Final Fantasy VII Remake: “It’s Happening,” Insider Says

There has been a lot of talk, in the past few years, about a possible remake of the massively popular JRPG Final Fantasy VII, but Square Enix always remained semi-silent on the issue, only dropping hints here and there. A few days ago Producer Yoshinori Kitase himself said that he’d love to do it, but “it would take a lot” for it to happen.

Recently industry insider Verendus, that is known to have very strong connections within the Japanese gaming industry, posted on NeoGAF mentioning that the project is happening:

It’s happening. He’s obviously not going to give any indication as such though so it hardly matters until they’re ready to announce something. His comments make sense. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of effort, and demand a lot from him personally, in order to ensure the end result is something satisfactory.

Of course, as usual with this kind of leaks from insiders, we should take what is said with a sizable pinch of salt, but Verendus has a good track record with the information he receives from his sources, so Final Fantasy VII aficionados may not yet be able to uncork the champagne, but at least they can start filling the bucket with ice.

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  • Katisnotinthegame

    So the PlayStation 7?

  • Isam

    What an Amazing Game!! I cant believe how successful ff7 was Unbelivable!! From the soundtrack to the storyline beats even the latest games on Ps3 and xbox 360. I would love for the remake and would spend over 100quid to get my hands on it! 🙂

  • Soldier

    They should make it online capable so your friends can play as the other characters. Someone can play as Cloud, Vincent, Barrett in battle. I guess I’m asking for a 3 player multiplayer if they could do that. If someone leaves the server it can be replaced by a bot. I think that would be a nice spin to it.

  • Justinius Phoenix

    I think its probable and doable within a quick time frame. I’m sure there are several (hundred) thousand people out there with models and lay out and all that is needed already made (considering we have all been bitching for this since the PS2 came out) so the project might not take half as long as they are expecting, i just hope they don’t mess with the turn based battle system, this new style is for the birds…..

    • Justinius Phoenix

      They could really add layers to the game if the add in Advent Childrens story as like a bonus dungeon kinda thing to the end of the game, this new thing would really draw a extra crowd i think

  • Arwen Smith

    It’s very possible, a PS Rep. I spoke with just last week informed me that there has been a LOT of chatter about a remake for the ps4 console. I don’t know just how reliable this was and I think how strong the chance of that happening is somewhat depending on how well the ffx HD does in sales and reviews. But I, for one, am holding out for hope.

  • Cat Sapphire

    I’m afraid to hope…

  • kakashi100

    hmmm we can only hope at this point

  • zzipperzz

    My guess is they’ve been wanting to do this for a while and FF Versus was supposed to get finished first. Because that ballooned into an entirely new FF XV, polishing that off will give them a chance to begin FFVII work with all the things they’ve learned up until this point.

    EVERYONE KNOWS that they were eventually going to do it. People forgot they’ve been busy developing Versus/XV for since FF XIII’s development, so that is probably the reason it was totally out of the question last generation.

    Yeah fingers crossed, it would be nice to have that universe presented to us in a different way

  • Matt Mulhern

    I just wanna throw this out there, but would it be so crazy to have a semi decent level based on FFVII in Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Enderfect

    I Would love to see a remake of FF7 infact hear this sony me and 3 others would go out of our way to buy a PS4 Just for that game – I think it’d be also cool that they could with the size of disks and games on These gen consoles to extend the game Either DLC or increased Content like After the end of FF7 you could Play A Game Version of the Events of Advent Children or More to do in the golden Saucer etc. Possibility’s are endless so sony square get on it!

  • Tevin Perry

    Don’t be so excited and haste to ask for more title remakes just be glad we might get ff7 back we have wanted this for a long time

  • Kyng Love

    didn’t square say if they remade final fantasy 7 that would be the end of the final fantasy franchise and wasn’t that last year when then they said that

    • Amaya

      I’m pretty sure they just said they wanted to make a game that would ultimately top FF VII first before releasing a remake so that the remake would not be the best thing they’ve ever done–something newer would still top it. (Although I’m sure a lot of people would see the remake as the best thing ever anyway).

  • Playstation1976

    It will be out sometime during the ps4 cycle.

  • Stephen Rodriguez

    with how fans seem to not like the last 4-5 final fantasies I say it makes sense that they would give the fans what they want. Still, sounds too good to be true

  • Deathsight

    I think they should make the main characters look exactly the same physically but in HD.

  • Deathsight

    I think they should make the main characters look exactly the same physically from the first game but in HD

  • Deathsight

    If they are going to make a remake they should make the characters look exactly the same physically as they did in the original, especially Tifa.

  • Deathsight

    For Tifa they should make her proportions be exactly the same. They should make her hair be exactly as long all the way to her knee and just as luscious. They should make it more spread from the sides of her head giving it a more fuller look, with the flip at the top extending of her face like the first game and not plastered to the sides of her head like in recent appearances, making it look flat and thin. They need to make it just as wide to across her back, so it is as wide as her frame. They should also make her breasts exactly as big at size J and the same shape and give her the same proportions she had before with same size waist. Also
    they need to make her legs just as long and lean as in the first game with the same width and thigh and shin proportions, and give her that high waist look like in the first game to help make her legs look longer. Also, they need to make her skirt look like it is made out of leather like in the first game. They also need to make her eyes bigger like in the first game and make them look more like in the anime style like what they did with the Kingdom Hearts characters Essentially make her look like these screenshots from the game below.

  • Deathsight

    Whoops forgot to mention to also give her the same musculature as before and make her abs look like how they did in the first game.

  • Deathsight

    Like these.

  • Deathsight
    • shinitaru

      too busty

  • Deathsight

    What do you mean shinitaru? They were the perfect size, and these days there are a lot more female fighting characters that have as big or even bigger breasts. Plus a recent review of gamers said that 90% of all gamers want her back with these proportions exactly the same. That’s the way she was in the first game and that is the way she is supposed to be.

  • Deathsight

    You’re just crazy man! She is an excellent fighter and she is super hot that way. We love her that way!

  • Deathsight

    What do you mean shinitaru? They were the perfect size, and these
    days there are a lot more female fighting characters that have as big
    or even bigger breasts. Plus a recent review of gamers said that 90% of
    all gamers want her back with these proportions exactly the same. That’s
    the way she was in the first game and that is the way she is supposed
    to be.

    • shinitaru

      yeah, but she wasn’t that big in the game or in any of the media. It’s just fan service and it looks dumb

      This is how she looked, not the freakish porn balloons like in your pics

      • Deathsight

        Uh no that is not how she looked in the first game. Yours is a pic from Dissidia 012. They are not freakish porn pics, those are actual screenshots from the actual original game so no its not fan service and two it does not look dumb. Three majority of gamers knows she looked like that and want her to look like that again. Do your research before you criticize. This pic u posted looks dumb and is not the real Tifa Lockhart.

        • shinitaru

          There is no real Tifa Lockhart. Here’s are pics from the original manual and a screen cap.

  • Deathsight

    You’re just crazy man! She is an excellent fighter and she is super hot that way. We love her that way!

  • Deathsight

    This is how we want her to look exactly like this. I HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING MR. YOSHINORI KITASE AND MR. TETSUYA NOMARU. PLEASE MAKE JUST LIKE THAT AGAIN AND MANY FANS AND GAMERS WILL BE HAPPY WE WANT TO SEE HER LIKE THIS AGAIN!!! We have been trying in fan art for years so make her like this!

  • Deathsight

    Anyone whose ever played the game knows that she looked like that and was that big and want her to be that big again. Imagine a girl that looks like that but fights awesomely combined with her personality. It made her a win, win, win. Without that body most gamers agree that it’s like she is not complete, and want their hot fighter girl back.

  • Deathsight

    shinitaru you are an absolute idiot. Of course there is a real Tifa Lockhart and that is the one from the original game. Those you used aren’t what we are talking about. We are talking about the screenshots from the cutscenes in the original game. That represents what she is supposed to look like. That to us is the real Tifa Lockhart, how she is supposed to look. That’s how the majority of gamers want to see her exactly like that again and only that with every detail exactly the same but in HD updated graphics.

  • Adam Vávra

    I think, if Square do this – complete full remake of FFVII for PS4 – it will be triumphal succsess, probably greatest success since FFVII original.
    Btw. I know it does not sound too much credibly, but I already heard about this from one official videogame seller from Prague where I live, its probably two years ago, he said Square will do remake when Playstation 4 will be release, because of lack technological aspects and capabillities of PS3. I did not believe it until now 🙂

  • Everett Bentley

    I would rather have an updated version of Final Fantasy 8, 9, and Tactics (original) than this. Final Fantasy 7 was a great game for its time but let’s stop worshiping it like it’s the be all of gaming. Hell there were quite a few before FF7 that I would love to see remade.

  • Katrina Magee

    I’ve heard so much about a remake and keep getting my hopes up I’m sorry but till I see an actual trailer instead of words I’ll believe it my hopes kept up for another UNCHARTED game and it didn’t disappoint me but FFVII is a childhood game to me and lives on strongly but till I see an actual trailer for ps4 then I will jump up and down like a crazy fan psone game was just so magical to me and same with the movies will stay strong with that serise 😀

  • CloudStrife

    Yoshinori Kitase did say he would love to do it, But he also said, on every other game review website, that he will only Fully Remake FF7 when they make a FF game that is rated better than FF7, and judging by the FF fans, 7 was and still is the best, which means its NOT HAPPENING, me personally, I think 13 was the best, but 13 was the first one I ever played so thats why, But I did play and complete 7 and loved it, I would like to see a Remake of it, but I doubt it will happen for at least another 2-3 years, Unless FF XV becomes a huge success, which judging by the trailers and gameplay, It wont be since its a hack n slash and not a turn based JRPG like all the others (not including FF13 Lightning Returns) so it will probably ruin the FF series………

  • Jason Brownlie

    i would pay 10x normal price to play a remake of ff7 aslong as it was a full remake and the story wasnt touched and nothing missing

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Even more of a reason to buy a PS4.

  • Jared Timothy Mullen

    sony event that is going on this weekend. SE announced ff7 is being upscaled and coming to ps4,

  • Steve Brown

    Annnd Verendus was right. What a time to be alive

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Lol someone was right

  • Andrei Lacerda