Yakuza Ishin Gets a PS4 Demo; Launches in a Few Hours

Sega just announced that a PS4 demo of the upcoming Yakuza Ishin will launch on February 22nd, on the same day as the full game. Since it’ll be the 22nd in Japan in about eight hours, it won’t take long for the trial version to be available for download from the Japanese PlayStation Network.

The demo will require 2.640 mb of free space on your hard disk and it’ll include the beginning of the story, the utagoe parlor (basically a karaoke bar rhythm game) and a fishing minigame.

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  • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

    DAMIT i don’t have a Japanese account D:
    i would probably import the game from play asia or something :/

    • XtraTrstrL

      I created a UK account the other day to download War Thunder. I then created a Japanese account, but the PS Store wasn’t available, only for PS3. I should check again.

  • Stranger On The Road

    That is a really small demo, you could fit it in 2 high density floppy disks ^.^

    It should be GB or a comma.

  • Time to create a Japanese PSN account maybe?

  • Cpt Ahab Spampurse

    To anyone who is interested, I created an account using my PC and Chromes translation feature, took about 90 seconds http://tay.kotaku.com/you-can-play-ps4s-japanese-exclusives-right-now-here-1523908351

  • Delsin Row

    those japanies bastards can play yakuza an dynasty at lunch. 😀 all we had was knack and killzone. i hope sony release the western version of yakuza

    • Blackmaile

      Will we get a demo!?

      • Delsin Row

        if you have japanies acoount yes

  • RealityCheck2013

    Cool i will download the Demo from my Japan account 😛 But 1 thing i find a pain in the butt :-/ is that if you download a Demo from another account name on your PS4 you can’t play it from your main account like you could on the PS3 :-/ THAT IS F**KING STUPID & MICROSOFT(Restricting) LIKE!!! :-/ So i got to play this Demo on my Japanese account then.

    • i have JP, US, UK accounts and I have no issues downloading games or demos and playing them on any account

  • Michael Balchunas

    So is this just not dropping on the USA PS Store? Or do we have to wait?