PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets an Absolutely Fantastic New Trailer and a Lovely Desktop Wallpaper

To celebrate the release of Sony’s new console in Japan, Capcom Just published a a new trailer and a wallpaper for the upcoming PS4 Exclusive Deep Down.

You can check the beautiful video out just below, that focuses on cinematic cutscenes with a bit of what seems to be gameplay mixed in.

You can also find the new desktop wallpaper in four different sizes in the gallery at the bottom of the post. As funny as it sounds, there’s no 1920×1080. At Capcom they must love 16:10 monitors.

There’s still no information on a firm release window for the online RPG, or even on the beginning of the beta testing, that initially was set to happen near the release of the PS4 in Japan.

Update: we also got two servings of new screenshots today. You can find them here and here.

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  • Stranger On The Road

    I’d pay full price for this game if it contained a singleplayer campaign. Well, for now I’ll have to wait for Capcom’s next RPG that uses this new engine; hopefully they already started working on it.

    • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

      i hope it will be Dragon Dogma 2 😀

    • Averix

      Too bad they’re wasting the Breath of Fire brand on an iOS/Android game.

  • NeonPriest

    Absolutely can’t wait for Deep Down to come on my ps4, it looks amazing.

    • Averix

      Hopefully, the extra time will just give us a much more polished experience.

  • Fear Monkey

    This looks Interesting, I love the lighting and look of the game, but I admit being skeptical on how fun it is.

  • jacksjus

    Nice. It looks like it’s now moving faster than the previous demos. My true concern with this game is the speed. It appears to move too slowly for me.

  • Fersay Ferrera

    Lighting is awesome. I hpe they don`t downgrade till release date.

  • Max

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