Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 Version “Definitely Prettier,” Xbox One “Fine;” More Info Surfaces

Konami and Kojima Productions are holding a Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes boot camp in Nasu, a lovely hot springs town in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture, and more impressions are filtering from attendees via Twitter.

@DouglasNerd got a chance to compare the PS4 version to the Xbox one Version, and gave more information on the audio clips that are part of the story, he also added a not exactly positive opinion on the iDroid Snake carries around:

Get Ground Zeroes on PS4, not XB1. Way better visuals, frame rate, everything… I believe @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN said so himself.

Man, PS4 version is definitely prettier. Xbox One is fine, though.

Not a big fan of the iDroid so far, tho. Sometimes you just need to stop too often. Second screen app can eliminate the problem.

I really like the way they’re using audio logs to tell you parts of the story. The recordings are really well done.

Silly observation: Credits for the main mission roll up, like in a movie. Credits for the Side Ops are stills, like an episode.

Play Magazine’s Sam Smith confirmed @DouglasNerd’s opinion on the discrpancy between the two next generation versions:

The PS4 version of Ground Zeroes is gorgeous. Quite a lot better looking than the Xbox One version, too… controversy…

Sergio Pennacchini explained that the iconic exclamation marks are still part of the game and listening to the game’s sounds is important:

For anyone wondering, yes the exclamation marks are still there.

Listening to sounds and guards conversations can totally change a mission sometimes. Very cool

Finally, Giacomo Vaccari mentioned that the fans of classic challenges are probably going to be happy about the “extreme” difficulty setting of the game:

Konami PR has helped me set the GMSV:GZ in “extreme” mode. I will attempt to speedrun the campaign like this.

Just cleared the first objective in the hardest possible settings. Lovers of classic MGS challenges will be pleased.

Hardest mode + pacifist runs finished. First person outside dev team to do it! Heart racing, escape was exhilarating! Amazing

Interestingly enough, the interval between Giacomo’s first tweet to the last was one hour and 48 minutes. I’d say the “Speed run” was quite successful. He also added a comment about the AI.

There is an incredible amount of depth to this game. I was in awe several times at the AI’s reaction and the environment.

If you want to check out the first batch of impressions posted earlier, you can find them here. Of course, since they’re obviously colored by opinion, we should take them with a pinch of salt, and see for ourselves when the game will be released on March 18th, but it’s definitely nice to learn more about this new Metal Gear Solid title.

Kojima-san definitely “kept us waitin’.”

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  • Matt Dickinson

    You know what’s even more pretty?? Women!

    • Wargreymon559 .

      I agree but only some women not all.

      • All women are beautiful. It’s up to the right person to find that beauty.

        • Wargreymon559 .

          Touche my good man touche…

        • Spencer Shea

          Beautie is eye of beholder, A more logical way to see it is no woman is beautiful technically, The way your saying it, It is just up to someone to find them so

          • Psionicinversion

            Or a more general saying that applies to everything… One mans sh1t is another mans treasure!

            edited cus got them the wrong way round at first haha

  • Wargreymon559 .

    multiplats will always be and run better on PS4 fact 🙂

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      mhmm.. this is the kind of PR that will ultimately take down the X1. When you say a certain game is better on a certain system, it’s gets viral real fast. Casual gamers will start learning from this.

      • G-Man

        And that’s why you get a PC, cause that’s where everything is developed on these days.

        • Anders

          No, you pick the PS4 because of the games and the way they are played.

        • Anime10121

          “Where everything is developed”, mostly true, but its not where everything is released.

        • lol not everyone can afford a PC that can handle at that level of performance. A ps4 however is much more affordable.

        • Michael Norris

          My current Pc can’t run these games at 1440p 60fps…so i don’t get what you are saying.

          • XXX

            Does that PC of yours cost $399?? The graphics card alone cost more than $399. And don’t lie, cause I’m a PC gamer 2. A PC graphics card, that can output 2560x1440p at 60fps, for current top end titles is really expensive.

          • Michael Norris

            That is what i am saying you can’t build a gaming rig for $400.

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Can you play God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, GTAV, etc… on PC? It’s more of a preference of games than it is about graphics… if I wanted graphics I could pay more for an amazing PC…but I LOVE sony’s EXCLUSIVE games…that’s why I play games…for the games, not the graphics. Pretty graphics help though, but they’re not the #1 reason to play a game 😉 So xbox ppl don’t really have much to worry about in terms of cross-gen games…both systems are great…. at least you’re getting to play the game! It’s the exclusives that make the difference..and that is why SONY continues to succeed. It’s been that way since the PS1. Such a huge variety of GREAT games.

      • Michael Cardwell

        I still love my X1. Live is better. Don’t get me wrong I got both systems as I am a gamer in General. I have no preference to either system. Live is better than Plus though. Better backbone. I think PS4 may outsell X1 this gen,however both systems will sell extremely well. People need to stop with the fan boy stuff and just rejoice with the fact we still have consoles to play! Support home consoles so the industry will thrive if you want to see it that way. Or everybody’s one sided fan boy stuff will ruin the industry. Trust me you don’t want only one console in the gaming industry. Competition is always good.

        • datdude

          I have a ps3, 360, and now a ps4. Live offers little value, as Microsoft charges you to access your own internet connection. Psplus offers the vastly superior free games, and if you don’t want to pay for it, Sony still let’s you access apps like Netflix without forcing you to pay for access. On those merits alone, Psplus is vastly superior to live. So much so, in fact, I was able to drop live gold completely as I have a smart tv that gives me an apps roster better than live gold, so there is literally no reason for me to continue with the the live gold service. It’s very much diminishing returns on that investment. I’m not sure if I will buy an xbone. I’ve always owned multiple consoles, so I’m sure once Halo rolls around I’ll get interested in it, but at this stage the xbone has nothing I want that I can’t get elsewhere, and get it at higher quality elsewhere. That is the bone’s problem. Sony has the better first party developers, they have the more capable hardware, and multiplatform developers are achieving levels of performance on the ps4 that is truly impressive considering they haven’t even scratched the surface of it’s potential yet. I question Microsoft’s chosen architecture for the Xbone, as it seems they tried to make a jack of all trades console, at the expense of gaming performance.

          • Michael Cardwell

            Said everyone on a Playstation sight….. Lol

        • Michael Norris

          I like Psplus get tons of great AAA games,awesome indie titles as well.

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          I beg to differ. PS PLUS is WAY better than LIVE. With PS PLUS I get more than SIXTY GREAT PS3, PS VITA, and PS4 games every year…. all for $50. 60 great games for $50!!!! It’s beyond amazing…… with XBOX LIVE GOLD… you get how much for $50 a year? You get to play online and you get a few old xbox games? Exactly. The value of PS PLUS is AMAZING and it blows my mind people still think LIVE is ANYWHERE near the level of PS PLUS.

        • keysy

          lol you said stop with the fanboy stuff. After you said live is better with out a justification to how live is better. that’s called being a fanboy

        • Jan Compaf

          please explain why Live is better that PSN+ , this should be good

          and you accuse ppl being fanbois while you yourself are a fanboi by your statement “bu bu live iz bettar than psn+ dough”, hypo much?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      well, let’s not go overboard now. “Always” is a very long time. Let’s let the generation enter its second year at least before writing down death sentences 😀

      • Wargreymon559 .

        I’m sure it’s a pretty safe bet to say they will.I mean all current Multiplat games run better on PS4.The gap will just widen as time goes by.

        • Eagles83

          Yes they do now but I agree with the Mod in that it is very short sighted to think it will always be this way. The PS3 was behind the 360 in multiplatform games in terms of resolution and fps for a couple of years until it caught up. It is like no one remembers this stuff and it was only 5 years ago. Everyone just wants to jump on the bandwagon when they don’t really know what they are talking about.

          • codito

            The difference is that the PS3 was technically more powerful, just more difficult to program for due to the vast difference in the Cell processor. The PS4 is inarguably MUCH more powerful hardware.

          • Spencer Shea

            It was never below as far as I remember, Devs just couldnt put in the extra time to fill the extra space left on multi-platform games leaving overwrites in data causing problems

          • datdude

            Is eagles83 really oblivious to the fact that the ps3 was more powerful than the 360, while being more difficult to program for? The xbone’s problem is more severe due to it’s power deficit compared to the ps4, PLUS being more difficult to develop for. There is no comparison between the two scenarios. And when you consider that the PS4 is outselling the xbone, despite having limited quantities available, that gives developers even less incentive to optimize for the xbone. At some point, they will decide to save themselves money by developing for ps4 first, then simply porting as best they can to xbone, instead of developing for both concurrently. That does not exactly bode well for xbone only gamers. I don’t see how xbone owners wouldn’t be concerned, especially because Microsoft’s own first party developers who have had much more time with the system are struggling to optimize their games for it. I hope it gets better, but the specs of the system are what they are.

        • Don Karam

          Actually, I think the gap in computing performance will probably narrow rather than widen because this time it’s the XBox One that is harder to program for. Once game developers invest the resources to utilise the eSRAM then the XBox One game versions will get a boost in computing performance. Whether this boost is sufficient to equal or surpass the computing performance of the PS4 still remains to be seen, but personally I think the PS4 will always be superior in computing performance but I’m not an expert in these things. However, whatever the case, to be fair, the XBox One price of the games to end-users should possibly be higher since those versions of the games are possibly more difficult to develop.

          • datdude

            Developers have barely scratched the surface of understanding what these consoles will ultimately capable of, both ps4 and xbone. And what you’re ignoring is the fact that the ps4 is a 600 hp supercar, and the xbone is sitting at about 480 hp. There is no substitute for raw power. You can optimize the hell out of the 480 hp vehicle, but with it’s limited esram there is only so much developers have to work with. They can work to limit the bottleneck it creates, but it’s never going to approach the levels the ps4 is capable of. The better looking, and better performing, games will be on the ps4 this gen. And your last statement about making game prices higher for the xbone due to programming difficulty is absolutely beyond comprehension.

  • Redinferno124

    Damn that was sort of harsh.

  • Gamez Rule

    Looking forward to a faceoff between the two platforms, but for me after reading the above it’s PS4 for me.

  • afakeinsider

    AAAH that douglas that have his twitter full of troll on the xb1? yeaah we ….all trust in him…sure

    • Spencer Shea

      Hideo Kojima has said so him self many times now, PS4 looks and feels better

      • Psionicinversion

        of course he will hes japanese, they love the PS4. If the Xbox had more power itll be X1 has more power now but well squeeze the juice out of the PS4 and theyll be the same

  • Jan Compaf

    i doubt it , XBONE will held back multiplats on PS4
    because devs wont take full advantage of PS4 otherwise they wont sell their games on rival platform and we all know devs are greedy bastards these days
    all these paid addons , a platinumed Borderlands its barely half over 50% completion
    where is the half of the game?
    oh yeah , its on PSN store , go buy it
    the difference will be seen on 1st party games , cant wait to see a Naughty Dog game for PS4

    • TristanPR77

      Is not happening. We have seen already many multiplatform games running better on PS4.

    • Spencer Shea

      It’s easier to work with ps4 now, So that will not be happening in most cases

    • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

      X1 it’s not weak enough to hold back PS4. Games will be the same, just will run better and look better on PS4.

    • datdude

      I disagree. Especially if Sony supplies more PS4’s to the public and gets a real advantage in number of consoles out there in the wild compared to the Xbone. At some point, the devs will want to save some money and not have separate teams working on differing versions of the game to optimize for both platforms. They will pick one, and port to the other. If the ps4 continues to hold the sales advantage (and they will if Sony can keep them in stock) that development will occur for the ps4, and the xbone will get the non optimized port.

      • Jan Compaf

        too many “if’s” and illogical speculations to take you srsly , srsly

        • datdude

          Npd report for January states ps4 outsold xbone by almost 2 to 1, despite having resupply issues from december continue into january. And that’s in North America son. So much for your “ifs and illogical speculations”. Read it and weep.

          • Jan Compaf

            you are delusional and nerdy , move along Spock

          • datdude

            Spock is smart, strong, and a stud. Thanks for the compliment douche. Lololololololololoolol!!!!!!

          • Jan Compaf

            yup , you fell into my trap , Spock wouldnt , teh “” were left out intentionally to test your intelligence in seeing sarcasm , it looks like you need a sarcasm detector and some brains
            come back anytime

          • datdude

            Spock is smart, strong, and a stud. Thanks for the compliment douche. Lololololololololoolol!!!!!!

  • TristanPR77

    This is becoming the norm. Multiplatform games are better on PS4 and unless Microsoft change their hardware I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • RealityCheck2013

    ‘FINE’ sums up the Xbox Brand in one word LoL:D It’s never been ‘WOW’ i must by a Xbox & never will be a ‘WOW’ Because MS are sooooooooo BORING & PC like.

  • Sunnycyde

    People bought an xb1 knowing it was less powerful so this should no surprise and won’t matter. People will still buy the system they want that has the exclusives they want, they don’t buy systems for multi platform games looks.

    I bought my ps4 for it’s exclusives not because multi plays looks, I recently bought an xbox one for it’s exclusives as well. It’s not even a story anymore that multi plat games look better on ps4, it’s only used to cause controversy and site hits.

  • Marko Esp