News on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Coming “in the Near Future”

During last night’s Japanese launch event of the PS4, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Producer Shinji Hashimoto had a few words to say about the games under his care.

Hashimoto-san admitted that we’ve been waiting a long time, and the development team is working in earnest to meet our expectations. He also mentioned that new information will be shared “in the near future.”

He also stressed on the relationship between the two franchises and the PlayStation brand, reminiscing past succeses on the previous consoles by Sony.

All we can do is to wait and see what the new information will be, and exactly how long it’ll take for it to be shared. It’s worth mentioning that the expression used by Hashimoto-san can be translated both with “in the near future” and “in a few days.”

It’s Square Enix, after all, and their concept of time can be slightly elastic. At least Hashimoto-san did manage to deliver the message, since SCEJA President Hiroshi Kawano apparently forgot about his existence and was about to usher him off stage without letting him speak.

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  • SageShinigami

    Destination Playstation is in four days. As I understand it a lot of the time nothing’s announced at it, but given that:

    – Sony’s been quiet since Gamescom
    – They just finished launching in all major areas

    I could see us getting a games’ presentation…ONE of those days.

    • EX+

      Destination PlayStation?

  • stealth20k

    This bothered a ton of people today

    • Redinferno124

      It was the Japan Sony president who rushed him right? It sounds like even Andrew House was a bit confused.

      • stealth20k

        Yeah, I had a lot of people on my twitter feed who were totally annoyed by the fumblin

        • Redinferno124

          I actually reread your other comments about it and yeah, Sony Japan looks like the were a bit unprepared for this. You would think they of all people would want to listen to Hashimoto.

          • stealth20k

            oh well doesnt really matter now

          • Redinferno124

            Agreed. Nice to see that Andrew House at least looked like he wanted to be there.

            We all need to be patient. I think Hashimoto knows how eager people are to plat these games.

          • Suzaku Kururugi

            Funny how the “plat” typo still works.

          • Redinferno124

            sorry meant play

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      a lot of people are very easily bothered.

      • Redinferno124

        I think he means bothered by the particular instance. These are easily the two most anticipated games and even if he had very little to say, people still want to listen.

  • Redinferno124

    I’ve heard Hashimoto is a bit bitter about these games no longer being exclusive, but that’s most likely BS anyway. Even if he was, why let it bother you? Most people will act as if they still are exclusive when they really are not.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      Waste of time and money. That’s why. The question really is why should it have been multiplatform? This is the second time S-E has betted against PlayStation and will lose. Already. Bandai Namco has already demoed (Tales of) where the players are when it comes to Japanese games and its not Xbox. Period.

      S-E assumed (like ironically most if not all Western publishers) that MS by default was gonna run the map this 8th gen. 5.3 M units later, ratios 2:1 at the VERY least, etc, etc. Much like they thought that FFXIII was gonna sell more on 360.

      Now do a role reversal. Titanfall. EA naturally assumed that one, (correctly) first person shooters are dominant most on Xbox, and two (incorrectly) Xbox was destined to dominate.

      It’s not too late and as a matter of fact hasn’t even begun. S-E has demonstrated in the past that they can and will either cancel or move games from platform to platform(s) at will. In other words, don’t be surprised if FF XV and KH III are both canceled on Xbox One.

      • Steven Rickman

        EA didn’t assume anything about Xbox, MS handed them a fat check for exclusivity which is why Respawn doesn’t see any of the money until after the game has sold a certain amount!

        Hopefully these companies wise up and see their games aren’t selling as well on the Bone.

      • Christian Armstrong

        What would Square gain by cancelling it’s games for the Xbox? I’m no fanboy I’ve owned all sony systems and the last two Microsoft systems and I’ve loved square games since finding FF7 on the PS1 all those years ago, but why would a company like Square consciously deny themselves sales?
        I know there is all this talk of sony selling out 2:1 compares to the xbone, but really, who cares? The thing is both systems are basically the same unit (yes I know sony’s system is 1080p on every game that comes out and xbox is not, even my dog knows this and he’s near deaf and his eyesight is going) but surely porting a game over that’s what 3 – 4 years in the making should not take a great deal of work compared to what it took last gen.
        It’s just the way I see it is why try to sell a game to 5.3 million people when you can sell it to nearly 9 million people? Especially when your a company who’s pretty much known (especially here in the UK) for there games prices completely bombing after the couple of months

        • Antonio C. R. Murray

          “but really, who cares?” You. For one, they’re not the same. Drop that “HD twins” foolishness. PS4 is simply better than Xbox One. One brand that has and continue to be actually relevant worldwide in addition where you at while the other is not. Period.

          PS4 has already and will continue to get i.e. exclusive Japanese games (IN addition to the obvious multiplatform Western games that will also perform better) that will never see the light of day on XBO (due to the ratio sales that you “supposedly” don’t care about.

          It’s already been proven through sales that this false sense of ubiquity, is just that, false. Exclusives.

          • Christian Armstrong

            Erm you did read the bit after the “who cares?” bit where I said I own both systems or the bit where I agreed that the sony system was more powerful than the xbox system so I really couldn’t care less if they released on both or not. As for this “HD twins” banter I don’t know where you pulled that from but you do know that both APU’s are built on the same architecture it’s just sony could get a better GPU part because of the lack of sram which helped to free up space on the die.
            I didn’t say sony doesn’t get’s Japanese exclusives I said why would they cancel a game for a system which they’ve already started developing for, there is a difference. With the recent closure of large developers like irrational games or the other dozens of developers that close every year a game developer and publisher has to recoup their money from where ever they can be it with sony or Microsoft or even the PC.
            So where has it been proven that an exclusive game sells better than a multiplatform game, you do know which games were the best sellers of last year don’t you?

          • Antonio C. R. Murray

            “So where has it been proven that an exclusive game sells better than a multiplatform game…”

            Would that be anytime in history?
            Wii Sports.

            “….APU’s are built on the same architecture it’s just sony could get a better GPU part because of the lack of sram which helped to free up space on the die.”

            Yeah well that’s Microsoft’s problem, not Sony, that they didn’t build a better product.

            “…I said why would they cancel a game for a system which they’ve already started developing for, there is a difference.”
            They (then Squaresoft) did before with Final Fantasy VII with the cancel from N64 to PSOne with great reward.

            Like few people, I included, have said, don’t be surprised when developers and/or publishers continue choosing sides i.e. already with EA and Titanfall.

            “We only need one console. Why do I have to make two versions of a game? And when Xbox One was first announced it had lower specs than PS4, but now they’re almost identical.
            So either will do.” – Shinji Mikami

            Though that quote was before launch, everyone including you has seen the reality of that “identical”. 1080p/60fps is a greater number than 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps or 900p/60fps or 900p/30fps. or what ever spec Microsoft all of a sudden refuses to publish on the back of the XBO cases nowadays.

          • Christian Armstrong

            How was wii sports an exclusive best seller? It came bundled free with the wii so how could it have out sold anything, that’s like saying minesweeper was the best selling game of the year cause it was the free game that used to come with windows on the PC.

            It’s not about it being microsofts problem, the statement made was “they’re not the same. Drop that “HD twins” foolishness

            ” when clearly they are built around the same architecture, just one is an underpowered version of the other.
            And from what I remember from the time (which seems a lifetime ago now) wasn’t the only reason that the N64 version of FF7 got cancelled something to do with the size of the cart that would be needed would cost about £100 or something, there was talk of a 64dd version being made but the drive never arrived, kinda glad it didn’t as I remember buying the sega cd when it came out and apart fro sega cd it was rather expensive paperweight.
            But anyway back to the point, like I said before they are not exactly making two versions (or three counting the PC) they’re practically developing the same thing give or take. So why apart from getting kick backs to keep a game exclusive why would a company deprive themselves from profits, it would make no sense.

  • Rock Mu

    “Please look forward to it.”

    • shinitaru

      a very Japanese sentence

  • The whole franchise is surviving on fan’s hype. I’m really looking forward the reception of fans when the game comes out.

  • Galen Nycroft

    FFXV is Final Fantasy’s last chance to clean up its damaged reputation. Kingdom Hearts still feels like a ‘baby’ to me, and I feel like the fanbase is happy with anything, so it doesn’t matter what SE churns out…as long as there are big keys and big sneakers and weepy anime boys, KH is safe.

    The next year is crucial for the FF brand. If FFXV isn’t released in 2014, consider the series goose cooked!

  • Tifa Lockhart

    Awww, what’s a nostalgic feeling. I remind me of the joy I had when I read “news of FFXV coming ‘in the near future’, but that was when I was 15 years old girl. Now I’m 23 and I’m still see this “in the near future” nonsense. I expect to see news like this regarding this game until I’m 30 years old or even later lol. Poor those young souls who been keeping up with the false promise from Square.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I want these two games now!!

    • DarkLegacy

      Me too

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Kingdom Hearts III has won over my heart more though…for real.

        • DarkLegacy

          FFXV and KH3 has won my heart. I am dying to play them when they are released

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Well as it stands I am more hardcore for KH than FF so nothing can get me more hyped than KH III right now.

          • shinitaru

            Stands to reason, the KH franchise hasn’t let everyone down the way that FF did last gen. I’m hopefully optimistic though, they really came through with FFXIV:ARR. Have to wait and see

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah basically. I’m actually finding Lightning Returns: FF XIII good so far-with what I played of the demo. And KH has really had a huge impact on me-of the games that I played, as I actually haven’t played all KH games and am catching up on what I missed with I.5 HD ReMIX then finish up with II.5 HD ReMIX. Yeah, ARR they hit jackpot really, so hopefully that wasn’t a fluke and FFXV is a comeback for them that starts a new trend and doesn’t flatline. I still think KH III will be the bigger hit with gamers for Square Enix compared to FF XV.

  • Shady Shita

    Great , XV and KHIII are next ♥♥♥

  • christopher witherspoon

    Square Enix future will be determined by these 2 days either they will known as the best rpg company or fall down to the bottom an be nothing yes the old final fantasy titles are what they are known for an there great but outside of FF14 the rest have not done so well ff13(lighting series) did not sell well in japan or over in the western area which is why I was shocked they kept making them but after all the mixed reviews of the game the ending sales meet up 2 it if KH3 an FF15 Versus don’t sell well I wouldn’t be shocked if SE gave up on the console

  • Marquis Regalia

    only reason im getting a ps4 is for these 2 games specifically. as much as i’ve been losing my trust on SE lately. i’ll bite my lip once again and hold on to this “near future” especially for ff15 its been so long already

  • PrinceHeir

    let’s do this!

  • Red Harlow

    yup cant wait to own them on a non playstation console! 😀

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Be nice if it happened within the month but I highlyyyyyyy doubt that will happen lol

    • coolasjustin

      lol well its been a month and still nothing…. am i the only one who gets pissed off at this continual BS from them?

      • shinitaru

        Or the continual lack of BS or anything else?

      • Nicholas Allen Cotner

        I mean would it hurt to tell us something? Show us something?

        • coolasjustin

          i know right? I’m getting sick of Nomura BSing saying “o more info soon be patient” blah blah… how many times in the past year or two has he said those exact lines? its getting infuriating to say the least

          • Nicholas Allen Cotner

            it is mind baffling

          • coolasjustin

            surely he could say the game is this far along or something?

          • Nicholas Allen Cotner


  • valkirith

    3 months later..still waiting for any news..fucking square enix