point probably buy an xbone, but not anytime soon, and not at 500 dollars. And that is more on principle than anything else. I just can’t support the direction Microsoft has taken with the console. They nickel and dime their customers at every single opportunity, overcharging for absolutely everything. Overcharge and under deliver. No thanks. Drop the price, and bring some games Microsoft.

      • megablast16

        I know the PS4 is the more powerful games machine, that’s why I bought one instead of an Xbox One. Don’t jump to conclusions my friend, I was merely making the point that when somebody praises PS4 in a Sony video you shouldn’t take it as gospel.

        • datdude

          I did the same thing to you that you did to Kojima, and you can’t handle it. Show some discernment. If you’re going to slam Hideo for bias indiscriminately, expect to receive the same and don’t whine about it when your own b.s. comes back to bite you. All Hideo did was state his opinion, which is based in the reality of working with the nuts and bolts of game development on the system. Some people can’t handle the truth.

          • megablast16

            You’ve got a serious problem pal, as I said open your mind for gods sake and don’t take things so seriously. And I repeat why can’t I handle the truth, I’ve got a PS4!! Anyway I’m done here, bye.

          • datdude

            ????? Yes, you’re right. I’ve got a problem. Funny thing though…I’m not the one suggesting Kojima is shining on the ps4 because the comments are made on “a Sony video”, as you say. I read the comments and see a man speaking the truth as he sees it based on his experiences, which is rare for these guys in the days of political correctness and public relations speak. I applaud him for that. You cast aspersions on him for it, and suggest you think he’s praising the console simply because it’s a Sony video, and not because it’s simply the truth. I think maybe you better take a good long look in the mirror and realize where the true problem lies. It lies with the guy who assumes the man making the game, who has been in game development for decades, can’t offer his opinion on a system without you assuming it might be bias. I think maybe you’re the one whose mind isn’t open. You’re right about one thing..you’re done. You’ve been done.

          • megablast16

            Lighten up dude, you take silly things way too seriously. Maybe get out more perhaps?

          • datdude

            The guy can’t win the argument, so now it’s silly. Yet he’s still responding. There’s that mirror I told you to hold up again…take a good long look and repeat your statement to yourself. Case closed critter.

          • megablast16

            “Lighten up dude, you take silly things way too seriously. Maybe get out more perhaps?”. Yeah you’re right, still rings true, still feels good. Thanks dude, case closed indeed.

          • datdude

            Always easy to spot those of limited intellectual capacity. When they run out of things to say, they begin to repeat themselves, resembling a parrot, bird brain and all. I think I’ll start calling you feathers.

  • Matt

    OMG if you American then why tf do you care about jap games…

    • Goodgrief

      Are you retarded?

      • Matt

        are you?

        • Gariya

          You surely are.

    • Gariya

      Because Murrikkan games are generally boring and bland.

      • Bankai

        That’s extremely untrue, both American and Japanese games have different kinds of appeal, but neither are boring or bland.

    • BalramRules

      His profile pic makes it perfectly clear you’re he’s troll, why is he even getting responses, I don’t know.

      • Matt


    • Bankai

      Because Japanese games are fun.

    • Mikeherp Derp


    • Jessika S.

      so you only buy games made in America cause that would be a short list.

    • Richardo

      Ubisoft is from France. Then you better do your patriotic duty and not buy French Ubisoft games. No more Assassin’s Creed/Watchdogs/The Division for you.

  • SuperJamaican

    Zone of the Enders 3…hurry it up.

    • Virdin Barzey

      Serious. Unless he says ZOE 3, I really don’t care what else he has to say.

  • Mikeherp Derp

    Kojima not mincing words here.

    • Psionicinversion

      “closest to photorealism” to what?

  • Fear Monkey

    The PS4 is simply the better gaming console. Misterxmedia and his brainwashed followers are hoping beyond hope that all the mezmerising tech speak they spout will magically come true, but its just a fact that the Xbox One is the lesser powered console. As the console ages this is going to be more and more noticeable, its the way it is. The power of the cloud and all that arent going to save the Xbox One as far as power. That doesnt mean the Xbox One won’t be a success or even eventually outsell the PS4 someday, anything could happen, but not likely due to price.

    • Modified Soul

      theres no reason to believe that the gap between these two machines is going to get bigger or smaller, the 1st part of your comment rings true, the second part however sounds almost as dribblish as the misterx followers, they have their rant and equally the likes of you have yours

  • Nicholas Perry

    Closest to Photorealism?

    Dithering and object pop-in exist in real life? Aliasing exists in real life? Wow I didn’t know~/sarcasm Real camera lenses don’t have low resolution focus (EG. IN night scenes with DoF in this game, images out of focus around in focus elements bleed like a real lense wouldn’t) either. Real life shadows aren’t low resolution and flicker too…

    *However* They aren’t that distracting and are definitely overlookable though I wish there was a PC version where we could change these things to get the most perfect looking version. Closest to his “vision” of “Photorealism”. Look at MGS4, that game has a lot of issues visually. Low resolution shadows, a lot of low quality textures due to RAM limitations, aliasing issues, low resolution among other things. But the first time I played the game, I swore it was like playing a CG movie. I’m sure this will end up no different, in it’s own way.

    (All I really want is to be able to play the game with better anti aliasing. Something obviously not possible on consoles.)

    And I truly hope you deliver on that 60FPS stable. Because the original trailer shown at 60FPS was full of lots of framerate drops.

    “The game looks even more beautiful on the screen of the PS Vita via Remote play.”

    Sure if you think tons of video compression artifacts look “good”

    ” It’s easy to port to PS4 from a PC environment, and that allows for the
    release of a wide variety of titles, though he wants to make games
    different from what others developers create.”

    ORLY? You are developing the game on Windows PC but yet no PC version?

    “Kojima-san feels that the biggest challenge for the future is to create
    games with high degrees of freedom, but still being able to tell a
    compelling story, and that’s what Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are all about.”

    I can’t entirely agree with this. It’s nigh impossible. You can have one or the other most of the time. Not both. Peace Walker tried this with it’s large amount of non-linearness. But it broke the pacing of the story to do anything but the story. And not only that it took me personally completely out of the immersion. Especially how contrived getting 100% of the story was.

    Older games with lots of extra content managed fine because it wasn’t tied to the story. And it was purely optional. (And with there being more Audio tapes in this one like Peace Walker i’m sure i’ll be face palming through all the dumb stuff I have to do just to get the story content that will no doubt take me out of the immersion of the story)

    I can really only think of maybe 3 non-linear games that have been able to keep me immersed in the story without breaking it.

    FFX-2, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

  • Steven Solidarios

    “…other hardware.” lol

  • PrinceHeir

    nice interview!

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  • ocelot boss

    Ps4 is the best .pt is ps4 exclusive and it’s photo realistic

  • Ian Williams

    More bs. 12 months later and we have dx12 about to drop. Lmfao