PS4 Port of Final Fantasy XIV Has Unlocked Framerate up to 60 FPS at 1080p; Limited Due to Heat Issues

While we already knew that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn would run at 1080p native resolution, there has been a bit of back and forth on its frame rate, with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida first mentioning a 60 frames per second target, and then changing the tune to 30 FPS locked.

Today in an interview on 4Gamer he gave further news that will make frame rate enthusiasts happy:

As I mentioned so far the quality of the visuals of the PS4 version will be basically like maximum settings on PC. The processing of the shadows is slightly different, so it’s not a complete equivalent, but the frame rate reaches 60 FPS.

It’s interesting to see that this fully confirms the results of the screenshot comparison we ran a few days ago (including the slightly different shadows).

When asked for a more precise answer about the frame rate Yoshida-san specified that 60 FPS is the upper limit.

The game was designed and optimized to keep the frame rate above 30 FPS as much as possible, but in extremely crowded situations like the Odin FATE framerate will drop in the twenties, which happens even on many powerful PCs because there are about a hundred of character models displayed and a whole lot of spell effects going on.

As long as you don’t play on an extremely high-end PC, since it’s this similar to the PC version and you’re running on the highest settings of the PC version even on PS4, your enjoyment will be unchanged.

As an interesting side note, Yoshida-san also mentioned that the PS4 version managed to output more than 60 FPS during development, but that caused the console’s heat to raise considerably. According to him, due to the small casing of the PS4 developers have to consider heat carefully, and that’s why the version of the game for Sony’s new console was given an upper limit of 60 FPS.

As expected, the thermal runaway of the PS4 chassis can be scary, so we decided to cap the frame rate to 60 FPS.

It’s certainly quite refreshing to see a developer being this open about this kind of details. If you’re wondering what the “thermal runaway” is, you can check out a detailed explanation here.

Yoshida-san explained that the PS4 version of the game runs faster by far than the PC version played on a computer with specs similar to the console, since the PS4 is much better optimized and doesn’t have the disadvantage of using slightly different architecture and shaders depending on the brand and model of the video card. That’s the advantage consoles have over PCs.

Moving on to remote play, he admitted that there’s a slight lag, but it’s very good to craft, gather or doing the daily quests. It’s possible to do easy dungeons, but Yoshida-san would not advise trying to fight Titan from the PS Vita.

The development team is also considering carefully the possibility of using the Vita as a second screen, but for now nothing specific has been planned, even because they don’t want to give PS4 players too much of an advantage over players on other platforms.

Despite all this PS4 love, Yoshida-san also had something to share for PC players, mentioning that since 64 bit support is now working internally, the DirectX 11 version of the client will enter full development so that it’ll be released by when the Chinese version will hit the shelves. The new client will also come with a completely new benchmark.

As an added bonus, Square Enix announced that the game gathered 1.8 millions of registered accounts, and 6.71 million of characters have been created. Players have played Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for 418 million hours, equivalent than a little less than 48,000 years.

The PS4 version of the game will enter its first open beta phase on February 22nd, and will be released on April 14th.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Great news about the game BUT!…

    “Yoshida-san also mentioned that the PS4 version managed to output more than 60 FPS during development, but that caused the console’s heat to raise considerably. According to him, with the small casing of the PS4 developers have to consider heat carefully, and that’s why the version of the game for Sony’s new console was capped at 60 FPS”..

    This does not sound good. This IMO sounds like it could be holding back developers? They capped at 60fps due to PS4s casing design?.. Maybe more developers ( Or Sony ) could shed some more light on this subject?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      All games are normally capped to 60 FPS, and the heat happens only over 60 fps, so I don’t see it as much of a problem.

      There’s no light to be shed. Higher framerate means higher heat. It’s a simple matter of physics.

      • Gamez Rule

        The more demanding applications / graphics you use could also cause heat build up and PS4 is no different, so it’s not just the higher frame rates I’m worried about as 60fps is fine, but the way the developer got worried in the first place about PS4s heat build up to begin with.

        The design of PS4s outer casing has just held back a game no matter how you look at it, so if that wasn’t much of a problem the developers wouldn’t have needed to cap the frame rate to begin with. Hence the heating was a problem that needed to be addressed. That is leaving devs to keep frame-rates down.

        The more time that goes by the more demanding applications & graphics will become which then means that games on PS4 could generate more heating problems with even more need to cap things.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It held back nothing. Leaving the framerate completely uncapped is something that is never done on consoles.

          And the PS4 has a failsafe in place that turns it off when it risks to overheat, so your “worry” about damaged components doesn’t have ground to stand on.

          No matter how you look at it, the PS4 runs the most visually advanced MMORPG on PC at the highest detail, with the same performance of a rather high end PC with specs much higher than the console.

          There’s no “holding back” there.

          Keeping framerate at 60 fps is not keeping it “down.” It’s the usual cap for consoles, and most games don’t even get there.

          • MG4M3R

            You don’t understand.

            This time there was no significant loss.

            But in heavier games, the console may fail to achieve 1080p because of overheating problems.

            The console will never use its full potential.

          • Gamez Rule

            Exactly. The more demanding applications & graphics that PS4 uses the more developers will have to consider heat carefully. This could mean cutting back on demanding applications & graphics.

          • Michael Norris

            Now that is bullshit

          • Gamez Rule

            Even the title states “PS4 Port of Final Fantasy XIV Has Unlocked Framerate up to 60 FPS at 1080p; ((Limited Due to Heat Issues))”

            All I see is Heat Issues like the developer Yoshida-san mentioned “As expected, the thermal runaway of the PS4 chassis can be scary, so we decided to cap the frame rate to 60 FPS” That just doesn’t sound good.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I understand perfectly. What you don’t understand is that MMORPGs are between the heavier games out there.

            Heat is directly proportional to the number of frames displayed. It’s very safe to assume that if the console doesn’t overheat with a MMORPG at 60 FPS, it simply won’t as long as you don’t go above that.

            The console will have no problems using its full potential, just as it doesn’t have any now.

          • MG4M3R

            “Heat is directly proportional to the number of frames displayed.”

            …are you sure you’re not trolling?

            The heat is directly proportional to the number of calculations made ​​by the CPU and GPU.

            As we move forward in this generation, the time will come where we will need more processing power just to keep the frame rate at 30 FPS. And despite the PS4 having this extra processing power, it will be useless due to heating.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yes, I’m sure I’m not trolling. Not only, I’m also sure you’re wrong.

            The frames displayed are a much bigger factor in terms of heat, and there’s more.

            Games become better towards the second half of a generation not because they become heavier on the CPU and GPU, but because developers learn to use them more efficiently, doing the same thing or better with LESS calculations.

            If any, it’s gonna become even more irrelevant going forward.

    • Psionicinversion

      Do you now see why the X1’s case is bigger, the more you clock up stuff and work it harder the more heat generates, the cooling solution, heatsinks and small case design of the PS4 will have a small thermal threshold cus its only good enough to dissipate heat upto a certain point, or you could try putting it in a portable refigerator…. lol the ice cool edition PS4 now comes with a free refrigerater. If they wanted to stop it from dropping in the 20’s theyd need 70-80fps seeing as they cant do that the game is limited.

      The slowdown to 20 probably isnt a problem, if it does come with a particle effects option to disable it when you go into that type of fight, turn it off and itll be like 40+fps easily. Most console games are capped at 60, most PC games arent unless there ported i reckon. you can tell. i was thinking of buying FF14 cus its 50% off at £10 but i really cant be bothered with MMO’s just to give the consolers a few lol’s.

      All you have to do is look at the case and the breakdown, the fan is rubbish the case is to small and i reckon it doesnt dissipate heat well i reckon some recirculates into the system cus it cant escape… all to look pretty. The only way to corrrect it is to make the case bigger or put some meshing type holes in certain place so it can escape from all sides then i think it would be fine

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        “the fan is rubbish” is as laughable as it comes, considering that the PS4 has one of the most advanced cooling solutions seen on consoles, if not the most advanced.

        Also, you seem not to know what you’re talking about. Capping a game at 60 fps (which is something ALL console games do unless they want to hit 120 for 3D but obviously this isn’t the case) has absolutely no influence on framerate drops.

        It’s a maximum cap, not an across the board lowering of the framerate.

        • Mikeherp Derp

          He’s a troll.

          • Psionicinversion

            says you lol

          • PCS4-Box U


        • Psionicinversion

          you talking about heat pipes for thermal transfer and maybe a vapour chamber cooling the APU?

          its like a computer case, the smaller the computer case and/or less airflow it cant cool stuff as well because theres things in the way. Lots of cases have a cable management system where the cables are hidden behind the main bit of metal and then holes in there to put the cables through to keep the case as air free as possible not so much of an issue with the sata cables over IDE cus sata thin as hell

          In the PS4 the power brick is sitting right next to the APU with RAM chips dotted all around it, theres alot of heat focused in that area which needs to be dissipated and the cooling solution and case design will be designed to handle a certain temperature. If the PS4 starts doing stuff which generates heat the cooling system cant handle thats when you start getting run away temperature, and why the hell do you compare the PS4 to the X1? i bet the X1 could handle upto 60 degrees of heat effectively no problem… doesnt seem like the PS4 has much wiggle room.

          Some guy who is developing for the PS4 FF14 and your omg its amazing runs same as high end PC and you hang on his every word when its in your favour, now he says something of a limitation and you dismiss his claims? sounds stupid also the temperature thing may not work, youll never know till the chip goes boom also it can still cause damage to the chip even if it gets shut down btw. alot less likely but can happen. Seems like your the one whose abit ignorant

      • cozomel

        your whole comment just proved your ignorance of everything you spoke of. You look like ignorant idiot right now

        • Psionicinversion

          dont really care tbh

      • Michael Norris

        You realize when playing a game Ps4 is cooler then Xone right?Ps4 runs at 44 degrees celsius vs 49 degrees celsius on Xbox one.EG used BF4 to run the heat test.

        • Jordan

          yeah the best part is PS4 is yet running at a higher resolution while keeping a lower temperature than it’s counterpart. That fella is just ignorance.

          • Michael Norris

            FFXIV is an MMOrpg so i expect SE to get better performance out of Ps4 in time.Sony is always improving the Ps4 SDK.Yea that moron has no idea what he is talking about i just wanted to drop some knowledge on his head.

        • Psionicinversion

          PS4 tightly packed designed for aesthetics and a certain temperature threshold… X1 bigger case more airflow can handle more than what its running at k thnx bye

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Actually the size of the case isn’t the only factor to airflow. As a matter of fact it isn’t even the primary factor. A bigger case can easily lead to airflow dispersion.

            The PS4’s airflow is based on pressure difference, which is something that actually works better in tighter spaces.

          • Psionicinversion

            its still got a threshold at how much it can effectively cool, thats the point if it goes beyond that it get much harder for it to cool

      • Jordan

        you are talking rubbish. even if a game can run up to 100fps and if it is capped at 60fps, it will still render and run at 60fps and not render that additional 40fps. This has completely nothing to do with frame drop for all that matters, Even if a dev try to optimize a game to run at 80fps for instance to ensure the game is always lock at 60fps in case of heavy scenes while putting a cap of 60fps as the upper limit. The game will still only render 60fps and not 70 or 80fps. Thus is would not generation additional heat regardless. You can take that X1 case and your huge external brick elsewhere.

      • Mikeherp Derp

        That’s a lot of words to be a silly troll. PS4 and Xbox have about the same thermals.

    • Guest

      Its funny that even with that thermal constraint PS4 already outdone Xbone. LOL

      • Gamez Rule

        I know that PS4 Thermal Constraint is better than Xbone. This isn’t a comparison between the two that made me post what i did. When a developer comes out with this..”As expected, the thermal runaway of the PS4 chassis can be scary, so we
        decided to cap the frame rate to 60 FPS” To me that just doesn’t sound good.

  • cozomel

    Damn, drops to the 20’s, UGH! i honestly hate variable framerates because of all the stuttering and judder you get. I would prefer a constant locked 30 then a variable 60.

    And this news of developers having to have to worry about heat concerns me, cuz thats a limitation, UGH! Sony should have made it bigger, so that it wouldnt be a issue

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Sure doesn’t bother me on PC. It’s normal when you have 100 characters on screen.

      If it gives you problems, MMORPGs simply aren’t for you, I’m afraid.

    • Bankai

      Heat only comes into play if the framerate goes above 60 fps, which is the optimal framerate (you won’t notice anything above 60, anyway), so it’s not a limitation and the PS4 doesn’t need to be any bigger.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Trust me: when fighting Odin the frame rate drop is the last of the problems. technical or else. Half of the server population just goes there. On PS3 you don’t even see the other characters or Odin himself, casting spells on the void.

    • Michael Norris

      It’s an MMORPG even on a high end Pc that drop happens.It’s only on Odin faiths where you have hundreds of people in the area.

    • Jordan

      dude that is normal. even if you have a really good PC, you will suffer the same thing in that situation. those world boss fate can go really crazy with those hundreds of players on the same screen trying to take it down. You may even lag till the point where people start disappearing from your screen. And no that has nothing to do with the fps. It is just how chaotic i became and that even the game engine is under stress

  • Jecht_Sin

    What would be the point on going above 60 fps anyway if most televisions have a 60Hz refresh rate? o.0

    • ISISSecretAgent

      for war

      • Rasheed Jackson

        For donuts 🙂

        • Saad Ahmed

          For the “Death of the King”

          • Rasheed Jackson

            I have just the “weapon” for the job *leers*

    • NeonPriest


    • stachu

      It has nothing to do with refresh rate. Nothing.

      • Dirge

        Care to explain instead of saying basically nothing?

  • islan


  • NeonPriest

    Slowdown into the 20s….an unlocked 60fps is BS. If u can’t lock it at 60fps which u obviously can’t then give us a stable 30-40fps because right now this is a joke. The power…….right.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You mean having the same performance of a rather high end PC is a joke?

      …. Right 😀

    • Michael Norris

      Have you even played FFXIV on Pc? Stop being a troll.

      • Joseph

        I have a high end PC and doing fates like Odin or Behemoth, when there are about 50-100 players my comp just drops to about the same in frame rates. I have only seen this happen in MMO’s and those are big raid bosses with everyone casting spells….and you can’t say its your internet cause I’m using shaw 250mb/s broadband internet 😛 just saying

    • Jordan

      take your stupid troll elsewhere. you dont even know about the game in the first place before you type this stupid comment. its more like you are the joker here than anything else.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Same as a high end PC. Enjoy your imaginary PS4.

  • Faisal Munayam

    ps4, got everything right this time with hardware, but now it’s bottleneck is it’s design, it’s design is its design flaw LOL

    ever wondered why sony never released the cpu specs? definitely under-clocked.

    looks like 1080p 60fps will be a dream on ps4 unless it looks like a last gen game or an iphone shooter (resogun)

  • Nicholas Perry

    Going above 60? Increase the resolution for better AA quality than FXAA. >:|

  • Nicholas Perry

    “Despite all this PS4 love, Yoshida-san also had something to share for
    PC players, mentioning that since 64 bit support is now working
    internally, the DirectX 11 version of the client will enter full
    development so that it’ll be released by when the Chinese version will
    hit the shelves. The new client will also come with a completely new

    What’s the point if there aren’t significant graphical upgrades?

    It’s certainly not going to boost performance by a huge margin.
    And I hope it doesn’t discontinue the DX9 client. Because then we lose decent AA because no GPU manufacture supports decent driver AA beyond DX9

    • madbads

      you mean antialiasing ? if dx9 supports it why you mean dx11 won’t?

    • Joseph

      Just something for you to know about the game client in 64 bit means that it will be able to utilize more then 3GB of ram and make better use out of 8 core processors, so the performance boost should be substantial, considering usually the game at its highest setting only uses about 2GB of ram at any given time.

  • madbads

    So PC version is now currently running in 32-bit and DX9 ?

    • Joseph

      Doesn’t look like it does it 😀

  • You are flat out wrong

    “Capped at 60” is a phrase Xbots won’t be reading often, until when Pong is ported.